August 12, 2009

Calvin Jack

aka GeGe. I also call you GiggleBox.

You are now 4.
They say time flies, but it feels like you have been 3 forever.
And I cherished that.

You look up to Finn as though your life depends upon him. When you were first born, Finny had a hard time dealing with your arrival and suggested "throwing Cozit(Calvin) in the trash". Because that is what we did with ants. We threw them in the trash because we did not want them.

I bet you all the money in the world that Finn is glad we did NOT throw you in the trash, because you are the light of his life. Finn simply adores being your big brother. He takes great pride in his underling and is very serious about properly educating you.

You copy everything Finn does. Drums. Legos. Cars. Coloring. But with a style and flare of your own.

You are easily threatened by Ollie, so the two of you quibble a lot. But I know that you love him dearly and are gonna be the best of buds one day.

You are super sweet to Twain and pat his hair with the palm of your hand. You always talk to him in the cutest high-pitched voice.

Speed is very important to you. You ride your bike like a wild mashugana.

You have a calm, quiet demeanor and look at the world with big, wide eyes.

You are deathly, deathly afraid of spiders and scream BLOODY MURDER whenever you encounter one. Which often scares your mommy half to death because she thinks something terrible has happened to you. Silly boy.

Your favorite color is "dandelion". Which is a shade of yellow, according to the creators of crayola.

You are quite the fashionista and love to pick out your own clothes. You are much better at matching than your brother Finn. You make your mama proud. And socks. Goodness how we both love socks. The funkier the better.

You are the perfect addition to our family. You add so much spice and color to our lives. And you are still the squishiest little love muffin I ever did squeeze.
We LUV you Calvin Jack!!


  1. Happy HAPPY Birthday dear Calvin! We love you!!

  2. I loved age 3 the best!!! But 4 is pretty cool, too. And Calvin's dimples are SOOOOOOO cute! :) Bethany

  3. Happy Birthday sweet boy!!! :) Such a sweet post!

  4. Happy birthday, Geeg! We love you and miss you so much!

  5. Calvin is such a precious little guy! Happy birthday big boy! I can't wait to see how he takes on the leadership role as Finn is gone at Kindergarten.

  6. He's precious!!!
    Happy Birthday Calvin :)

  7. Happiest of Birthdays, Calvin Jack!

    I wanted to throw my brother in the trash too!

    But I'm glad I didn't. Because now we're best friends--just like you and your brother(s).

    I love that you love the color 'dandelion'.

    You seem like a real sweetheart!

    Come visit someday and we'll go to a funky sock store.

    mrs boo

  8. absolutely precious, happy birthday Calvin! we miss you!

  9. Wow! 4 already! Time flies... Happy Birthday!

  10. Cute update! Happy birthday, Calvin!

  11. happy happy birthday to your adorable dear little boy. That face is too precious for words. I can't believe he's 4! That always seems so much older than 3...

  12. Happy birthday to little Calvin! He has such a sweet little face. :)

  13. Happy birthday Calvin! Wow 3 feels like a toddler still and 4 feels like a litle boy! Give him a big hug from our bunch!

  14. Happy Birthday, little guy! I love you and your squishy adorable cheekies!

  15. Isn't he the cutest thing ever! I still love that middle pic of him looking at his zipper!! I hope his birthday was wonderful! :)