August 21, 2011

hume lake and the orange-reddish couch

Because sometimes I resort to lists,

Top 5 Favs from Hume Lake 2011

1) Hanging out with John's fam. His brother Pete moved into their cabin last year, with his wife Kristin and their 4 lovely little women. Isn't that quaint?

Random fact #1. Pete is a master impersonator.

Here, Pete and John are mimicking Ollie's speech teacher, saying "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" in a super deep manly voice, whilst making muscles.

Because all boys are loud and burly...and we'll do whatever it takes to get Ollie to know the difference between a "he" and "she". (And FYI, a
"she" is said in a teeny whisper while putting your finger to your lips. Because all girls are quiet, yup.)

We just LOVE hanging out with P&K's 4 little women. So sweet to my rambunctious rascals. Unfortunately, cousin Hannah Banana was working while we took these photos.

2. Snack shop fries. Need I say more? I'd make the 3 hour+ drive for the fries alone. And don't get me started on their cookie-dough ice cream. mmmmm.

3. SLEEP. Something about the cold mountain air knocks me out cold. Zzz. Though this time, there was a slight 'hiccup' in my regimented sleep schedule.

Loud siren goes off once.

Then twice.(psst. John. wake up.) no response.

Then thrice. (JOHN WAKE THEE UP!) Slight stirring, then back to his Hume-induced-coma.

There must be a fire, and we need to evacuate.

Random fact 2#: If I were an animal, I would be a meerkat.
We both have deep-set eyes.
We both are pack animals.
And we always ALWAYS stand upright, on the lookout for danger.

So, this meerkat marched boldly to Pete and Kristin's bedroom door and shamelessly started pounding. You'd think I would be embarrassed waking them up at 12:30 a.m., but no-o-o.


"Pete, Kristin...WAKE UP! There's a siren!"

They were pretty groggy, but eventually woke up, due to my unrelenting pounding.

Bless their hearts...they were great sports. They did not laugh{directly} in my face, and Peter even drove down to see what the ruckus was about.

Turns out, it was NOT a was the emergency siren to alert all EMT, for a summer staff teenager, who fell off the "flying fox" in the middle of the night. Rude.

4. Watching Tangled in the mountains.

Peter set up a projector outside on his deck one night and we got to watch Tangled, under the stars. Swoon!

Random fact#3. Tangled is my favorite movie. I wish I was Rapunzel.

Ironically, I was just saying a a few days prior, that for my birthday this year, I wanted to watch Tangled outside on a mountain, ha. Looks like my little b-day wish came true a month early.

And I wish I had a picture to commemorate this sweet little event, but it was unacceptable for me to miss one single scene in order to grab my camera.

5. And last but not least, I get Grandma's sweeeeet old couch!

Peter bought the cabin next door and is busy renovating. Consequently the cool vintage orange/red couch got the boot. And they said I could have it.

It's vinyl and has embossed flowers.

I don't get why nobody else wanted it.

Hannah took some of these pictures for us.

Ollie just woke up from his nap and that is why he looks so lack-luster.

Twain and kitty are inseparable.

And a good Jedi never forgets his light saber.

Anyhow, I am eager to welcome this bad boy into my house. Or deck. Just patiently awaiting it's arrival, whenever that may be. Could be a while.