August 11, 2011

Calvin still makes...

...the most awesome cats.

His mile-long cats are my most favorite breed of cats. They just make me very happy.

I can always spot one of Calvin's drawings a mile away. He has a very distinct style.

For instance, his star wars photos are all teeny tiny petite characters, drowning on a huge sheet of paper.

My dear sweet Calvin Jack turned 6 today. SIX! Yah, that one kind of snuck up on me. I can hardly believe it. Neither can Finn. In his card to Calvin, Finn wrote,

"There is no way you are all ready 6!"

Ha, Finn's cards always crack me up. He sounds like a little old man.

We had a big birthday party for Calvin last year, so this year we were mellow yellow. We took him out to dinner tonight with Finn and one of his dearest friends, Jordan(Ollie and Twain were with Grandma Betty). And then we all went to Yogurtland and then home for presents. It was definitely the most relaxing birthday we have ever celebrated.

And it was very special as well.

Because Calvin adores Jordan and is constantly hanging ALL OVER him. Calvin is always climbing onto his back for a piggy-back ride, always hugging him, always looking up at him with this huge giddy smile of adoration. It's just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. And Jordan, who is a few years older, just smiles happily and obliges Calvin every single time.

Jordan's mama has definitely "trained him up in the way he should go". He is one of the most respectful and polite children I've ever met. And talented and super fun too. All the kids cheer when he comes over. We just love him and are very blessed to have him in our lives.

Welp Calvin. Happy Birthday my little pooh-bear. You are still one of the most huggable, lovable, squishy little things I have ever met. Your super duper hugs brighten each and every morning here on this earth. Please please don't ever stop hugging your mama. She's kind of addicted.