August 29, 2011

little school boys

Last week we had two little students going back to school.

Calvin started kindergarten this year. Morning kindergarten to be exact. Like 7:30 in the morning. Have mercy.

It's been a rough transition for this mama bird. Long gone are the days of sleeping in. To get Calvin to school on time, I have to roll out of bed at 6:50. Craziness!
(after seeing this photo, i cut calvin's hair shorter, just so ya know)

The night BEFORE the school year started, Calvin asked John the following question:

"Daddy, do you know what the worst part of my life is?"

"What?" John asked our melodramatic emo child.

Calvin's answer:
"That I have to start school."
Good grief. This is going to be a loooooong year, I sighed.

Hand in hand, my two students made their way onto the campus.

Despite Calvin's apprehension, this was a moment Finn had long awaited for. You see, for the last two years, Finn has taken it upon himself to mentor Calvin and teach him everything he knows.

Finn happily initiates his little protege.

Calvin has Miss M. this year. As we stood in line to meet her, people kept telling me how amazing she was. And I stood their like a big dope, crying, because I was so relieved he got a such a fantastic teacher. Calvin is very quiet soul around new people and so I prayed he would get someone special.

And even though Calvin thought school was gonna ruin his life, he LOVES it.

Because Miss M. gives him m&m's.

And m&m's make everything better. Smart, smart lady.

And tonight at dinner, Calvin claims to have made a little friend that he plays with every day on the playground. I am so happy for him.

And as much as I hate to admit it, this new regimented schedule has been good for me. I am now operating on an early morning schedule that the rest of the world is on. Which means it will be easier to make it to the gym, Bible study and MOPS.

Finn is in 2nd grade this year.

After Finn helped Calvin settle into his new kindergarten classroom, he skipped on over to his class, where he apparently thinks he's gonna rock the 2nd grade.

No lie, I found a little crumpled up note to his teacher, the first day of school which stated the following:

My first thought was BAHAHAHAHA. Followed by, "I'm so sorry." He's a mini-me. It's genetic, he can't help himself.
I was a complete geek-squad homework nerd.


After giving it some more thought, I've decided I'm going to encourage his zest and zeal to the fullest. But I will be very careful to teach Finn to work hard for the Lord, not to impress or please others. It's for HIS glory and not our own.

And tomorrow Ollie starts his 2nd year of speech preschool.

So I will have three of my little birds in school this year!

And I pray to the Lord, that He will watch over them.