November 15, 2012

quick 'n easy

Now that the holidays are upon us, I decided to resurrect the good ole' cherry crisp recipe.

In my opinion, it's as easy as making brownies from a box. It requires barely any effort and yet its warm ooey gooey goodness will make people think you put in all this effort.

Just 4 ingredients required.

Pour two cans of cherries into pyrex.

Look how festive the red cherries look! Perfect for a Christmas dessert.

Sprinkle evenly 1 tsp of cinnamon.

Heap a mountain of cake mix on top.

Make little indents.

Drizzle melted butter into indents. I had some red goo left in the cans that I poured on too. Don't want to waste;)

At this point the kids came running in from outdoors and starting hovering. "Ooohh, this looks so yummy!" they exclaimed.

"It's yucky", I told them. "It has {canned} cherries. It's not for you guys. It's for bible study tonight".

"Oh but we love canned cherries", they insisted. Whatevs. As a kid, I would not have been a fan.

Little Blue had to make her inspections. This is the funniest, most entertaining kitty ever. She's our little Lynx. She loves to bat and chase legos all over the floor like a wild leaping mashugana.

And after being cooked for 45 minutes.

All in a days work.
I served it tonight with ice cream at small group. Everyone loved it and kept thanking me. And it was so easy!


  1. Delish! Quick 'n easy is my favorite way to cook yummy treats! Wish I had looked at this before I left for the grocery store! Oh well... I'm sure I'll have to go back for something soon! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. oh man! i need a dessert to take to friendsgiving on saturday, i'm totally making this! i love anything with canned cherries.

  3. i think you need to move to the south...this looks just like something my mom would make:)

  4. love this! I use almost the same recipe for apple crisp!

  5. Oh my word! Sounds A-mazing!!! =D And so super easy. Btw, absolutely ADORE your wooden spoons! x) Where did you get them?


    1. my dear friend got them for me at Target for my bday in september from the curiosity shoppe collection. sadly, they have clearances out and so i don't know if there are any left anywhere!

  6. oh my, making this sometime in December! just bc it looks so pretty.

  7. I'm making this tomorrow for a get together dinner with a friend. Thanks for the easy peasy recipe! I hope it turns out as yummy as it looks :) P.S. love, love, love your blog! your humor is amazing, I think we'd be friends in real life :)