September 13, 2008

roasting marshmallows

My poor boys.

We've been cooped up inside this week because John put fertilizer on both lawns. And the boys are not supposed to run around on all those nitrogenous pellets. And those pellets wound not dissolve into the ground, like they were supposed to. I was getting so desperate, I was about to vacuum the grass. 

In the meanwhile, the boys requested some cotton balls. 

How could I refuse them? There was not much else to do inside. I was curious to see what would happen next. Keep in mind, we were going stir-crazy.(We did go on a few walks, which always ended with Ollie weaseling his way out of the stroller and charging toward the street. NOT relaxing.)

First, they assemble some logs.

Then comes the dance of the fire-lighting ceremony.

Roasting the *marshmallows* to golden perfection.

"Yummy, yummy. Mommy, want some?" they ask.

"No thanks, boys, though they do look lovely", I say. I have an extreme aversion to cotton balls, in which they make my fingers want to wretch."

"Ok, here's you goes kitty".


  1. Talk about creative! Even though being cooped up is miserable... sometimes it's so funny what it inspires. ;)

  2. Too cute Davi:) They always think of something.

  3. Those boys have the most incredible imagination! Looks like they're looking forward to the annual Bridge camping trip!

  4. melt melt melt....i love those boys!

  5. LOL! They are hysterical! I love roasted marshmellow, maybe they can send me some. LOL about your fingers!

  6. Ok, your boys are so creative they could practically write a book of activities for preschool kids!

  7. They are way, way too cute! I love their little campfire and marshmallows! And I know that Finn is in a must-wear-soccer-jerseys phase, but I missed the part about Calvin wearing soccer clothing. Oh my goodness - they are stinkin' adorable in the soccer stuff! I love it!

  8. Ok...they are incredibly creative. That is soooooo amazing.

    And I felt so sorry for your retching fingers. :)

  9. this is too creative and cute. Who needs a real fire when you've got building blocks and cotton balls!! leave it to your boys to come up with something amazing and fun when it's needed most. :) I hope you're able to go outside again by now-- for your sake and theirs!!