August 3, 2009

way to go!

Everyone has a hidden talent.

Mine happens to be that I am a superb toilet plunger. Forgive my bragging.

And this hidden talent has come in quite handy, I might add.

Before the summer of '95, I had no experience whatsoever with plunging toilets. You could say I was afraid of the dreaded toilet plunger.

Until Hume Lake hired me for Night Accomodations. Aka midnight toilet plunger. That summer of '95 I plunged over 250 toilets.

My first night on the job was terrifying to say the least. Veteran night accomo employees proudly wore a custom t-shirt hailing the terrors of their beloved job. The inscription on the tee read "It's not a job, it's a nightmare" accompanying a man repelling into a toilet, plunger in hand, with a close pin over his nose.

We were a rag-tag bunch of wily scoundrels...scorned by the Life Guards rest of Hume Society. Ironically, we thought we were so cool. And I still maintain that we had one of the most posh jobs at Hume. You know aside from all the poo.

Head Chef made us a personalized late dinner each night.
Slept in till noon every day(Hm....wonder why I still have such bad sleep habits...).

Our crew would often take one of the beaters out to the Sequoias in the middle of the night and watch the sun rise, atop huge majestic rocks.

Beat that for a job.

This weekend a fellow toilet plunger, Dan Moos, got hitched in Washington. Dan Moos. Mad genius with a wild mop-top of curly red hair. Zany sense of humor. But very innocent and down-to-earth. He was a very rare bird. And everybody loved him. Yes, he was very special.

Dan liked to call me the 'matron of misery'. I was quite the instigator back in the day. Got it from my dad.

This weekend, John left me in charge of 4 little boys so he could DRIVE to Washington to attend the wedding of Mr. Moos. John paid me $100 to babysit the boys for the weekend. He is so sweet. Never mind the fact that they were my own kids...ANYWAYS.

I wish I could have gone with John, but I literally had no one to watch the boys. All moms were out of town this weekend. Besides, Twain would have needed to come with, and driving with a 3 month old in a car for days on end did not sound particularly appealing.

John requested I make a card for Dan and his bride. "Can you make something with your Cricut?", he asked. Now, how on earth could I refuse that request? My hubby asking me to use my Cricut amused me immensely for some reason.

Anyone in the mood for a pun?

My boss once said puns were the lowest form of humor. If so, it doesn't get any lower than this. Here is the card I made for Dan and his lovely bride.

And no, the toilet bowl was
not made using the cricut. I don't think they have a toilet edition to the cricut cartridges. Although that would be way cool.

Inside of card.

Way to go Dan! We are all so very, very happy for you!

So, I've been very busy watching 4 little boys all day long for the past few days. Did I mention all by myself???(well, except for friday night when Ellie spent the night to protect me from intruders). I was so proud of myself. And it was not horrible. Although my ears are still ringing from the constant screaming of a certain Twain. He was having a hard time sharing me.

And wee! As of today, 5 weeks straight without any sweets! I have no idea where I am heading with this. It just kind of happened. I originally intended to have just one sweet a week.

But at the time, there was nothing to eat that was worth breaking the sugar fast over.

Until the Dewars ice cream with butterfinger topping. MMMmmmmm.

But I resisted that too.

When Ellie came over this weekend, I tried to bribe her to stay over night by making her some funfetti cupcakes. "I see how it is, with your fake diet", says Ellie.

"Not for me, silly", I replied, "I'm not eating any". And I meant it.

Fake diet.


Ok. Gotta go. The boys are tag-teaming me. Twain is screaming and Ollie just dumped rice krispies all over the floor...


  1. Hahahaha! Taking the plunge--LOVE it!!

  2. p.s. I just ate a peanut butter bar that I made earlier--out of peanut butter, almond flour, shelled hemp seeds, sesame seeds, ground flax, raw honey, maple syrup, and coconut.

    Would that count as a sweet for you? It's really yummy...

  3. The card is brilliant, nice work! And YUM! to the peanut butter bar! Wow, would love to try that myself!

  4. Wow. Mrs. Boo! Do you have a specific recipe for combining all of that yummy goodness? If so, that might be just the direction I think I would like to go. As mentioned before, I had no idea what direction I would like to take with all of this "no sugar" business. I think this would be perfect! Also, my sister has this sugarless dessert she is raving over...something with coconut, cocoa powder and honey i think. I will have to share that with you all.

