August 8, 2009

We are speed.

Huffing and Puffing.
Lungs Burning.
Nose Running.
Calves Tightening.

And this is how I begin my day. After feeding the baby and eating breakfast, I hit the trail across the street, jogging as fast as my sneakers(um lungs) can carry me.

It's like I am running a marathon...or 12 houses up the street and back. But who is counting?

This mom bod is *weak sauce*, that's for sure. I don't know how some of you gals do it. This running thing. I don't even know why I am doing it. I don't even know who I am anymore. But I can tell you this. It's a FAST way to break a sweat. Especially if you are like me and don't have a lot of time to exercise. All I can hope is that one day, I can work my way up to a mile...or something crazy like that;)

And you'd think with all this attempted jogging and healthy eating that my gut would be gone. No such luck. After 4 c-sections, you'd think they'd offer to throw in a free tummy-tuck. Just sayin'... Not that I'd have one, for the record. It just would have been nice of them to offer:)

And in the evening, our whole gang hits the trail again and goes on a little speed walk together.

It's hard to describe the chaos that ensues when all 6 of us hit the trail with our engines running.

John likens it to a racetrack.

We all start huddled up, with each driver jockeying for position. The boys and I are especially competitive and immediately start tailing & rear-ending each other like Chick Hicks.

And running each other off the road.

Honestly I don't know what comes over me on these walks. Something about having boys brings out the competitor in me and I can't stand to see them beat me at a race. Never mind that they are only 6 and 4...

It's no wonder all eyes are on us as we come thundering down the pavement at the speed of lightening.

We are quite the sight, let me tell you.

2 shaggy-haired boys on bright colored big-wheels.
Me pushing my old blue stroller with Twain in a mismatched infant carrier.
John pushing Ollie in a jalopy of a bike-trailer...

or hauling him in our red wagon.

Yes, we are a sight for sore eyes. I would be embarrassed by our disheveled & ghetto appearance, but we fly by so fast and furious hopefully no one gets a good look...It's good thing there is no speed limit.

I find these speed walks to be so invigorating and they have been one of the highlights of the summer for me.

It's one of the little things I look forward to every evening.


  1. So fun! Love, love all of the artwork. Finn is seriously talented...and patient. We love walks too, especially with the weather we've had for the last couple of days...not so much when it's 100+ degrees. You're going to have the hottest bod at the Bridge pretty soon with all your jogging and no sweets ;)

  2. fat chance Barbie, haha, no pun intended.

    i don't even look like i'm exercising. sigh.

  3. cute pics to go with the story! i started the same thing after having my second son and gaining too much weight! I thought I was going to die jogging after 30 secs. I kept at it though and found it getting easier and easier! You can do it girl-workit!

  4. Love it! We have been doing our big family speed-walking thing every night, too - uphill on the dirt trail, around the other end of the tract, down the hill, etc. But we try to make the girls stay in the double jogger so that we can actually accomplish something, but it can still be chaotic (especially when the boys' scooters are involved). LOL. We so look forward to that evening walk!

    And I totally asked...begged...pleaded with my OB to throw in a tummy tuck with my last baby/2nd c-section. Nothing on my abdomen is pretty after four babies and 2 c-sections - icky! I was totally against having the 2nd c-section and kept telling the OB that if was going to make me deliver that way, he could at least trim off the excess while he had me open. I might have been a bit obnoxious about it. But I tried at every single appointment, and if he would've said yes I totally would have gone for it. But now, even if I had oodles of money to spend on one, I would be too scared to have one because I'm sure that something would go wrong and my kids would have to say, "Mommy was fine before the tummy tuck..." LOL. So I'm trying to reconcile myself to the loose skin that will never, ever, ever go away no matter what I do. My children will never appreciate the sacrifices that my abdomen made for them. LOL.

