February 19, 2009

this guy

Sometimes I wonder how I get anything done. I'm pathetic whilst pregnant, believe me. If I do too much, I get overwhelmed and the tight braxton-hicks start kicking in. Or my sinuses start acting up. So really, how do I get anything done? Then I remember. There's this guy who lives with us, who does the following.

1)Grocery shops for us at Winco, because I am too *weak sauce* to tackle such a huge store.

2)Plans the dinner calender and posts it on our mac calender. Oh and he cooks a lot too.

3) Bathes the boys.

4)Changes Ollie's dirty diapers so I don't have to wretch(this gagging gene is inherited. My sister has it too, as does my cousin Jared, so I hear).

5)Cleans kitchen floors, vacuums, and helps with laundry.

6) Watches the boys while I shop, go out to coffee or sew.

7)Mows the law, repairs the home and manages our budget.

8) Does the gritty work, like getting our stuff ready for our garage sale.

How cute is he? He made 2 racks for our clothes that we are selling.

Hey, is that my feather tree you are trying to sell?

I said I was selling anything that wasn't nailed down...but my poor feather tree? I am allowed to keep the proceeds of any decoration we sell!

So I know I do a lot too, but honestly I wouldn't get half of it done without this guy.

Thanks for all you do honey!


  1. How amazing! Aren't hubby's the best?!?! How could you be pregnant, parent, or even take care of your house without a good hubby?? And a garage sale ... HOW FUN!! You get to get up at 5 am, get Starbucks, and set up camp on your front lawn before the sun completely arrives! Sigh * I truly LOVE garage sales! Can he make me a clothes rack like that too??? =)

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  3. *sorry- annoying typo on that last one!* Ahem..Anyhow,

    :( I think I inherited that dang gene too. What a pain!

    John is pretty awesome though and the garage sale sounds like fun!

  4. i am also prego, due around the same time as you. i also have no energy and cant even clean or go shopping without the branxton hicks! so annoying!!

    i love your boys style, are you selling any of there clothes too???

  5. thats amazing. i am so glad john is so wonderful. there are so many days i cant stop thinking about how great mike is and how everyone i love should have someone as wonderful as him. you deserve someone who helps so much and is such a good husband/dad. *props to john*

  6. Hi Litchfield fam! Tthanks for popping by! I wanted to leave a comment for you, but noticed you had all group blogs. Congrats on your upcoming bundle!

  7. ahhhhh, so sweet. Your hubby is an amazing father and husband and man of God.

    hm, what do I have to do to get my hubby to grocery shop for me??? :)

  8. When is the yard sale? This weekend? We are having one the first weekend of March. I love all the extra cash from a yard sale. :)

  9. I love this post (well, I say/think that of all of your posts, because I am fickle like that...LOL!)! I am incapacitated by pregnancies also, which is why there won't be a 5th Elder baby...sniff, sniff! And Jeremy is wonderful as well (even when I'm not pregnant - yay!). I sympathize with you, and I rejoice with you! :) Have fun with the garage sale, too. :)

  10. First of all my friend - Weak Sauce??? Really???? ;)

    Second - I have one of those guys who live with me as well ;)
    You have given me a great idea.. I am going to do for him, since this is by far my worst pregnancy - WORST EVER :( he has been doing almost everything while i lay dying in my plush chair.... gotta love those wonderful men ♥


  12. What a stud you're married to! I love husbands!

  13. Your hubby sounds like such a sweety! I saw your comment about your little one on my blog. WOW! Maybe they'll be born the same day??? That would be funny. No, I don't have any diapers yet, but I definitely have some girl clothes for her. :)

  14. How stinking sweet is that guy of yours?!? #4...WOW...now that's LOVE! :) And those pics are great...I love that he let you photograph him like that! And that 1st pic of him made me completely see where Finn gets his looks!

  15. what a sweet post about your hubby-- I"m so glad you've been blessed with such an amazing man to help you out, especially now when doing all the usual stuff is so much more difficult. He sounds wonderful. I, too, don't know what I'd do without my man and all he does!!

  16. what a sweet handsome hubby, you are so very blessed indeed!