December 6, 2012

around the house

1. We don't have a Christmas tree yet...we almost decided to decorate the huge cat tower instead of a tree, so that we needn't worry about kitties knocking a tree over. We even voted 5-1 in favor of decorating the cat tower. I mean, we could even stack presents on the shelves. Turns out...we are just not that funny. So a traditional tree it will be!

2. Speaking of kitties. Blue thinks she's human. Just sitting at the table. "Hi mom. Just one of the kids. Don't mind me."

She arranges herself artistically every where she goes. With proper posture and her tail curled around her body. Always so picturesque.

And then you have Moo, the complete opposite, sprawled out all over the floor. My big boy with his huge clumsy paws.

I think these kitties are lowering my stress levels. It's impossible to remain uptight when I see Moo jumping up and down wildly over a spot on the wall. I feel like I'm 5 again when I play with them. Don't worry. We are all still crazy about Peachy girl too.

3. My rugs came lickety split. The little rug is just perfect. It lays so nicely and provides great cushioning underfoot whilst rinsing dishes and the like. John likes it too.

The other rug, completely puzzles me. It's too thin, like a canvas blanket or something. It rumples and blumps whenever anybody sits on it. Such a pity, since the pattern is SO CUTE. And I don't even think a rug pad will help. So unless YOU give me a magic solution, it's most likely going back:( I was so bummed at first. Then in Precepts we were studying worldliness and I was reminded that all of our earthly possessions are gonna no sense getting too emo over the whole situation.

Do not love the world, nor the things in the world. 1 John 2:15

The word for love here, is "agape love"= unconditional love
{note: the verse did NOT use the word "phileo love"= fond affection. It did not say 'Do not have a fond affection for this world'.}

So peeps, it's not ok to love the world or the rugs in this world unconditionally.

Does this mean I can't enjoy the things of this world? No.

What I think it means's ok to have a "fond affection" for some worldly items as long as I don't hold onto them too tightly or idolize them. I always know when I cross the line because I get all impatient and angsty.

I'm trying to enter this Christmas season with that in mind!

4. Have I mentioned that I love to read? I could just disappear off the planet for days in a good book. Finn brought home Chronicles of Narnia books 4 and 6. So clearly I'm reading book 4, Prince Caspian.

My parents read us the books growing up but I'm a bit rusty.

And I WILL name my next son Shasta(Narnia book 5). I defy anyone telling me it's a girl's name. Because C.S. Lewis says it's a boy's name. Besides, when I was a {high school}teacher for one fat year, my fav student's name was Shasta. And he was a boy.

5. Another cactus bites the dust at the hands of yours truly. Time to make another run to Lowes!

6. Held a contest between the Brita Filter and the Zero-Water Filter. Though the fight wasn't quite fair because my Brita filter was a tad used. Whatevs. Don't ruin my fun with things like uncontrolled variables, k?

My new Zero-Water Filter came with a nifty tester. High numbers are bad.

And the results?

Clearly the Zero-Water  beat the pants off the Brita. No contest. When I tested our tap water it was 120 ppm, so the Brita is practically pointless.

I then ran over to my neighbor Patty's house and tested the filtered water coming from her fridge door: 97ppm. I'm sold on the Zero-Water filter folks! $34.99 at Target.

I'm on my way over to your house with my blue tester, look out!

7. Metallic Gold Sharpie. Be still my heart. I feel so fancy now.

I used a Michael's coupon so it was super affordable. I usually don't buy such fun little items because I'm too thrifty.

SO fun, esp on dark paper. And it will make all my Christmas tags look more festive than a black ball point, no?

8. And finally. Finn's latest weapon of mass destruction: the Marshmallow Blaster.

Yep, those are mini-marshmallows.

Finn is still working out the kinks in this gun. It has many. Like... it doesn't work. LOL.

But hey. It's still a HUGE improvement over last weeks weapon: he rigged his nerf gun to shoot mommy's sewing needles. Isn't that just quaint?