    Yes, I think maybe these homemade sugarless treats might be what the perfect solution for me. Once a week.

  5. Have you felt better not having sweets? My neighbor said that she always felt better not eating sugar... Also, have you lost weight?? It's sure slow goin' after baby #2... and I thought that nursing helped you lose weight too???

  6. Jayme. I feel FANTASTIC from eating more healthy. But even still, my weight loss is very.slow.going. Nursing actually does not help me much in that area. My body likes to hang onto at LEAST 10 pounds(sometimes 15) whenever I nurse a baby. Happened that way with all of my boys. And then, after I am done nursing I can lose the weight. Go figure! Everyone is different. My mom and Aunt say they were skinny twigs when they were nursing!

  7. HA HA HA HA!!!!! Best Post!!!!!!! Love the card, but most of all love the pay off for staying home with your own troops... LOVE IT!!!!!

  8. Hilarious! Love the card! Can't even comprehend the self-control.

  9. That is just hilarious! And I to have no idea how you are resisting sweets...could never do that, especially not right now - that's basically all I want when I'm pregnant. Good for you!

  10. That is AWESOME!! So what are your plans with the $100?? You earned every penny of that one, even though they are yours!

  11. Great post! I've not had sugar since the end of Dec and feel great (except for the cancer thing) LOL! I'm quite sure the lack of sugar didn't cause that! Broke open the dried apples from TJ yesterday afternoon. OH, yum. So good and you know what they say about an apple a day!

  12. I ADORE the toilet card! TOO funny! still sad I missed the spend the nighty. and the cupcakes =)

  13. Needless to say, I LOVED your card :) I think puns are reserved for only the most sophisticated sense of humor.

  14. 1. you are a rock star
    2. your husband is a rock star for paying you to BE a rock star
    3. My family lives by the lowest form of humor and I fight daily not to also live by it...that said you card held a special place in my heart.
    4. I'm mostly sugar free and I feel way better though I don't think I could do it without the coconut and honey based treats that I do allow myself on a bi-daily basis...but I'm a sweet tooth so thereyougo.

  15. i think me & you, uhum, you & i, get along for this very reason. poop jokes. i love them. annnnnd, did ya know tim & i worked at good ol' hume lake too?! i was a pine tree waitress..tim, a poop plunger, cleaner upper of all things. we got banned from ever working there again. true story. hahaaaaa!

  16. the things I am learning about you!! lol. I love it. Of course, I have a veeeeeery corny sense of humor (just ask my husband), so I adore a good pun. and your card is definitely top-notch when it comes to a pun. hehehehe. I'm still giggling.

    also, all weekend by yourself, with all 4 kids?? I'm impressed, and also think your hubby is right on paying you $100. I hope you did something super fun with all that moolah!!

    like Paulette said, I can't even comprehend your self-control...

  17. That card is laugh out loud awesome! Thanks for sharing it!

    I am inspired by all the non-sugar eaters. I am glad that you answered the "can you feel the difference" question, because that is what I was going to ask.

    (not so inspired that I am ready to jump on the bandwagon quite yet though)

  18. I seriously love how off the wall you are! I so needed that laugh, I think you ready to put Hallmark out of business girl!

    And I am SO PROUD of you staying away from sweets, that is the hardest thing in the world for me! By the way dinner was amazing, but oh those cupcakes ... pure bliss! Nothing makes me smile like cupcakes do =)

  19. you are so funny! I love the card.. and the story to go along with it.
    4 boys all alone! Wow I am proud of myself when Kurt is gone all day and I am alone with me 1 child... who is a REALLY good baby! lol Pathetic I am. :)
    Miss you!!

  20. !!!! i LOVE your wedding card! you are amazing, its beautiful and hilarious at the same time. most of their wedding cards will probably end up in the trash and that one will prolly end up on their fridge.
    and wow good job on no sweets! i can imagine how proud you must be. im proud of myself when i go one day without sweet.
    miss you.

  21. oh ya and i love that john paid you. sure theyre your own kids but man thats a lot of work!

  22. Okay, that plunger sent me into hysterics! Quit listening to your boss! Puns are good medicine (he needs a laxative!). :)