December 6, 2007

Sunshine Days

I cut Finn's hair today.

Can't you tell?
Whenever the boys come home from the hair salon, John mocks their haircuts and claims they look exactly the same. Maybe so. My fear of scissors must come from my once hippie parents:

wedding photo-and I love their hair.

Speaking of hippies, last night we listened to a fun kid's CD called "All You Need Is Love" which is a compilation of 60's songs. Calvin was definitely groovin' with the tunes.

Sunny Boy

Do you see Ollie's hair coming in?
I can't wait to have 3 shaggy-haired boys:)


  1. I think your boys have the best hair. Soon Ollie will have some too. If eli's hair layed like that - it would be long as well - but, he has his daddys hair and its terrible.

  2. yes ollies hair is for sure coming in! i hope it will inspire lijahs head to sprout a bit more than it is. your parents are so cute, i love it! yay for hippie parents and their long hair and free form parenting!
    would you guys be interested in going to a drum circle? i used to go to them but i havent in a couple years. i feel like calvin and finn would love it, and they ussually love having kids join in. what do you think? ill look into it if so.

  3. drum circle? that sounds just about the most fabulous thing ever! my boys would love it for sure. let's do it!

  4. I think James needs one of those guitars too. He loves to strum on Brad's! Sooo cute!

  5. Davi, this is my favorite post ever! Calvin is the most adorable thing. I love the boys' hair! And who knew Dad's hair had that much body? Maybe there's hope for mine!

  6. Love your boys' hair! They definitely got their hair style from their grandpa :)