Yes, we will take blasted marshmallows over needles any day of the week. 


  1. I'm giddy over the kitties and they remind me of Amigo and Goo :)
    Love the new rug! So cute- I want one.

  2. your kitties are adorable!!
    love the rug! but i really LOVE how you broke down that verse. i have always been a little confused based on how i interpret it and what i see other people doing. but this actually makes sense. thank you :)

  3. this cracks me up. his gun is hillarious. never a dull moment in your house. and I love love that sharpie! thinking about getting one myself now:)

  4. ohmygosh.ohmygosh.ohmygosh.

    we have marshmallow guns! I could never figure out how to put them together until i saw you picture lol. my son is going to be thrilled!

    great job explaining the different kinds of love :) I remember learning about that at a young meeting :) I do phillo love your rugs though :)

    and i adore! the chronicles of narnia!! have you read the first book? The magicians nephew? it is so good and explains how the wardrobe came to be :)

  5. Shasta is the best. name. ever. Also? Pretty sure that The Horse and His Boy is one of my favourite books of all time.

    If your boys are Narnia fans, I highly recommend the Focus on the Family Radio Theater dramatized audio. SO GOOD, Davi. Although they might be a bit scary for the younger ones, depending on how y'all handle that stuff. Perfect for long car rides though!

  6. one of my favorite posts of yours...not sure why, i think it felt like we were just talking on the phone. miss you...only about two weeks till i'm in cali.

  7. um, yaaaaaa. the rug is super flimsy. a rug pad definitely does help though! but the big one i have from them is in e's room...on carpet...and it still rumples & drives me batty. FAIL.

    i got a gold pen toooo. and it makes me so happy happy.

    i also make monthly trips to lowes to replace my moldy, dried up succulents. shame. i need fake ones, stat.

    your cat is growing on me. but don't tell anyone. i still would never touch it.

  8. So many interesting things! Sad on the rug, but comfort always beats looks in my book.
    Incredible marshmallow gun! Can tell he has his mom's creativity:) I'm impressed even if it doesn't work.
    p.s. your dinning table is the JAZZ (awesome).

  9. ok, this is perfect timing 'cause we neeeeeed a new water filter thing. AND, of course, I loved all the other little tidbits in this post:-) cats, kids, rugs. all cute! xoxo

  10. I need to switch to Zero Water now... you've convinced me!

  11. Cruz saw your picture of Moo, and before I could tell him the name, he moo'd and wouldn't stop! He thought your kitty Moo actually looked like a cow (and he loves cows) :) So funny!

    Finn is a little genius boy! Love his marshmallow launcher, so inventive. Boys are awesome, aren't they? I'm looking forward to Cruz's antics as he gets older :)

    And that rug, LOVE IT. And you're still wearing my TOMS. haha. No, but I love them, so pretty.

    Love your random posts, my friend! xo

  12. your cats ALMOST make me want one of my own. almost. i am and forever will be a dog lover, they are just so. much. work. on the farm you could practically ignore them (we didn't tho), in the city it's way harder. plus i don't want to pick up their poo and that is a big no-no here to ignore it.
    and now i have to go buy a multi-coloured rug, a gold sharpie, and a marshmallow gun. i have developed a fond affection for them :) i love your little snippets of wisdom tucked away into fun little stories. thank you so much for sharing.

  13. I love your cats. They are all sorts of adorable. I need to convince my husband that we need a cat. He thinks our small dog is enough but I say no. :)

    That zero water filter is good to know about. Must check it out next time I am at Target.

    We found a build your own marshmallow shooter kit at Walmart. I think my oldest son will be receiving it for Christmas. Cheap fun, I hope.

  14. Now I'm afraid of my refrigerator filtered water! I want a tester! I saw these instructions for a marshmallow shooter and saved it to use someday. Maybe Finn might want to try it out-