August 7, 2011

why i heart goodwill

Because I found this {heart}vase for 10 cents.

Just 10 cents!
I have been feeling a bit frugal lately. Thrifty, if you will. Trying to see how little I can spend on projects.

Whenever I have a project, I frequent the Goodwill, quite frequently, if you will. Ha, I just used the word 'frequent' and 'will' twice in one sentence. Forgive me, but I'm pretty loopy from the pain of my retainer. I resurrected my old retainer(which I have not worn in over 10 years) in honor of Calvin's new retainer.

Calvin got his retainer a few days ago, to help prevent his 'anterior cross-bite' from turning into an underbite...which is actually quite a serious matter. If we don't intervene now, he could have major problems down the road. Like jaw surgery. Currently, his jaw is aligned just fine and it's just his bottom teeth that are causing problems. The plan is for Calvin to wear a retainer for a year.

He's been SUCH a trooper. He complained a smidge the first day when trying to eat food, but since then I have not heard a peep! He's such a tough cookie. I am the one who is whining and complaining nonstop from my retainer. It's been 3 days since I put this contraption in my mouth, and I am practically nonfunctional.

John keeps asking, "Is that a smile or a grimace?" It's a grimace, babe. A grimace.

My bottom retainer no longer fits and so I am just wearing the top one. If I can prove to myself that I can be more faithful with my retainer this time, maybe I am worth the investment of a new bottom retainer. We'll see.