November 2, 2012

you should be scared.

[ninja]-covert agent specialized in unorthodox warfare.

4 ninjago brothers: zane, jay, kai and cole.

Ollie's favorite ninjago character is Zane. Zane is a little different than his brothers.

Later in the Ninjago movie series, we learn the reason Zane is different: he is actually a robot. Or Nindroid, as his brother Jay called him.

I kinda wet my pants a little when Ollie decided Zane was his fav...just a little too funny in my books.

Twain likes Jay, as do I. Jay is the funny mischievous one.

Well, remember when Libby drew Twain a ninja kitty?

Welp, that explains this phenomenon:

What is better than a ninja and a kitty? A ninja kitty of course. Combines best of both worlds. All Twain's idea to add the ears to his costume.

The morning after trick-or-treating at our beach camping trip, I lay in bed, dead to the world. Twain comes bounding in with his kitty ears on and first thing he asks is "tan i eat some tandy?"[can i eat some candy]

"Oh have mercy" I thought and turned over in my bed. Hate Halloween.

 There is a reason this face is so sweet. HE SNEAKS CANDY.

I awoke to find a wrapped chocolate bar, with deep teeth marks, and a big bite taken out of it.

Later in the day, Ollie tattled on Twain for taking off the wrapper of his sucker and licking it without permission. I threw the sucker in the trash and Twain collapsed into my lap, sobbing for dear life, a complete puddle of misery over his misfortune.

Twain is so unlike his brothers.

Finn and Calvin have this tradition where they sell their Halloween candy to John. This year, Calvin only kept like three pieces of candy and sold John 100 pieces.

I dislike the massive amounts of Halloween candy accumulated, but only 3 measly pieces of candy seemed a bit extreme, even to me.

I convinced his to keep 6 pieces. Just doing my job.

As for Finn-boy.

Daddy let him use this pocket knife to whittle a wooden arrow on the camping trip. Mama was NOT a happy camper.

He's now the coolest thing on the planet. Obviously. I blame Grandpa Billy entirely for giving Finn this knife.

Violence and all, I absolutely LOVE being a mama to boys.

Besides. I get to see them at night when they are all snuggled up to their mama. Or flopping all over each other like sweet puppy dogs. 


  1. So- a few things.

    1. I love Calvin's sword between the legs while crossing both sets of fingers. I know he was thinking something...just don't know what.

    2. I finally figured out who Ollie looks like to me. He looks like my cousin, Russ when he was little. Weird huh?

    3. I've been noticing that Finn's eyes have been puffy lately...that usually is a sign of dehydration. Common with kids because they don't want to take time away from playing to drink water. Just thought I'd offer my unsolicited 2 cents! Ha.

    Love ya girl! Love the ninjago costumes!

    1. did not even notice calvin!

      and finn smashed his face in 2 weeks ago. it was gnarly. he was black and blue and very swollen. he crashed on a chariot blanket ride at awana.

    2. oh my word! Poor Finn! I knew something was up cause he isn't looking himself! Not that I've ever seen him in person. hee hee. Raising boys means lots of injuries I guess. Glad he's okay! little stinker! ;)

  2. i'm seriously still so confused on this whole ninjago business.
    who are these dudes?
    do they fight crime?
    evil bad guys?
    or just like to chill in their sweet ninja threads?
    i think i understand polly pockets and barbies better.
    although they can be quite nuts too.
    teach me, oh wise one!
    maybe we our gaggle of girls should come and hang with your brood of boys...
    then we can teach eachother!!!
    YES!!!! :)

  3. LOVE the costumes... The kitty ears made me giggle. Thanks, Twain! :)

  4. Gosh your boys are too cute! I love how you can totally see their personalities in these pictures.

  5. Oh man, your boys are so stinkin' cute!!! Love their costumes :)

  6. those are some cute kiddos! there is something about little boys!

  7. They look like true Ninjas. Very cute post. I died over Twain's kitty ears. And yikes on Finn's face! Why did no one tell me!?!?!?

    1. sorry i didn't tell you J! i took him to see Dr W. and nothing was broken and there was no trip to the ER so i figured it wasn't newsworthy, lol.

  8. Totally cute! Or should I say totally tough? Or totally handsome? Anyway... they all look precious! The kitty ninja is the best! Love that creativity!

  9. oh my...your boys are too precious. love it all!!

  10. they are all just beyond adorale. especially the ninja kitty.

  11. ninja kitty for the win. cutest ever.

  12. my goodness, they are all so darn cute in their ninja gear!

  13. oh my they are so cute/// if feel for you mama I can stand halloween.../// however i am a bit like your boy...I love candy lol.

  14. I adore every single thing about this! Ninja kitty? Shut it down. I can't stand the cuteness!

    Boys are oh so fun, aren't they!?

  15. Your kids are fantastic. And you, sweet lady, are the perfect mama to boys!! Such adventures they will take you on! xo

  16. i love that you did one theme!! they look great. very fun names and costumes :)

  17. i love your boys. seriously, love them.