February 13, 2009

Oliver and the Shed

Starting with the Curious Case of Oliver Boliver...

Ollie is a climber and hence does not sleep in a crib. He's been sentenced to the pack&play for now. During the middle of the night(3am) Ollie likes to burrow and dig under his mattress, where he snuggles in, dangling amongst the metal bars.

Only to awaken moments later, screaming indignantly that his comfy bunker is hurting him.

After 5 nights straight, we finally wised up to his shenanigans and tightly velcroed his mattress down.

We applauded ourselves for being so smart.

Only to be awoken the next night, to Ollie screaming and furiously trying to dig his way under the mattress, to no avail. Why are you doing this, Ollie? Why?

I am tired. But, we are not ready for his toddler bed. We have tried, and failed.

I have no photographic evidence of Ollie's midnight escapades, as it is not my custom to carry around my camera in the middle of the night. However, I did follow him around the backyard today, snapping pictures, because I LOVE THIS KID SO DARN MUCH. 100% mama's boy and I am loving it:)

and yes, we are trying out a new hairdo.

and the hair is now flat, but munch munch on those cheeks.

And in case you are wondering about the barn-like background structure--it is our almost-finished-shed-that-will-never-be-finished(hint, hint John and Dad).


  1. That shed is fantastic! And he is so darn cute - love that hairdo!

  2. Very handsome! I am very partial to his new 'do, and the munchable cheeks.

    And the shed is coming along! Baby steps!

  3. Love the new hair... did you finish cutting the other half of his head!? :)

    I'm thinking I am going to grow Swee'Pea's hair out a bit... now that he is in a bed and uses a pillow, he wakes each morning with adorable bed head that I love and I'm thinking that I am digging the messy haired look on him right now.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your shed. I wish we had a huge backyard like yours to build one. I always grew up with a shed... in fact, my play house was a metal shed with a custom built porch on it. Ahhh. So fun on those blistering hot summer days. :)

  4. Ummm so Ollie has grown like a foot since the last time you posted pics of him! He looks like an adorable little boy now...he doesn't have his baby look now! SO cute!! And I hope you get his sleeping habits under wraps soon...sleep is important business! :)

    Oh, and AWESOME shed...I love the green door! Maybe this post will be just the "reminder" those guys needed to complete it! HEHE!

  5. oliver is incredibly cute. that's all there is to it! how old is he?

  6. yes yes, the cheeks are MUNCHABLE=) and I'm LOVING that sweater he's wearing as well. not sure about the hair, but I think it's growing on me.

    I miss you this week. Can't wait to play next!

  7. the story made me laugh out loud! hilarious little digger.
    i love the sweater and the hairdo and the awesome shed!
    i hope youre feeling great

  8. LOVE!!! that is all i have to say about that :)

  9. Who needs to go anywhere for photos with an awesome shed like that! And Ollie is just so stinkin handsome!

  10. Love the hair! And your shed looks amazing!!!!

  11. oh that shed is so awesome! I love the green!!
    you dress your boys oh so adorably!
    they are all so darn handsome!