January 1, 2013

gus and rowe couches

My favorite couches are from the Gus Modern collection. The Gus Spencer is my fav, with the Gus Jane coming in second place. But alas. I need a couch AND a loveseat and the Gus models are just too rich for my blood. So I am going with the more affordable Rowe Abbott instead.

(I photoshopped the Rowe Abbott above to be grey for comparison sake--you can choose between different Rowe fabric swatches if you buy it in a store. The typical online Abbott model is shown in a putty(beige) color).

I have been saving my pennies for a while now.

And if I bought a Gus couch and a love seat(or 2 chairs), I would be saving for another year or two.

And I just can't spend that much money on something that my 4 wild boys will be using in our family room every day. It's just not practical AT ALL. I want something that we can all be comfortable using. I don't want to feel like my family room is an art gallery. Ya know?

So even though the Rowe Abbott is not quite the same thing, it's close enough for me. And a heck of a lot cheaper! Not to mention, I trust Rowe, having purchased from them before. And I like the fact that I can flip over the many cushions on the abbott if there is a stain or spill...whereas with the Gus Spencer you would only get one chance to flip over the one big cushion and heaven forbid you stained both sides.

So a couple days ago, I marched my booty to the local furniture store, because they were having a 30% off sale on their Rowe furniture. The Rowe sofa was originally $1,424 and I got it for $997. Plus, I'm happy to buy from a real store, rather than online--the Gus sofas you have to buy online, which makes me a little nervous in case something happened. Plus, I read a bad review from someone who said the Gus Jane got a stain from water. Can you imagine? A water stain???

Here is close up photo of the fabric swatch I ended up selecting for our new Rowe couch and loveseat.

And here is the swatch from afar.

I have no idea how this fabric will actually look on the sofas and I'm certainly curious. I hope it looks ok. Eek! Kind of nerve wracking.

The fabric has a 'Smart Living' label, which means it's supposed to be very durable and kid-friendly. We also paid a little more to have them sprayed with "Gaurdian" which is like Scotchguard, but better. This Gaurdian spray also comes with a 5-year-warranty for every food spill, pen/marker and bodily fluid(lol).

My furniture should arrive in 7-8 weeks, so I will be waiting for a while to see how this whole thing pans out! 


  1. Rowe sofas are great! You made a great (and smart) choice. Enjoy!

  2. Wow! Can't wait to see!! Gorgeous choice.

  3. That's a great price! I had to get two couches this year. One from PB was pretty affordable around $800. It wasn't exactly what I wanted (I didn't want to spend $2k with kids!), but I was very pleased. The savings were too good. I regret not just taking the plunge sooner and getting it.

    I LOVE the couch you got! I think it's a perfect fabric and color for your decor. We got a similar yr 5 warranty. Money well spent with young kids I think :)

  4. Way to shop around- perfect choice you made! Happy New Year!

  5. beautiful! and smart shopping!

  6. oh boy oh boy.
    i lurve it! lurve it!
    it's SO you. can't wait to see it THERE!!
    i'm pining after a new couch soon too.
    tax returns, baby!
    since ours have holes and all that eden literally pulls the fluff out of DAILY.
    good excuse, right?

    1. eden pulls pluff out? that is pretty awesome.

      and yes, i think that is a grand excuse. i can't wait to see what couch select. i'm sure it will be amazing. you have mighty fine taste!

  7. I am purchasing this same couch but have to order it online since I live hours from anywhere and am wanting mine grey as well. Can I ask you which swatch you ended up using?

  8. How has your sofa held up?

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