August 19, 2011

a 4-ever friend

Loriloo and I are no strangers to having friends move away. It's kind of "our thing", LOL.

Imagine the look on our faces when we hear that yet another friend is moving away. This time it's our dear sweet Jessica and she is moving from CALIFORNIA to IDAHO.

That's kind of far.

But I have big plans to visit her one day. BIG plans. Because from what I hear, Idaho is AWESOME.

I was talking to my sister-in-law the other day. Last year, she moved to Hume Lake with her family and they live in their cabin all year round.

"Do you miss having your old friends around?" I asked.

"Yes and no", she answered. "Your true friends will keep in touch forever, no matter what".

And that is exactly what Jessica is.

A true friend. I like to call her my forever friend.
Because even though we won't get to see each other as much, we will pick right up where we left off. We have a common bond of Jesus at the core of our friendship.

I first met Jess while our church was doing the Radical study. And the Lord knew that I needed her at that EXACT point in my life. Isn't it amazing that God knows exactly what we need?

He just dropped her straight from heaven into my lap. It was bizarre how quickly we bonded and I knew right away that she was a special gift.

The one thing about her that STANDS OUT MOST is her strong faith in Jesus. Everything she says and does emanates her love for the Lord. And that is the type of friend I'm gonna hang onto, regardless of location.

I read a verse today, that reminds me of her. Romans 1:12...that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith.

Yes, yes, yes, that girl truly encourages my faith.

Last night some of us girls got to hang out before she left, and of course we took some silly pics to commemorate.

Did I mention Jess has great legs? Jeepers. And Loriloo is so cute I could pinch her cheeks.

She loves to laugh and has a smile that can light up the room.

Jess and Katygirl.

And the fav pic of the night goes to our local gangsta thugs, yo.

Don't mind the poor lighting...we are a tad fuzzy...but we had fun and that's all that counts.

We love you Jessica!!!!! Miss you already and can't wait til you visit us soooooon.