November 27, 2012

Brace yourself for some randomness

I think Kleenex has come a long way. Don't you?

Too bad about Hostess though. RIP orange cupcakes, RIP. I didn't even get to say goodbye.
At the reading program, one of the volunteers was doing a devotional and asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas. Finn blurted out "A BB gun!". To which I shot him down with, "YOU ARE NEVER GETTING A BB GUN KID. YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT". Poor kid. His crazy mother was raging.

So we improvise. This is a plastic toy gun, lovingly wrapped in camo duct tape.

He rigged this camo gun to shoot out some used BBs that he collected off our neighbor's lawn.

At least the kid is resourceful. I'll give him that.

From the safety of my couch I embroidered my favorite deer.

Have you ever wondered what I look like embroidering? Not me. No thanks.

Sewing some fabric paper by machine. I got this nifty idea from Loriloo a while back.

Painted the tops of some mason lids a yummy shade of aqua. 

They were used as prizes for a baby shower for one of my dearest friends, Megan.  Mmmm...Dewars peanut butter chews. My fav.

I think I'm gonna make something similar for Christmas presents for the kids' teachers. Except I'll do something Christmasy on the tag.

Megan's baby shower theme was nests and birds and I got to help with the centerpieces.

Calvin came home from church with some drawings on a Chinese box. It's Achan, stealing some of the "devoted things".

And I think here, Achan is getting stoned.

A major highlight was having sister Lindsay, twinsies + mom come up for a visit!

Lindsay walked in the door holding Savannah out like a hot potato. She had completely blown out her diaper on the drive up. And it was in that moment, it hit me: I am truly out of the baby phase. I did not know if I should be happy or sad. Because I do not miss the poop! I think it helps having little twinsies to smooch.

Auntie Lindsay is a kid magnet.

Lindsay made the most amazing paninis known to mankind, while I snuggled babies.

I did help with one part: I hand sliced a big ole hunk of fresh bread, from trader joes. And it had some meat, which I had trouble pronouncing...pros-key-yoot-oh. Or "Prosciutto". Same diff. And melted mozzarella, with fresh tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil.

They were gobbled.

Remember how I am practicing the music box this month?
I tried playing for my little neighbor Libby but I was too s-l-o-w to make the song recognizable. So I asked John to play it, so she could hear it played proper-like. And after playing Music Box, John busted into Eminem. And I danced and threw some gangsta signs, just for Lindsey (of Lyrics of Life). John and I shall perform a Slim Shady Music Box medley, so stay tuned, k?
Getting ready to trap mama cat, to get her spayed.  As I mentioned on fb, I would not survive the hunger games.
Mama kitty was too smart and so our first attempt failed. The canons shot into the night air, as tribute davi crashed and burned.
And mama cat laughed at my haulogram in the night sky...according to a fb friend.
And henceforth, sister Lindsay named the mama cat, "Katniss" because she is so elusive.

Then, at 2 a.m. that same night, we caught a raccoon. John heard the crying from the cage, as I dozed away. I dreamt in and out of real life that John's finger was bleeding from a rabid raccoon bite. But not to fear. John is in one piece and has no need for a parachute gift of healing cream from his sponsor.
We have been practicing feeding mama cat in the cage with the trap part tied up. So that when she's fully accustomed to freely roaming in and out, then BAM! We can catch Katniss by surprise! The games continue...


  1. I love all this randomness.

    Also, please come & decorate my house. Thanks.

  2. Hahaha so much randomness, this is fantastic! I agree with ^Cory, please come decorate my house!!
    I love your cat/kitten drama, what an adventurous life you have ;) Happy day to you, and I'm going to look forward to this Eminem/MusicBox collaboration, i'm sure it's going to be something to be remembered. ;)


  3. Your posts are awesome!!! That is all ;)

  4. Ok so I have to giggle a little at the little boy stories- bebe guns and sticks hahaha.. We were a bit of a wild bunch growing up and my mom eventually just had to deal haha- probably starting with my older brother going body boarding and jumping off the pier at age 2 in arm bands, yup no such thing as scared with an adventurous dad:) my baby sister droped an axe in her foot, lesson learnt, don't play with the axe hehehe, she was only 2 to her defence and my dad did tell her no:) Boy's will be boy's in the end, hopefully you're heart does ok in the process:) loved your post, too cute.

  5. What happened to the raccoon? You crack me up Davi!

    1. i wanted to make raccoon stew. or at least a hat.

      but at like 2:40 am, my husband could handle the screams no longer and escorted Mr. Raccoon to the riverbed.

      Mr. Raccoon was rather obliging and did not bite my husband upon his release.

  6. I love your living room. i NEED a yellow flower wall. so happy. those shower prizes were gorgeous, and i am a big fan of the camo tape bb gun.

  7. that gun looks like a snake. i don't like guns or snakes. so naturally, that photo is my least favorite.
    {ironic that casey left for a 3 day hunting trip just today, oh guns.... i shake my fist at you!}
    and speaking of bb's
    i spotted our neighbor boy walking from our yard onto his (there's a small little river in between) with a dead squirrel and his bb gun, and a proud smile. i suppose i should buy some hunter orange to wear if i'm going to be out there :)

    and well, about that rap music...."won't you please stand up, please stand up...." i can shake it to slim shady. and i think it's rather swell that john can bust it out on the keys.

    thanks for being so radiantly random, sweet davi :)

    ps. i was voting for a coon hat. hottttt.

  8. I love those jars, what a great gift idea i am totally stealing that and doing gifts for teachers =) thanks!

  9. Love the randoms, they are the best. Painted mason jars are my favorite... besides one time I sprayed on a windy day so my puppy was a bit speckled red:) Your house decor is just out of this world, love it!

  10. nice sewing and critter catching skills you have!

  11. i think you need brown hair. a rich, dark, beautiful brown.

  12. Look at how cute you are embroidering! Adorable you. And that deer is so cute. I'm obsessed with deer right now.

    Calvin's takeout box drawing is over the moon good. I totally giggled at that one. Let's all learn from Achan!

    Your sister is oh so pretty.

  13. oh my goodness... when was the last time i read about achan?!?
    ha ha!
    i had to re-read it for a bit to familiarize myself.
    look at yo sunday school, man?!?
    you guys are teaching ALL the stories... forget about noah and moses...
    you're going straight to achan and probably deborah and barak!

    plus, those kleenex packages... SO cute!
    i have them too!