December 3, 2012

winner and my deep thoughts on rugs...

Hi-iiiii. It's monday morning and I'm here like I said I would be. Sleepy eyes and all.

Guess who won the arrow servers?

It's Care! From Days Like Never Before. She's really cute. Yay Care! I'm so happy for you.

Wish you could all have won. I wish I was Oprah and could give a set to everyone...

So Care, please email me at davirebecca(at)gmail(dot).com and send me your address!


Let's chat about rugs.

When we first got our new hard floors last spring, people advised me "You'll want to get some rugs to sit on".

The thrifty part of me thought "pffft, nah...why do I need to cover my new CLEAN floors? They are fine without rugs".

Because rugs can be ridiculously expensive.

And I'd rather save for something else. Like a couch for my family room.

Fast forward a few months.

Little twinsies are visiting, and mom says we need something soft on the floor, for the babies to roll on.

So I scrounged around the boys' room and came back with their old striped rug.

After  twinsies left for the day, we left the rug out.

The boys liked sitting and playing on it. In fact, they were drawn to it like a magnet.

And to my surprise, I liked how it "warmed" the place up a bit.

Last time Loriloo was over she commented, "your house looks a little bit...stark...without all that carpet engulfing it"...

And I'm like, "Well yah, that's because my house IS stark, lol". I had been in one of my rampages, taking things down, etc. I mean, I AM a fan of the minimalists. I do admire their ways.

Anyhow, the last couple of weeks, we've been dragging the boys' striped rug back and forth between the family room and record player room, depending on where we want to park our bums for the moment.

I have to admit. I was wrong.

Rugs are awesome.

This weekend, Urban Outfitters was having a sale. So I made a purchase (or two).

I ordered this rug(5x7) for the family room , on sale for $59, free shipping, free returns. Not too bad, eh? I'm hoping it holds up. (photos from site of U.O.)

It was not the first rug I was instantly drawn to on their site. In fact, I did not notice it at all, until Ellie pointed it out to me. She has a MUCH more artsy eye for things like this. I am excited to try something new and different.

And I also ordered this lil rug(2'x3'), $24, for the kitchen. John had been asking me to get a small rug for our kitchen. (photos from site of U.O.)
I am crazy about this little rug and wished it came in bigger sizes. Seriously if it came in 5x7 or 8x10, I would have been ALL over it.

I am very curious about my orders and hope they work out. Well, that was my excitement for the weekend.

So. What are your deep and pressing thoughts about rugs?


  1. I love these rugs! So fun. We had to take our rugs up when we got our dog because he wasn't entirely housebroken, and we've just never put them back. Partly, I think, because we like them in our basement. It makes it feel cozier downt here. However, I'd love a rug like that little one (albeit bigger) for my living room. You have awesome taste! :)

  2. i partook (is that a word?) in's blackfriday 75% off sale....and i now have 2 rugs en route to mi casa. i'm in the same boat sweet davi, i have these wood floors and am too cheap to get rugs. but alas, i gave in for the sake of our cold feet, and 75% off, and my birthday money that was burning a hole in my pocket.
    and now. i walk by the front door 23,456 times a day to see if the delivery man is here.
    i don't typically online shop.
    but i can see now, this could be addicting.

  3. Oh how I need rugs! Oh how I don't want to pay for rugs! I have my MIL's very old rug in our living room currently and well... it's old. Not like vintage-cool-old... just old. But I need a big rug (8x10) and they are expensive and I'm cheap. Not a good combo... Love the rugs! Way to go on the bargains!

  4. I love rugs!! Except the awkward part where the big one's can't be thrown into the washing machine. *sigh* ... We have hardwood/tile floors throughout our house too & I think I've incorporated a rug into every room now. It sounds like a bit might be..whatev :)

    I do love the ones you picked out!

  5. Hi! Have you heard of the Foundary? Kind of like zullily, only cool furniture/accents. Anyway, they regularly feature really nice rugs for affordable prices. You have to sign up for their daily email, but you might want check it out :)

  6. @Meghan, that sounds great! I'm definitely a member of the "love rugs, can't bring myself to spend the cash on them" camp. Especially because my husband and I rent, and our awesome landlord let us tear up the carpets and refinish the antique hardwood underneath, so anything we buy may not fit into anyplace we buy in the (hopefully) near future. We have one third-hand rug in our living room, and a couple cheap Target doormat-size rugs in the kitchen.

  7. I hope you know I didn't mean stark in bad way ;)

    and funny cause I have had rugs on the brain BAD. mostly cause our new rental has SO MUCH CARPET. and it's boring and ugly and I need color in my life.

    though that zig zaggy rug ellie suggested is kinda awesome. darn that ellie (and you) and your good taste.


    1. haaaaaa. i did not care AT ALL that you called it stark, lol lol. I thought it was funny! love you silly.

  8. I am a big fan of wood floors and rugs!! And I adore the two that you picked out! So fun :) I can't wait for a picture when they arrive and you put them in their new home. P.S. I am so curious about the couch that you have mentioned...! I have been drooling over one that I found at, of all places.

    Hope you have a wonderful week :)

  9. i love rugs!! and i love the two you chose.

  10. You are a true GEM! Those darling arrow spoons will be used around here all the time.. or maybe I won't use them have them strictly for decor;)
    Each time I see a picture of a different part of your home my heart skips a beat! It's fabulous! Those rugs are just darling- love the bit of 'chevron' pattern going on. And the touch of color is just perfect too.
    Davi, your a THANK-YOU FOR YOUR KIND GIFT!!!

  11. hmmmmm. love the look. we have all wood floors in our main level. I know we need a rug. I am waiting 2 years for ikea to open then i'll get a rug :)

  12. i am obsessed with rugs.
    if i could have them lying all over my house i sure would. and sure DO. bhahaa.
    and UO is the bizzle. they don't keep clean very well with kids...ehem, WHITE. what rugs do.
    buuuut, they sure are cheap. and pretty.
    good luck to ya darlin.

  13. I love those rugs! Great choices! I'm always drawn to the ones at UO. You got some good deals!

  14. That little rug is soooooooo swoony! The colors!

    I WISH I needed rugs. Our house has awful carpeting and we're saving pennies for hardwood floors. Then you can bet I'll be on the hunt for some rugs. Hip hip!

  15. i have a UO rug in our living room that i love. i want more.

  16. there are so many great rugs for cheap now!
    when i bought our shag area rug over 5 years ago there was next to nothing.
    so i spent like way over $1000 on it.
    and now i'm bored with it.
    i wanna switch it up... but i feel bad b/c we spent good $ on it.
    i should have known!
    great choice on the 5x7 one you picked.
    i love it!
    neutral... goes with anything.
    can't wait to see it in YOUR space!!

  17. Okay, I am OBSESSED with your blog! I think it is the cutest blog I have ever seen. seriously! I am looking for rugs too! I LOVE your picks! You have the coolest style. I can't figure out my rug style yet...but I am super boring.