December 19, 2012

guys in skinnies and our card.

My brother-in-law was trying on jeans and could not figure out why this one pair did NOT fit. He was like "what is WRONG with these jeans?"... followed by "man, did i put on some weight?"

He then looked at the tag, and saw they were skinny jeans. And discarded them in disgust.

Haaaa. I think that's so funny.

Anyhow. I wanted to get John a new outfit to wear for me every now and then. Just something I thought was cute. John does not care about clothes one bit and often wears his old volleyball tees from when he coached girls' volleyball. Shirts that say things like "...toughness, talents guts. that's what little girls are made of...the heck with sugar and spice!"-Bethany Hamilton.

Baha. Kill me. Now.

So we went to Target and I grabbed him a flannel and some cute grey levi jeans, and he picked a tee. On closer inspection, the grey levis said "skinny fit".


As John went into the dressing room, I just kind of shoved the clothes at him and said "Here honey. Try these on!" I held my breath that he would not notice they were skinnies.

When he emerged, I was like "Hya handsome!" And the jeans were not really skinnies, in my book, at all. The bottoms were not tapered...they were more of a slim fit. So we got the outfit and left.

On the way home he asked if he looked "totes adorable" in his new outfit.

It's 'totes adorbs', hun. And yes.
My dear friend Alisha took our Christmas pics this year. Thanks so much Lish! I love them!

John later told me he doesn't like these jeans at all.

Can you believe it? At first I felt like he tricked me. I was like "I thought we decided you were totes adorbs!" But then I got over it real fast. Because really. Heart check. Who cares that much what people wear anyway? It's all good and fun to dress up, but at the end of the day most people I know would just as soon snuggle up in their pi's. Omyword, did you see that pic of the football dude in pi's with his wife? That was awesome.

And even though I know John doesn't like those jeans... I often find him wearing them, just for me.

What a sweetheart.

The other day I was talking to his brother who said something I'll never forget. He said "I was with a bunch of guys the other night who were totally into their appearances and I went home not feeling happy. It's good John isn't into clothes. Because guys who are too into their clothes are often into other things that are not good". (I realize this was a sweeping generalization, btw. I know plenty of guys who are naturally very stylish and have their hearts in the right place.)

So honey. You wear whatever you want. Volleyball shirts and all. I love you just the way you are. John gladly uses his spending money on our family all the time for treating us to lunch out...rather than buying toys or whatever some boys like to buy. He's a daddy and family-man to the core, and takes such good care of us.

Thank you Jesus for my precious family.

And I snapped a few photos of my boys as well:

They were completely over pictures, but I got them to rally for a few.

Well, Finn cried, but here is one where he's kind of smiling. Or is it a smirk?

So serious, Tweeds.

And my card is pretty simple this year.

And no misunderstandings about my card this year! That's a first. Well, except that Dr. W. thought we were at the beach with all the white sand. Nope. We were in the riverbed.


  1. Such cute photos! Adorable.
    p.s. your last name really isnt Skywalker, is it? ;)

    1. LOL. No. It's just my tradition on this blog to sign my Christmas cards that way here. I tried to made it especially outlandish;)

  2. i love everything about this! my very favorite photo is the one of you guys all dancing around while your husband plays the guitar. LOVE! Merry Christmas to you and yours :)

  3. I loooove the card. I love your photos! And he looks good in those jeans, though I understand, it would take a lot of liquor to get my husband is anything not bootcut :P

  4. I look forward to your card every year! You're so creative with the location and theme. I love how relaxed everyone looks too. Boots are amazing and the Bible quote goes perfectly with the setting!

  5. that is one good looking family you have! love the card.

  6. Davi, I love the picture of all of you dancing while your hubby plays guitar! Oh my gosh, that's my favorite. Have a mentioned a billion times that if I won the lotto I would fly you out here to take our family photos and set you up in a cushy hotel? Or my guest room, haha.

    Merry Christmas, I love the scripture you chose.

  7. Lovely pictures! Merry Christmas :)

  8. You have the most Beautiful family! Seriously. I hope my kids are just half as cute as yours!!
    Love the Christmas card, the photos look great!

  9. That first pic of you and John is hot! He's smitten over you, my dear!! (But I'm SURE you know that! ;-) And the one where John is playing the guitar with you all spinning - LOVE IT!!

  10. Wow, your family. So beautiful.
    And Twain on the front of your card... Hehehe so totes adorbs :)

  11. LOVE your card and all the pretty pictures! Your boys are "totes adorbs"! :-) Hope you and your sweet family have a wonderful Christmas! Blessings!

  12. your card is cute! beautiful boys. i always love seeing pics of them, cutest expressions, always. and your hubby is too sweet. wearing skinny jeans out of love. you're a good man, charlie brown :) lol

  13. ahhh what a sweet post.. YOu are so genuine and I have loved reading your blog this year, has made me look forward to being a mom and having a family in the not too distant future, you're such a great example of down to earth, everyday living with Jesus. Just wanted to send all my well wishes to you and your family and God's blessings for the coming year!

  14. Your kids are gorgeous. Your whole stinkin' family is gorgeous.

    Merry Christmas!! :)

  15. loved your card. and i'm totally stealing finn's sweater. because it will totally fit.... right?!

  16. holy smokes you all are such a great looking family!!!

  17. Just from reading the heading of this post I knew I was going to love it- and just as I expected- awesome! It is wonderful that you still do 'love' pictures!
    And forgetting the fear of repetition... You dress your boys SO incredibly snazzy! Maybe I'll hire you someday to buy my kiddo's clothes:) - MERRY CHRISTMAS & God Bless you and your fam!

  18. good GOLLY davi.
    you are SO dang purrrrrty.
    and your boys are totally swoon-worthy.
    good thing i'm married.
    and thirty-something.
    or else...

    whoa. that was crossing-the-line-creepster status.
    merry, merry christmas friend!
    hopefully i get to actually see your face this new year!

    1. lol. you couldn't be creepster even if you tried. love you molly june.

  19. Oh my heart, what a darling family you are!! Seriously, I LOVE THESE PHOTOS SO MUCH. Y'all are so beautifully blessed.

  20. Oh my, that Finn is a hearththrob already! Look out! Such a beautiful family and a beautiful card! I love what you quoted your BIL on. I have a super cute hubby who also could not care LESS about clothes. The man wears jeans, a t shirt and nikes year round. Would I love (love LOVE) to see him in super cute outfits? Heck yes. But you're so right- that stuff just totally doesn't matter. Is our marriage good? Yes. Are we seeking to be closer to Christ daily? I hope so. Thank you for being so normal and relatable and encouraging!

  21. Oh. My. GOODNESSSSSS. You guys are by far the cutest (and most well-dressed) family on the freaking planet. Gahhhh I just love these photos. Merry Christmas to you, dear Davi! Hope it was blessed! xoxo (Oh, and I must shoot you an email to tell you of my recent camera purchase! So excited! :)