September 7, 2008


I have been tagged by Karen at Blessed Crazy Life.

Now, I am notoriously slow at this cat & mouse game of tag, so I am very proud that I am running this within the month.

Rules, rules.
1. Link to the person who tagged you 2. Post the rules to your blog 3. Write 6 random things about yourself. 4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them 5. Let each person you have tagged know by leaving a comment on their blog. 6. Let the tagger know when your entry is posted.

1. I used to really despise computers. Like whine and cry to John every time I sat in front of one. Back in college I was a mac girl and John decided to venture out on a limb and buy our first family pc. Since I was quite the technical dinosaur, even this little change freaked me out, and I begged for a familiar mac. However, my love for clothes outweighed my fear of computer platforms, and I sold my soul, along with my computer vote, all over one lousy lavender twin-sweater-set from Nordstroms. And can you believe, that years later, I'm now jumping for joy for getting a brand-spankin-new computer for my birthday?! And it's a mac too! We've gone full cycle.

Speaking of birthdays, I hereby declare all of September my birthday month. I am currently accepting presents and well-wishes for the entire month:) I just found this old birthday photo, from my college days with dear friend Laura. Hey--no comments on the hair! 2. I used to work at Magic Mountain. No, not running the cool rides(which, btw, you should fear for your lives on those rickety rides, because the whole park is run by teenagers). I worked in a toy shop and that is where I learned to juggle balls(for reals)and memorize sales taxes. Like, I know off the top of my head, that if something is $19.99, it will be $21.44. Assuming 7.25% tax, that is. Useful information folks! Because nobody uses credit cards or anything...

3. I cannot believe I am going to tell you this...Ok, remember Lincoln Logs? Remember those green wooden sticks used for the roofs? Well, as kids, Jess and I used to put toothpaste on the green sticks and then put them in the freezer, making minty popsicles. And then we would lick the frozen toothpaste off as dessert...oh, I cannot go on. I'm grossing out just thinking about it.

4. I don't like to travel. Whenever those persistent people try to rope us into buying a timeshare, they have the worst luck with me, because I shoot down every idea. "How would you like to travel to Hawaii", they try to entice.
To which I respond "No, I don't want to fly over the ocean. I am afraid to plummet to my death over cold shark-infested waters."

"Ok", they frown, and hesitate, "'How about a cruise to Mexico"? My response: "No thanks, I hate boats. Have you seen the Titanic?"
For the most part, I would rather just camp with my family and friends at Hume Lake. Because they have the best piping hot fries and cookie-dough ice cream.

But, ever since I saw Ellie's beautiful Europe pictures, I have opened my mind just a smidge, to the possibility, that MAYBE, one day, perhaps, I would like to visit Italy. No promises.

5. I love new moms. I gravitate to them like flies to honey. I love to hear of every single detail of every little thing. They just look so cute fussing with their newborns.
However, I am also fond of empty-nesters, because they always seem to find really cool stuff at junk-shops.

6. I am torn between 2 worlds. The world of the organic, crunchy granola gals, and the world that is inhabited by the rest of us. I have somewhat eradicated my house of hazardous plastics and have researched the most eco and health friendly products.

But I have yet to take the plunge in the wonderful world of organic foods. It just seems that everything costs so much more...You do what you can, but it seems that you cannot just do everything. However, when I was visiting friend Ally, she showed me all of the organic foods she buys at Costco, for a reasonable price. Ally's skin is so glowy and beautiful, I am convinced it's because of all the healthy foods she eats. Now, I have always resisted Costco, much to the dismay of my friends. Oh, the arguments we get into over this. I am more of a Target girl. But I may just be persuaded over to the dark side, due to their amazing array of organics. So Costco girls, you win. I lose. You were right. I was wrong. But not for reasons we'd both agree on:)

And now I tag some new people, so I don't wear out my tagging welcome with the rest of you all.
1. Laina-because she has so much to say:)
2. Mama2-because you never know what she's gonna say.
3. Alisha-Because she is a sweetie-sweet-sweetie-pie.
4. Kourtini-because she's a super fun new blogger.
5. *Cpa* Su-because her profile picture cracks me up.
6. Pioneer woman-with all her spare time I am sure she faithfully reads my blog every day.


  1. Oh how I wish we had a Costco here. We have Sam's but it's just not the same. That's why we're loading up for a 3-hour trek to Kansas City next weekend-- just for Costco. I'm SO not kidding!

