July 1, 2012

ollie's 5th

Do you ever feel like you simply cannot do it all, no matter how much you'd like to?

Story of my life this past June.

Ollie turned FIVE June 18th.

And as much as I would have LOVED to throw him a cute kitty party(Black Apple style)...

...this year it was not destined to happen.

I was just too tired, broke and overwhelmed to muster up any sort of themed party. 

Maybe next time. 

I think it's wonderful if you have the time and money to throw a great party to make your kids feel special. Truly, I do.

But if not? Do the next best thing! Just do something generic and have a great old time while doing so. Most likely, your child could care less whether or not the party was very "pinteresting".

While Ollie was napping, I sent John out to buy a bouquet of balloons. Because my boys adore balloons.

"Hey Ollie, where do you want to go out for dinner", we asked him when he woke up. Mama is THRILLED at the prospect of dinner out. No stressing about food for a party over here. Woooot! This is the life!

"Mexico!", Ollie replies.

Interpreted, Ollie wants to go to Burger King. 

For whatever reason, Ollie equates Mexico with Burger King. On the way to Mexico last November, we stopped at a Carls Jr. right before the border, and it had a playground that Ollie loved.

Anyway, our Burger King HERE has a playground too...therefore it's the same as Carls Jr. and is therefore Mexico. Clearly.

So we gave him his options. "Ollie. Do you want to go to In-N-Out Burger(please, please) or Burger King?" we ask him.

"I would like to go IN" he says.

"What Ollie? Did you say In-N-Out?" we ask rather hopefully.

"No. In, not out, of Burger King", he said.

Very well then. Burger King it is. I knew that in his heart of hearts, that is where he wanted to go.

After fine dining and playing at BK, we summon our dearest neighbor friends to help us celebrate our boy.

I like how Ty adds nickels to Ollie's card: 5 nickels for our 5 year old. Very clever Ty.

Ollie and Twain dancing and prancing over the balloons. They are thrilled!

I was supposed to make cupcakes...but that didn't happen, so daddy bought ice cream sandwiches. 

Three things to point out here. 
1. Ollie is picking his nose. Sweet.
2. John just stuck a candle in the ice cream box.
3. The ice cream is not even a name brand. Market Pantry=Target brand.

Look at Ollie's face. He's stoked.

This same smile was plastered on his face all night long.

Ollie had the best night ever. I had the best night ever. It was SO relaxing. And we paid nickels, rather than hundreds. 

The next day, Twain said something like "I had a great time at Mexico last night".

So. The next time you are feeling stressed over a party, just throw your kids in the van and head over to Mexico and stick a candle in a box of ice cream. It will be grand. Trust me.