September 2, 2008

Family, Family

I snapped these shots back on Calvin's birthday, but was too overwhelmed to post them because of the SHEER VOLUME. Or in Paulette's words, "prepare for a deluge".

These are the people I grew up with.

The people who threw my pizza in my soda when I wasn't looking.

Oh, you'd think I'd forgotten about that by now? Not a chance. And I wasn't even the youngest, so I'm not sure why I got taken advantage of:)

This was the baby of the bunch.

My little sister Lindsay with boyfriend Jim--his first time with the entire family. From the look on his face, I think he survived.

And here are the 1-year-newlyweds, Hayley and Nick.

Nick just got into law school back East, so they will be living in New York--my parent's old stomping grounds. They still have accents to prove it. As a kid I'd say "It's orr-ange mom, not ah-ringe!". It's a tough job raising a parent:)

And here is mom with her *twerp*.

Hey Dad. Boo to you too.

Now, sister Jessica rarely lets me post pictures of her because she claims that digital cameras make her look weird, and that only film cameras make her look decent. Has anyone ever heard of this digital disorder? Yah, I didn't think so.

Meet Jessica's pepsi-guzzling-drum-lovin-airplane-flying-chatty-husband Steve.

And here are the kids. The possibility of getting a decent picture with all 7 is slim to...oh...say...none?

Especially when you have an Oliver in the mix. Have I mentioned how stormy Ollie is these days? And to think, he started off so easy...

This above picture of Ollie was my second runner-up for Barbie's bloopers.

Jessica managed to get some shots of me and Ollie when he was in slightly better spirits.

When Jessica started having kids, I was too chicken to follow suit. I know that doesn't sound like me, but it's true. She took a little break after her 2nd was born, and then I had Finn. We finally got to be pregnant together with Calvin and Kate.

Oh I just love these 2 munchkins together.

We also got to overlap pregnancies with Ansley and Oliver. I desperately tried to get photos of them together, but they were constantly conspiring on how to thwart my plans.

Finally I caught them!

And here is cousin Jamie. We were thick-as-thieves as youngsters. Hayley and Jessica were the "good" kids:)

And Jamie's other half, Nathan, who looks like a young Elvis. He's quite the character. At my wedding, the button to his blazer fell off and so he stuck it back on with his gum. How's that for innovative Mama2?

Cousins Jared and June + son Luke are my new neighbors.

I can't believe I live so close to Jared again. All is can say to Jared is "Watch your coke! You never know when some pizza might jump in!"

And I can't forget the gracious hosts, Pat and Nanie.
Thanks for hosting Calvin's 3rd!

Love to you all!


  1. Wonderful pics D! *sigh* I miss them all! Thanks for being the designated photographer for the day and doing a fabulous job! Great post!

  2. I love family pictures! Thank's so much for sharing. :)

  3. Oh, you didn't want the pizza crust in your Pepsi? ;)

    Great photos! I love them! And thank you for not exposing to the blogging world that I "look exactly like a gimlet" in my pictures!

  4. You have a very good looking family! And your boys are darn cute. : ) They just look so...BOY! So adorable!

  5. Fun pictures Davi! And so fun to have new family in town!

  6. It defiantly looks like you are blessed.

  7. Everyone in your family is positively darling which says something about your family AND your photog skills!

  8. I love the pictures!! They were sadly Jessica-less, though. What is a gimlet?? LOL! The pics of all of the kiddies together are priceless!

  9. Happy Birthday! Can wait until our photography class on Tuesday!

  10. Ok, you do have a gorgeous family- but man, your camera sure does do a good job at enhancing beauty, I have to say!