    And I agree...Sept is birthday month...for me, too! =)

  2. Kurt and I get organic fruits and vegetables from an organization called Abundant Harvest organics. They come the the Sport Chalet parkinglot on saturday mornings from 8:30 to 9:30 and you pick up your box of goodies. Now you can't choose what you get it is all seasonal. But you get a lot of food in it. You can get a small box or a large box. I will give you the website so you can check it out and research :)

  3. No WAY, your birthday is today?? It's my sister Megan's too! How FUN! Happy Birthday!

  4. I hope it's not too soon in our friendship to say this (you know, considering we haven't even met yet in real life), but I seriously love you. For realsies! :)

    You are oh-so fun and funny. I could not believe the toothpaste popsicles (creative, but gross), and I am very impressed that you can not only juggle, but calculate sales tax... you handy woman you.

    Hey, when we're old, with our empty nests, do you want to scour junk shops together? Because I really want to be one of those people, and I bet we would find LOTS of cool stuff.

    oh, and welcome to the Costco world. You will never want to leave.

  5. Thanks for playing! :) I have learned some fun new facts about you! :)

  6. Happy Birthday month, Dani! I used to be good with Macs, too. Then we had a PC for seven years. Now I can't figure out the new Mac to save my life. *sigh* But my kids love Photobooth!

    So funny about #6. I can totally do organic food, but I'm struggling with giving up plastics. Every time I try, I end up forgetting our cloth bags at home. Or giving in to Ziplocks (they're just so darn USEFUL!). And I'm cheap, so I still refill plastic water bottles sometimes. (I know, I know, I have to STOP that.)

    Good luck going organic! Remember, you pay more because you get more -- flavor, vitamins, the works!

  7. Oh this is soo cute!! I laughed so long about the minty pops! Thanks for tagging me, I'll let you know when I get the post up!!!

  8. Crunchy Christian--when i said i gave up plastics, i was more referring to sippies, water bottles, plates, bowls, utensils and tupperware--the stuff that gives off toxins in the dishwasher. i don't think i could ever give up ziplocks or Glad trash bags. though John has been stocking up on those nifty cloth grocery bags!

    i guess i should not have made such an outrageous claim in my post!

    and Talia--you are so sweet. you definitely have the gift of encouragement--keep using it!!and, yes, we must meet. we should have a playdate with Lorie and some of the other girls!

  9. Happy Birthday month! Congrats on the new Mac. We said we were going to get one w/ our economic stimulus money but haven't actually done it yet.

    I agree about is pricey. I love Costco (but I also live close to it, which I think helps) but haven't checked out their organic stuff...I'll have to look into that.

    Can I invite myself to your playdate? Because it always looks like you girls are having so much fun!

  10. You are hilarious!

    Where/when did you work at Magic Mountain? I am betting that we worked there at the same time, but you were higher up on the cool-job ladder than I was (I made popcorn and cotton candy, LOL). We always had to go into the stores near the carts to get change, so I probably got change from you at some point. LOL.

    Was it your birthday yesterday? When is your birthday? Happy, happy birthday, and may your birthday month be blessed! ;-P

    I will answer your tag by the weekend. Though I should just copy some of what you wrote and change the minute details. LOL! I love Macs too, but the lavender sweater set is very cute. LOL!

  11. I am not a Costco girl either! I go once in a blue moon with my mom to get diapers, laundry soap and dixy cups ... the only things I need in BULK! What am I going to do with 10 lbs of pasta?!?! I would buy things I do not need. I am much more a Target and Trader Joes girl ... not to say I do not buy all sorts of things I do not need at Target as well though =) And organic does not have to be very expensive. Trader Joes and Vons have some good deals ... it really is worth it! Your post was a crack up!
    Where did you go to college?

  12. Happy Birthday month! I too wish I could get everything organic. Have you been to Lassen's natural foods on California Ave? I wish I could buy EVERYTHING in that store! Instead I just buy vitamins and a few things here and there for Braden.

  13. Ok, this has to be my favorite post ever. And I can't believe Emily didn't mention above that it's actually HERRRRR birthday too- I was born on her birthday. We all share a birthday- what a popular day! Did you turn 29 did you say? That's how old I turned. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE what you mentioned about the lincoln logs. We are so compatible as friends. LOL

  14. OK Missy...mission accomplished! Go check me out! =)

  15. Ha! So much here made me laugh! I agree with Alisha - check out Abundant Harvest. I've gone slightly organic but it just seems like so much work to go all the way.... that probably sounds so selfish.... but unfortunately, it really is true. :) And I try to steer clear of information that would make me have to radically change my lifestyle because, well, because it makes my brain hurt. I happily live in the lifestyle of "Ignorance is bliss."