March 15, 2013

around the house

If you walked into my house, these are the sights you would see.

1. Meet Shelob, the creepy lego spider from Lord of the Rings. My boys think she adds a nice touch to our home decor. I shudder, but always leave her up til they take her down again. I figured, if you can't beat'em, join 'em.

Ollie thought he would weave a web from our blinds.

No lie, but John and I were in our room for one minute discussing our budget and I walk out to find this scenario.

His face was so nonchalant. Like "what?". Finn had dressed him in black so he could be the spider Shelob from Lord of the Rings. It all happened in a matter of minutes.

I had to leave the house for a party and was frantically shouting at John to take care of this mess before Ollie strangled himself. My husband thought I was a lunatic and just stared at me while I shouted and waved my hands wildly. These boys and their father are gonna be the end of me.

2. The weather has been so nice, I thought I'd do some gardening. And by gardening, I mean re-potting my dead cacti. That counts as gardening, right?

This stereotypical cactus with his arm cracked me up. Had to buy him. He's the king of the cacti with his lil crown.

Waving his arm, "hey guys, wait up"

My little sister taught me a trick: keep the cacti in their little plastic containers when you put them in the contain their growth to keep them wee and cute. Dwarf them, if you will.

So I tried it. I noticed it kept them straighter as well.

This is my first time getting a little spiky cactus and I was super excited about it.

Calvin asked if he could change the date ^ each day for 1 penny. I hired him on the spot.

3. Practicing my rainbow drawing on my chalkboard decal. And admiring the resulting chalk dust. Isn't the dust just magical? I'm 100% serious.

And this^should be my theme verse this year. Learning to trust God more. Those who trust in God like a little child will be considered the greatest in the kingdom of God. Thus far in life, I think I would be considered least in the kingdom:( But like I said before, I'm slowly learning.

4. Ollie and Twain's lego creations scattered about the house.

And just so you know. That is MY little mouse that they beg and plead to play with. I've had mousy since I was a young girl.

Why hello frog.

Eavesdropping on their little convo:

Ollie: "Sorry, no frogs allowed! Mouse doesn't want any babies in here!"

Twain: "Why? My frog has no babies."

Ollie: "Is your frog spayed?"

Apparently someone was paying close attention when we recently got Moo and Blue neutered/spayed. I hope it's that easy to explain the bird and bees when they come of age. Our friend Nick in small group just had the "talk" with his son and he said it was hysterical. I'm slightly horrified. I will let John take care of that convo.

5. From another room, I hear BANG! THUD! SQUEAL.

I really don't want to get out of my seat, but I know I must figure out what is going on.

I walk into Finn and Cal's room. Ollie and Twain are chucking their stuffed animals at the hangers, to try to get them to fall down. Clothes scattered all over the floor. Hangers everywhere.

This is honey the kitty. She is very naughty and is responsible for at least 75% of the recent hanger thefts in our home recently.

And what, pray tell, do you boys need these hangers for?

They greatly admire Legolas the elvin warrior from Lord of the Rings, with his bow and arrows. Well, Ollie's name does mean 'elf army'.

Twain's form is not half bad for a little twerp.

Such serious business.

My 2 younger boys are destructive tornadoes these days. Not a moment's rest for this mama. 


  1. there is so much goodness in this post. I wanna live in your house. Looks like so much fun ;) Do you live with that camera strapped around your neck? I should do that. Capture more moments. And what a great tip about the cactus! Mine got way too big before. I'll try this next time.

    1. ha, no i don't keep my camera around my neck! but i do keep it in a cute lil box in a handy location for quick retrieval!

  2. I was just going to say what the above comment, Kerrie, said- can I live with you? I love how you make the simplest things are the most beautiful part of life! Spayed part made me laugh out loud! and a penny a day. wow, can't believe how adorable your mini men are. - love the post and the pics!

  3. Those boys must keep you on your toes every day! How much fun.

  4. Your boys are so creative! You're a good mom for letting them play so intensely!
    Since I have only sisters, it amazes me to see what can come from legos. What skill! :)

  5. Soooo funny! Love dressed in black to be a spider! Love their bows! (I've been accused of being Legolas's long lost cousin, so the elvish archers have a special aw factor!)

  6. Girl. I loved each and every one of these. Their imaginations are off the chart incredible. My favorite was the spayed frog though...

  7. Your hubby and boys sound like mine. Yet I get called the crazy one ;)

  8. Love this post! Your home is so inviting and "homey"! :-) I only have one little "tornado" of the girl variety but she keeps me crazy busy too! Good luck with it and have fun!

  9. i have to tell you my cactus story. my husband and i met when i was heading to my freshman year in college. we dated long-distance because i went out of state, and before i left for my second year, he gave me a cactus for my room to take back with me. it didn't come in any easy way to carry it so i literally held a little cactus in my hands for my entire flight. (imagine them letting you do that now?!)

    anyhow, it made it from ct to florida and my roommates were happy to have my little cactus in the room. one afternoon, when i was on my scheduled phone date with my guy back at home, i was leaning back in my desk chair and tipped over and landed right on my cactus! i had the needles all stuck in my arm - painful! ever since then i've kept my distance ;)

  10. this was awesome. My kids destroy all of our hangers by playing with them. it erks me. I don't know why I get so uptight, the things are like, .99 cents. The web. My son would do this. I enjoyed this entire post!

  11. i just love your house. and your boys. and you. and that big lego spider. i think you should leave it there. start a new trend, eh. ;)

  12. i. am. dying.
    this post is fun to the ny.
    does that even make sense?
    it's funny.
    that lego spider.
    but your boys using hangers as bows?!
    i'm surprised there was no reference to hunger games though?!

  13. oh, i love all of this so much! the wonder and fun and imagination of kiddos in the house. :)
    so thrilled to have found your blog too. what a happy, uplifting place. thank you!


    1. welcome, and thanks for popping by with your kind words!

  14. I love love love this! Not a dull moment at your house, is there?