March 29, 2013

it's a good friday because...

1. because i found these paint buckets at lowe's for the boys' easter baskets. and i think they are swell.

they were around $3.50 each. and will last til the boys are 18. i think that's a good deal, don't you? i just need someone to tell me a cute way to put names on them. stencils? chalkboard paint?
2. because i got my first love-water dog tag necklace and am giddy with excitement.

this dog tag necklace can be purchased here. This provides a family with water for a whole year.

or you can order this style here. are they not the cutest???!!!

3. because i discovered a new way to add avocado to my menu. i have been using it instead of mayo and i'm a huge fan. i thought i was being completely original until my sister and mom said they do it too.

4. because i get to stare at moo's velvety paws.

i like to baby-talk to the kitties but they just ignore me. whatevs. john thinks i need a dog because they are more affectionate.

5. because we survived some unpleasant dr visits and are hopefully on the mend soon. the care bear sticker was for me. the boys got ninjago.

6. because i got these ombre pillows on sale at target for $9.99 each.

the reddish/salmon hued pillow was needed for the go with the red pot waaaaaaay behind it. can you see the pot?

and i put the blue/yellow one in my room as an anniversary present to myself.

a little while later i came up to john and said,

"honey, our bed frame is out of style. can you get rid of it right this second?"(it was only $2 at a garage sale)

and he just smiled and hugged me. because he knows i'm slightly ridiculous at times and loves me anyway.

before i could say BOO or take photos, he dismantled it...

and walked it right out the door.

i grabbed an old picture of how my bed looked before. the blanket was getting filthy beyond my washer's ability to clean it. and i just felt i needed a change.

so i literally gave my bed a 5-minute make-over. it's completely simple and i really like it and it's ok if you don't. my bed could use a little help(like maybe this bed frame?), but i didn't feel like spending any money on it right now.

billy balls in a soup can.

7. but the MAIN reason it's a good friday is because Jesus died on the cross for us...he took our sins away, so if we place our trust in Him, when we die, we can live with Him in heaven for ever and ever and ever.

i really want to hang out with you all in heaven. i will be wearing a yellow robe there, so keep your eyes peeled.

now. you might be saying "davi, i'm not a sinner. i'm a good person. i don't need Jesus to die for me."

and i'd say let's sit down and have a cup of coffee and talk about it. the main thing i'd say is that according to God we are all sinners and have fallen short of His perfect standards. nobody is perfect. we don't get to make the rules. He does. but he loved us all SO much, that he provided a way out for us through the painful death of His only beloved son...even when we were kicking and screaming and running away from Him.

and that is very good news on this friday indeed. 


  1. Davi,
    The situation with the headboard cracked me up. What a responsive husband. Our guys do so much for us, don't they? I know I don't show my gratitude enough. We just got our first bed ( we have always just had a mattress) in 14 years! We waited a long time and with the money we spent, I don't think I'll ever be allowed to say its out if style.
    The best Friday news, or news for any day, really. Good Friday to you.

  2. okay, this is great and obviously the important point is about Good Friday, but I love, love, love those paint cans!

  3. Happy Easter Davi! Your Easter baskets are cool - I love the idea. My dad had a set of those letter punches about forty years ago. He would label keys and tags with them waay before it was the cool thing to do. Wouldn't it be fun to emboss the boys names on the buckets like your dog tag was done? You could brush them with stain or steel wool them to get that old nasty look. Wish I'd saved dad's punches, I'd loan them to you. Dang.

    1. oh you are a complete genius! yes! embossing names! perfect!

  4. What about painting your old head board white or something? I thought it was pretty cute! Praising the Lord with you today for all He has done for us!

  5. Hi Davi!

    I have been following your blog for about a year now and I joke that it is my religion. I love your style and your posts. I was raised a Catholic, but have barely stepped foot in a church since I was 18 for anything other than weddings and funerals. You make it so I am able to relate my christian values in real-world situations. So, for now you are my church.

    Anyhow, the real reason I am posting today is to tell you that there are some awesome headboard ideas out there where people have taken old doors and painted them (or not) and hung them on the wall as headboards. I have also seen where people have used old windowpanes. Just a suggestion that may match your style.

    Happy Easter!

    1. thanks so much for reading my silly ole blog. wish we could chat IRL(in real life). and go to church together:)

      make sure you test everything i say and do against the bible, because i'm certainly NOT perfect! don't put me on a pedestal! --i have shortcomings and failings every day and it's only by His grace that I am slowly being transformed.

      and thanks for the headboard tips!

      much love dear aimee girl. xxoo

  6. good friday to you :) love your post. love your heart. love your sweet style

  7. What a sunny good Friday it is too! Water for a year- phenomenal. I'm exited to get my shirt and tell others about it- thank-you for helping me be apart of it, love things like that!
    Have to ask- where did you get those plates? LOVE!
    I think you should leave the pales and just make a new tag each ear to tie to the handle- that way you can change the style:)
    I told my husband about your last post and how the CL doctor came for the pool table.. gave us a good laugh!

    1. i got the plates at target a while ago. i can't remember the line! if i remember, i'll tell you.

      so thankful to have you on board with love-water. YAY! that's soooooooo awesome! xxoo

  8. I would do a headboard, mostly to protect the walls. There's a lot of choices out there.

    Glad that you are mentioning the importance of today :)

  9. Happy Good Friday to you and yours, lovely lady.

    You and your hubby really are made for each other, aren't you?! What a great guy! I love your bed makeover, I'm looking for ideas for when we move back in a few months. My entire house needs a spruce up!! I think I'll hire you to do it for me ;) haha


  10. Great post and blog. Love the decorating tips and ideas!

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post. Happy Easter!


  11. avocado toast is my fave!!! we eat a ton of it over here. with celtic salt sprinkled on top.

    love the paint buckets!

  12. TOO FUNNY! I also went and picked up those buckets for my boys. Ran out of time and used what we have. Love it!

  13. we've been using avocado/guacamole as mayo as well. I got tired of searching for a healthier mayo and decided it didn't exist. Love you friend!

  14. i lvoe that you say whatev's and got a care bear sticker ;)