December 11, 2012

this post brought to you by shaun white.

shaun white is pretty much the best thing that ever happened to target. in my humble opinion:)

never mind the fact that my boys now match other boys in their classes. i don't care. the quality of the shaun white line is awesome. especially their super skinnies. i could eat them right up. the texture is practically perfect in every way.

did you know they now carry "big-boy" shaun white goodies in baby/toddler sizes? i know!

ok, maybe they have been carrying 'baby' shaun white for a while now. i'm a little slow on the news. i rarely need to shop for tweeds since he has lots of hand-me-downs.

who am i kidding? i love shopping for tweeds.

when john was a kid, he refused to wear hand-me-downs. which is hilarious if you know how practical my husband is.

twain is wearing the shaun white(SW) grey skinnies and the (SW)button-up shirt. his star wars shirt is def a hand-me-down from his brothers.

this SW blue shirt is a little "grown-up" and edgy for me. but i thought it was fun for a change.

"i bought you a new shirt twain! you are gonna look so cute!', i told him.

his reply? no...i look 'tool'{cool}.

today twain informed me "some beards are coming out of my chin on me".

so my grown baby is ready to shave.

not to worry. he is still as squishy as they come. the many faces of twain.

my neighbor thinks that twain looks JUST like me.

i'm like "really?"

seriously. i don't see it. at ALL. do you think he looks like me?

when twain saunters into my room at night, i often marvel that he belongs to us. i don't think he looks like me or john. who is this strange round-faced boy? lately i've been affectionately calling him my round-faced boy. love his chubby cheeks.

last year, i refused to put twain in jeans. he wore soft looking organics all the time, because mama couldn't handle him growing up so fast. but now mama has turned a corner and lets him wear jeans at least 2 or 3 times a week. i'm wild, i know.

do you like jeans on your baby(0-12 months)?

i put finn and ollie in jeans all the time when they were infants. it suited their style(my model A's).

calvin and twain were hippies and wore soft pants only(my model B's).

and i really ought to throw twain in a onesie or some footsie pi's tonight, before he grows any more whiskers.


  1. I'm a secret silent reader...but I was just laughing this whole I gotta letcha know that I love your blog and your fun writing about your totally adorable family, thanks for sharing! :) Ariel @

    1. thanks for your kind words and for coming out of hiding!

  2. His face really is squishable! He is so stinkin' adorable! Can't believe he already has whiskers...the hormones in food now days ;)

  3. "some beards are coming out of my chin on me".

    Are you kidding me?! CUTEST thing ever!

  4. You're kill'n me here with these pics of this squishy round faced boy. So cute. Um ya, he looks like you. Adorable.

  5. Your round faced boy is simply the most precious thing. His comment about the beards coming out of his chin made me giggle, SO FREAKING ADORABLE! Oh, and definitely your mini me, goodness you two look alike!! (compliment to both of you)

    I put Cruz in jeans as a baby, but only when they weren't too tight and uncomfortable. It was just way too cute not to. But then seeing him in a onesie would melt my heart, and make me want to just eat him up. Gaahhh babies and what they do to mama hormones!

    The most perfect photos here love love love!! xo

  6. Oh my, he just looks adorable. too funny about his beard!!! :)
    My happy medium with my little girl is jeggings. Comfy, but still stylish. I need some ideas for this little boy though (due next month), because I don't like stiff clothes on babies! Or really anyone. I mean, who wants to wear uncomfortable clothes? Haha.
    Anyway, hope you have a lovely day!! :)

  7. 1. Yes he looks like you.
    2. How do you not frame EVERY picture of your adorable kids?
    3. I tried to keep my babies in soft clothes, but the older they got the more fun it was to see them in big kid clothes. And skinny jean? My Maxwell doesn't own any but he would be so stinking cute in them...maybe and excuse to wrap them up for Christmas?

  8. I think he looks like you! I couldn't wait to put jeans on my little girl, she just looks so cute in them! I love jeans too, and she's my mini-me, so naturally she should dress like me.

    I do love boy clothes, though!

  9. He does look squishy perfect! And yes, I do think he looks like you... not that I've ever seen the two of you in person but still... :-) No, I didn't put my girl in jeans until she was nearly 2 years old! Even then they were ruffle denim pants and not "real" jeans! Now, she's a jeans kinda girl... and precious as ever! Love the SW threads! But yes, please put him in footy jammies ASAP before he asks Santa for a razor!

  10. ok. so I find shopping for my son awful, the little boys clothes are the worst. Shopping for my girls is a breeze and fun.!

    noted: target. shaun white.

    thank you!

  11. What a doll! Looks like he is just a happy lil' man. Thanks for the adorable pics.. love to keep ideas for a some day...:)

  12. I have to buy little baby boy clothes fairly regularly and I did not know they made the Shaun White stuff in their size. I've been pining away for it in the bigger sizes wondering why they didn't have cool baby clothes too. So this is great news. When my boys were really little hippy yoga pants were the norm, but now I let them wear jeans. :)

  13. Yes. He looks a lot like you. Love Shaun White for my boy my other boy is wearing men's sizes now. Hold me.

  14. You always write the cutest stuff. Such special memories. Twain is getting too big but he will be fun at every age and stylish too I might add. So cute!

  15. oh Twain is so precious. love him! and you! and i'll be checking out Target for Elijah:)

  16. Oh gosh Davi, let me tell you how uncool I feel these days with my 9 year old who HAS to wear flannels everyday and nothing but jeans! :)

  17. tweeds should be a target model. i think you should email shaun white or something. maybe you'd get lots of free clothes? think about it.
    but really, he's so squishishly cute.
    i went to target this week too. i found a little fox sweater for romes on clearance, not sure if it was for a girl or not, but i got it anyway.

    and then i tried to find some maternity tops.

    their little boys section is booming with top notch selections.
    maternity section? nada.

    at least romy will look cute at christmas?

  18. Love the glow in your photos here! I don't dress my boys cool, but my MIL does! She's always getting them designer shoes (uggs, see Kai run, keens). I've never heard of these brands. My mom gets them traditional clothing (sweaters, dress pants, etc). Anyway your kids belong in magazines :) Mine always look like prim old men.

  19. That's hilarious. Right before I read "my neighbor says he looks just like me...) I thought, Twain looks like Davi. So there ya go. And no, did not know they sold SW in toddler size now! Cracking up about you still buying lots of stuff for Twain. I'm the same way with my third boy. It's just too hard not to!!! I mean, the darn stores just keep making new cute stuff! It's not my fault!