August 28, 2009

i need a nap

Ah-yee{Ollie} here, taking over the blog, since my mama has been a slacker all week.

When mommy last posted on monday, things were still going ok. I took 2 naps that day.

Then tuesday hit. We all took Finny to school and I cried in the car. Then we dropped him off and I cried the whole way home. My mommy had no idea why I was crying.

When we got back home, mommy decided to put me to nap a little early. I sat in my big boy bed and just kicked the wall for a little while. I finally fell asleep. Then something terrible happened.

My mommy came into my room and WOKE ME UP. Doesn't she know you are NEVER supposed to wake a sleeping baby???? Well, I showed her. I curled up in a ball and bawled my eyes out.

I cried in the car to get Finny.

Finny was very excited about his kindergarten class. He thinks it's so much fun. What-ev.

In the car, Finny was eating his noly bars{granola bars} and decided to share one with me and GeGe. Well, GeGe did not want to share with me and so he threw a HUGE fit. Mommy could not calm him down and he would not stop screaming, so mommy took away his noly bar.

When we got home mommy put me in the high chair and gave me a different noly bar that I did not like, so I pushed it away and starting screaming. She gave me some of my new organic milk and I kept screaming. GeGe was also screaming because mommy put him in bed for throwing a fit. Since Gege and I were screaming, Tweetle decided to join in.

3 screaming boys.

Poor mommy.

She almost started crying too. It was very, very bad.

Only Finny was happy.

Mommy decided to try to put me down for another nap, like she did on monday.

Well, I was not going to fall for that trick.

So I screamed and cried.

Mommy finally came in to see what my racket was all about. She found me on the floor, half-way under my changing table/dresser.

She felt sorry for me and picked me up and held me for a while. I was cranky for the rest of the day and cried over every little thing because I was so tired and confused.

We all went for a walk later on and I could not stop yawning.

My mommy was pretty frantic and when Grandma Betty called, mommy told her the whole story about me being a "big meh" {big mess}. Grandma decided to pick Finny up the next day and the next day, so I could have my big nap.

I love my Grandma Betty for letting me nap.

Look how happy I am to have a nap.

Grandma Del told mommy that she needed to find someone to watch us "littles" while mommy picked up Finny, just so I could nap. I must be very special.

Mommy loves my mousy little cheese smiles.

Some of the other mommies might help pick Finn up. Mommy is still ironing out the details of this whole kindergarten thing and is still recovering from the shock of our new schedule.

She just isn't thinking straight. Yesterday mommy was supposed to go the Parent's Club at 7:45 AM but she thought it was PM and so she missed the meeting. Silly mommy.

She said she is already flunking out of kindergarten.

But as long as I get my naps, that's all mommy really cares about for now!

So, even though it was Finny's BIG week of kindergarten, my mommy thinks this week was more about me.

But that's ok. See? My mommy still loves me.


  1. Ollie I'm sorry you (and Mommy) had such a tough week! Things will get better, I promise. You're very lucky to have two graandma's close by that love you and want to help until you get this all worked out. The way you felt without your good nap proves my theory that children need three basic things: love, good food and enough sleep. When you get that nap schedule worked out things will be great again. Hang in there guys.

  2. Josh seems to be giving up his 1 nap a day already... I can only get him to take one every 3rd day...

  3. Beautiful pictures of our Oolie Boolie:)

  4. Davi, I think it's pretty amazing that you even get Finn to school at all. Honestly, I don't think I could juggle four boys as easily as you make it seem! Maybe you'll make the next parent meeting. :)

  5. I guess the moral of the fable is to not mess with naptime, huh.

    Ollie, you are so sweet and someday I will come over and take care of you while Mom goes to kindergarten.

    But it might take me awhile to get there.

  6. The Thompson FamilyAugust 29, 2009 at 9:28 AM

    Oh how I hear you Ollie! Last year, Aubrey's big cousin Brogan was in half day preschool. I had to wake up 2 sleeping babies to pick him up. All three of them usually fell asleep in the car on the way home, but wouldn't keep sleeping once we got home. It was hard on everyone. Brogan was eventually a preschool dropout, which was easier on everyone! I don't think Finny is going to drop out of Kindergarten though, so I think your mommy is wise to carpool with some other moms. Maybe Mrs. E. can pick up and your mama can drop off?? Or grandma Betty sounds super generous by helping out. I'm glad you're no longer a mess. :) You're awfully cute!

  7. Oh dear, naps are essential for growing little boys! I am so glad your Mommy has family to help out with carpooling. You have the sweetest face. I hope things get better and you all have it figured out! Would morning kindy be better? If it would be, I'd beg, plead, do anything to switch Finn's schedule. :)

    And who on earth decided to schedule a meeting for 7:45 in the morning?! I'd think that would be a bad time for most working parents. I'd have misread it too!

  8. tell your mommy those pictures are DELICIOUS!! and you, dear ollie, are one handsome boy :) you know, i have two pretty redheads that would LOVE to go on a double date with you & a brother when you turn 30 ;) just sayin'. oh, & please take a nap for your mommy! mommy's can't function on no nap days, it's a given. so for the sake of good napping children everywhere, i suggest you start the trend. naps are cool! so cool!

  9. Oh little Ollie. You are too precious. I hope your brother's second week of kindy is easier and that you adjust to all this newness!

  10. Ollie, I am so sorry that you had a rough week. I get cranky too when I don't get my naps either. You should tell your mama that me and my mama will be at home cuz my daddy is going to be working and if she needs us to come over while she picks up Finny or even picks up Finny we can. Cuz I say we can and I can nap in the car still. :)


  11. Oh, those PHOTOS! And his big brown eyes. WOW. You are a great photographer girl! You described it so well I felt like I was "in" it with you- I hope someone volunteers for the nap watch so it becomes more do-able. I cannot even fathom having to wake a baby. Ahhhh!

  12. Ollie, I know that Elise would completely understand. This whole business of missing naps can be a terrible problem! I hope that your mommy can find a solution that will work for Finn's schedule, but still keep you napping (and thus, keep your mommy happy...because a napped toddler makes for a happier mommy, LOL!). I must say, though, that you are awfully adorable!

  13. ollie, it was so good to see so many pictures of you! especially the smiling ones. you are too cute and i cant believe how big you are. please be good and nap long for your mommy!

  14. well, Ollie, it's no wonder your mommy still loves you... I mean, look at your adorable face!! Such a sweet boy. I just want to kiss on you.

    Davi, I was thinking of you last week and wondering how it was going. I'm sorry you had a rough first week, but I hope you all get adjusted and find the perfect solution for your naptime woes. (and I might add, I hope you get some naps of your own, maybe :))

    I think you are doing GREAT and I am very impressed with how you're handling it all!

  15. Oh you poor dear! Peyton is a melt down mess without his naps! I can not believe what a big boy he looks like in those pictures, so grown up!