  5. THANK YOU! THIS is how I am feeling right now too! My Mr. A is four months and I have finally HAD IT with being "fat" in pictures so yesterday and today I attempted to see what my limits were and OMG, SO BAD and it is SO embarrassing just HOW much I CAN'T do! I have never been an athletic person, and I didn't really try to get in shape after my first b/c I thought it would be a waste since I planned on having another in a couple years, HA! So all of this is VERY new to me, and it stinks! 12 houses is probably my limit too! I really can't imagine that feeling people talk about when they say they LIKE RUNNING! There has GOT to be something in their water, b/c in my world that is unfathomable! Keep it up, it has to get easier, right? right? right?

  6. First, let me just say that I am NOT a runner, and I do NOT enjoy it. That said, the first run I did was with my mom (who by the way completely kicks my butt) about 2 mon. after Genevieve was born. I went about a block before I thought I was going to need an ambulance. NOW I can actually run 3.5 miles without stopping and in ABOUT 32 min. For me... this is HUGE. I still hate it though.
    P.S. Finn and Calvin's artwork is TOO CUTE.

  7. my son is 4 and he just started making stick people. Your sons are artists. Thats so impressed righ tnow! wow!

  8. That artwork is amazing!!!! I hate running. I always get a cramp in my side - Shaun says it's because I'm not "breathing right". I say that it is an accomplishment to be breathing at all if I'm running...why all the rules about how you have to breathe? So, I just don't run! :)

  9. Running is not my thing either. Give me an elliptical or a step aerobics class any day...just don't expect me to actually jog, no way!

    Your boys are great artists!! Steve McQueen looks awesome!!

  10. You may not have your sons athleticism but they sure have your artistic ability. Finn's drawings are incredible! It's so good that you have put his name and age on them...probably can sell them for major money someday when he's a well known artist. I'm serious!

  11. I love the pictures:) The walk last night was beautiful. It felt like Ireland.

  12. Good for you!

    Cute pictures, BTW.

    I am doing my first half-marathon this Saturday...oh boy...

    Today on my run I saw a doe and her fawn and a big bird. I think it was a heron. It was blue. And it was like five feet in front of me. Huge and majestic!

  13. Oh, wait, no...I have til Sunday! I'd better show up on the correct day...

  14. I can completely picture the scenes drawn from the movie. We watch Cars all.the.time. Keep walking. I need to get out there too.

  15. You go girl! Before I go any further, you look amazing already! I have no idea how you stay so small?!

    Now on to running, blah! I hate it. But it does do wonders. If you need a running budding in a couple months let me know =)

    We go on family walks also and I love it! We have some of the best talks, Peyton always learns a new word, and I get a little more in shape =) So great!

  16. I am seriously so impressed with Finn's drawings-- they look exactly like the real thing!! Wow. And Calvin's too, of course... both your boys are such talented little arteests.
    ok, you are doing great-- no sweets AND all that exercising! Don't worry, it WILL pay off eventually (not to mention, you ALREADY look great, realy!). My body hasn't really changed either, and I've totally plateaued in the weight loss... I'm holding out hope that I'll all of a sudden lose a bunch of weight once I stop nursing. hehe
    I bet you and all your boys are the cutest thing on the bike path. And the speediest, of course :)

  17. lijah went through these pictures and pointed out who almost everyone was- good art finn!!
    "lets find another one, mama"-lijah wanting more art to look at

    im very impressed by you and your running and no sugar, davi.

  18. Good for you! You won't find me out there. :) Hey, I think your boys will be artists. I'm way impressed so far. :) bethany

  19. Your boys are amazing artists! I had to show my husband their pictures because I was so impressed! You will totally lose the weight, it just might take some time. Your faithfulness to your running and no sweets rule is inspiring! Sheesh, I'm 3 1/2 years postpartum and I think I'm keeping these extra pounds forever. :S

  20. I love your digiscrapping or however you added text to match Calvin's hoodie- adorable! I'm sure you must hear this a lot (at least I hope you do)- you look amazing- I can tell from the very few pics you do put up of yourself. Stop running! = ) Ok, maybe you'll feel better if you run. But know you already look great!