February 6, 2009

if i only had a brain

burnt rice krispie treats

ruined INSTANT oatmeal

driving at night with the headlights off(don't worry mom, I will not let that happen again)

yep, I'm 25 weeks along with no brain in sight.

oh wait, if you tilt the camera up a smidge, then maybe you can see my head(does anyone else frequently resemble a zombie-like Stepford wife in these self shots?)

I just got my *hairs did* by Jillian(Lorie's soon-to-be-sis-in-law). I love Jillian!

I must confess, my vanity got the best of me when I realized I looked like a WHALE in this particular green shirt set.

From here on out, it will be dark colored tops for this girl!

And how on earth does one take a self-portrait without their head being chopped off? It is a mystery to me.


  1. CUTE! I love your prego style. :-) If my chest wasn't so large, I think I'd have more options available to me. Is it weird that I'm already planning on doing my 2nd pregnancy different. Less nachos and grilled cheese... might make a difference with my expanding sides.

  2. I know how you feel. I will be having a conversation with someone and completely stop talking and just stare blankly at them. Most of the time I cannot remember what I was talking about for the life of me. LOL

    I too have issues taking pictures of myself. I end up taking.. oh about 20 pictures for one measly belly shot.. that isn't that great because my face always looks funny. I feel so weird smiling at myself in the mirror. ;)

  3. you are ridiculous
    ridiculous that you think you look like a whale
    and ridiculously beautiful!
    your hairs look great and so does your tummy!

  4. Love the green shirt combo too... Your hair looks great too. :)

  5. oooh you do look a tad stepford wifeish!!! fab!

    seriously, i can't figure out the self portrait thing either. plus i always feel very vain doing them.

    and gretchen is SO right, you ARE NOT A WHALE.

    but um, if you're not going to wear that green combo, may I borrow please? thanx love=)

  6. I love how you do layers. You always have on cute sweater. Where did you get all these cute maternity tops???

  7. Your hair looks fabulous! I like the green top and you most certainly do not look like a whale. You must share where you are getting all these cute maternity clothes.

  8. Whatever! You are so not even whaleish!!!! That would make me....hmmm what is bigger than a whale??? haha. Your pictures are way cute. And your TINY belly is adorable!

  9. You are so cute and not at all whale like!

  10. Stunning as usual! And that sweet little baby tummy is adorable! I'm thinking tadpole...not whale ;)

  11. HM. I really wasn't fishing for compliments(get it whale...fish) Ha, I kill me. I don't know how to convince you all otherwise, but I really am feeling much larger this time around--it's like my belly has a mind of its own. I accidently bumped into the stove and my stomach lit two burners on fire. Not to mention the back pain from lifting ollie + extra baby weight.

    None of the tops here were maternity tops. All just stretchy LONG tanks under regular sweaters. I typically don't wear maternity shirts til I absolutely have to in the 30 week range. Maternity tops just don't fit my shoulders and arms well.

  12. of course it is repetitious but you look adorable in the green and I would by no means start wearing only dark colors...the green is stunning with your skin/eye color. And of course you don't look like a whale at all but I know the feeling like a whale thing can play tricks on your eyes.
    I did the same thing with maternity shirts. I was in maternity pants a few weeks in but shirts never came until the last trimester...worked so much better that way.
    Getting excited to "meet" your new little one...my SIL who's boys are the same ages as yours is having her 4th (boy/girl????) in 2 days, I can barely stand the wait!

  13. davi, i'm heidi. i'm a friend of jessica's and we've been chatting style. i have a boy, my first, and i'm trying to find great clothes for him. i told her i love mini boden and who do you love (she told me your boys are dressed brilliantly). she pointed me to your website and i have to say, i want to be your best friend. we're kindred spirits. :)

  14. 1. I too have no brain. I've been contemplating a post on such but am afraid it would be far too revealing.

    2. Your prego style is ridiculously cute and I just can't figure out how you wear fitting shirts with seeming non-maternity pants and do not end up with a reverse muffin top (that is, rolls hanging over the back of the pants). Me thinks you must not know what this is.

    3. Every one of Jillian's clients looks like a Charlie's Angel. She's amazing. Maybe if I went to her my hair would magically grow 12 inches and become 3 inches thicker.

    4. Your house looks amazingly, amazingly good and I'm quite in awe of how you even mustered up the energy with three little boys under foot. Sigh.

  15. I love you Davi... and I love your little "i'm taking a picture of myself" smile :) You are too too cute! I can't wait to come and see that baby and its hot mama in May!!

  16. You DO NOT look like a whale at all!! You are adorable and glowing! I think your hair looks fabulous! I <3 Jillian too...I went to her a few months ago!

    P.S. drive safely! ;)

  17. oh, you're postively beautiful and perfectly pregnant! There is not a hint of a whale about you, not at all. :) LOVE your belly!! I think that BOTH of those outfits are adorable on you, and I'm pretty sure you could wear whatever you want and still look amazing.

    by the way, I drove without my headlights on last night too... "pregnant brain" is a dangerous malady.

  18. I LOVE the green, your hair looks BEAUTIFUL, and you are one HOT little mama! ;)

  19. davelle, i love your hair so much! and that gray sweater, too. is it the one from express from a few years ago? if so, i'm out of luck. and if not, i want to hunt one down!

    you look adorable in all of the pics, not whale-like at all.

  20. You look AMAZING!! I wish I would have EVER looked so cute when I was pregnant. Are you sure this is your 4th baby?? lol.

  21. Your hair looks lovely D and the fish pun made me smile! :)
    Cute outfits too!

  22. can i just say that i think that is my fav. hair on you ever! lookin fab. lady!

  23. I will have to show you some pictures of me when I was in my last trimester with Peyton ... I was a house! You really are so little! And absolutely SO cute! The self taken pictures turned out super cute! I am not at all good at doing that.

    I do not know how to make my family picture bigger ...? But you will get it on a Valentines card in the mail tomorrow! So check your mail =)