August 31, 2009

lost tooth

I had just come back from my road trip. The next morning at breakfast, I noticed Finn had his first loose tooth. It was all wiggly.

I have often pondered the mystery of how the Lord created us--teeth popping in and falling out. Then popping in and falling out again. Strange creatures we are.

At lunch I made the boys a sandwich. I noticed that Finn looked a bit glum and that his eyes were red and teary looking.

"What's wrong Finn?", I asked.

"I don't know", he replied in a squeaky voice, ready to cry.

That's when I noticed that his bottom tooth was gone. GONE, people!

I was shocked that it came out so soon and quickly started to comb the area for his itty bitty tooth.

But there was no tooth to be found. Not in his sandwich. Not in his mouth. Not on his plate. Not on the floor. Not on the couch. Not under the couch. Not in the house. Not in a mouse. NO WHERE.

I started to panic. What if he swallowed it? I tried to keep calm in front of the children.

I quickly called my sister on the phone. "Jess, I think Finn swallowed his tooth. Is he gonna be ok? Do I need to call the doctor? Do I need an ambulance?"(ok, j/k about the ambulance).

Now, unlike me, my sister is very level-headed. "Um, I don't think anyone calls the doctor for swallowing a says here on the internet that hundreds of kids swallow their teeth and they are all fine..."she went on.

So I got off the phone and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Um, that would be false.

I quickly dialed our pediatrician, hoping they would tell me to take a chill pill. In fact, I was fully expecting them to laugh at me and tell me everything was ok.

Um, false again.

"Oh NO!", the nurse exclaimed. "Do you want to bring him in for an x-ray?"

"Are you kidding me? Is that standard protocol for swallowing a tooth?" I asked, completely flabbergasted.

"Well, I'm not sure about a tooth" she answered, "but that is what we do when they swallow a penny, to make sure they did not inhale it into their lungs..."

Me again, "Are you kidding me? They can inhale it? Well, I think an x-ray is complete overkill", I declared.
Because I have an M.D. and all.

The nurse then said, "well, as long as he is breathing ok...try to find the tooth in his poop..."

And one more "Are you kidding me?" thrown in for good measure.

I hung up the phone, a bit traumatized from our first tooth catastrophe.

I guess that's what you get for calling the doctor for a swallowed tooth.

Should I just forget about it like my sis said? Or do I check the potty for a tooth?

Decisions. Decisions. Being a mom sure is fun. Weee!

That night, John and I discussed what to do. He thought I should MOVE ON. And not check the potty. I was not 100% sure yet, so I told Finn not to flush.
Ew, I know.

The next morning, I woke up and found Calvin playing in the living room. But no Finn. Hm, this was odd.

I scoured the house and found Finn moping in his bed, close to tears.

Oh no! My first thought: He fell ill from inhaling his tooth.

"What's wrong, Finn", I asked.

But he would not tell me.

Finally, he managed to choke out "Calvin did something he was not supposed to"... sniff, sniff, ... "he flushed the toilet this morning"... his little voice rose about 8 octaves.

So, it seems, my decision was made for me. I would most certainly NOT be checking the toilet after all. Phew.

I would just have to assume that Finn's first tooth took a sad little journey to the ocean via the porcelain express.

"Oh, it's ok honey", I consoled. "We will just make a tooth out of play-dough like Miss Gretchen suggested, and leave that one for the tooth fairy".

"I was not worried about
that", Finn stated. "I was worried that the tooth was gonna break the toilet".

Ah, the things kids worry about. Bless his heart.

The next night, I made a die-cast of Finn's exact dental imprint and crafted the exact replica of Finn's tooth, so as not to dissuade the tooth fairy. I hear the tooth fairy is cracking down in this recession.

And Finn left a note, explaining his predicament.

The tooth fairy was satisfied with Finn's plea and accepted his legal documentation. And she left Finn $5. Not bad in this economy.

Finn declared this day to be a "big boy day".
And he is mighty proud.


  1. I actually squealed out loud when I saw his card for the tooth fairy. SO CUTE.

    I'm glad Finny made it through his first big-boy tooth experience and that it had such a happy ending for him. :)

    you make me laugh, dearie!

  2. This post was so funny! And that card is just too darn cute!

  3. Oh and um wow! $5 for a tooth? I think the most I ever got was a measley quarter. I guess my tooth fairy had harder economic times...

  4. Oh my that was the funniest post, I LOVED IT! Thanks for making me was a crummy day and then I read this!

  5. hehehe! too cute!

    oh, and I'm going to school for human services (social work..or loss & grief counseling)

  6. Dying over here! Ryan read this also and was cracking up! I am so NOT looking forward to the loosing teeth stage! Could little Finn be any cuter?!

  7. That was hysterical...I'm glad it's duly documented:)

  8. oh. my. word. that letter is worth a little more than a 5 dollar bill! hahaaaa! KIDDDDDDDDING :) i got a crisp one dollar bill & thought i was in heaven! you are too cute. and your kids are even cuter. a tooth breaking the toilet!! baHAA! such a sensitive kid :P

  9. alright what is wrong with my children that they have not lost any teeth! Loose teeth gross me out so I've been enjoying it but now I'm starting to get concerned!
    SUPER cute adorable idea with the playdoh tooth! Love it! and Finn's letter too!

  10. Finn is so adorable. It is so cute to see your little emo kid smiling and so happy. ;) I am glad that the tooth did NOT break the toilet. I was worried for a minute there. And um and x-ray... For a swallowed tooth? Seriously?!
    Well I'm glad Finn is happy with his big boy day! :)

  11. When my youngest swallowed a coin I called the doctor's office in a panic. The nurse asked the denomination of the coin and when I replied "a dime" she laughed and said they didn't bother with dimes - only go after the larger amounts like quarters. Whew!

    Davi you seriously need to consider becoming a professional blogger - you know selling ad space on your blog. Take it from a professional reader - You're one of the best! Your photos combined with your stories are simply the BEST. (I AM serious here)

  12. im always so proud when my name pops up! glad the tooth fairy accepted the replica- and my oh my is $5 the going rate these days?? thats impressive.
    super cute missing tooth smile!

  13. So cute-- you must keep Finn's card forever! So stinkin' precious! I also love his concern for the toilet-how sweet is that?

  14. Aw, Suzanne, you are too sweet. I am so honored to have you as a professional reader:)

  15. He is just adorable that boy! I love that card he made! Man, I didn't know the tooth fairy left $5now...I think I got a quarter when I lost mine....

  16. Thanks again for entertaining our entire family! You should publish!

  17. Coming in a bit late, but this story is precious! Glad you shared! Helps us newbies know what to do when we deal with similar situations!

  18. Everything about all of this is so hilarious and adorable! I can't believe he thought it was going to break the innocent...I love it!

    I'm really glad it all got taken care of...and hey, $5 bucks, not bad at all!!