July 18, 2012

Life has been a little nutso lately. Mostly with good stuff. But I am looking forward to some time of rest and I would love to be bored for at least one day.

One thing I have noticed about kids: they don't give a rip if you have lots to do. I think this makes them even more clingy. At least that's how it is with Twain.

I was surrounded by a pile of laundry and he just plows through my neat stacks of clothes and plops into my seat.

And he says "I neeeeed you. I want you."

And I realize how quickly he is growing up and that there is nothing I'd rather do than hug him on the floor. Thanks Tweeds, for demanding my attention and making me slow down.

Truly, my work can wait. It can always wait. Otherwise I am missing out on stuff like this.

Busy watching "Mittey Mouse Tlub House"(translated, Mickey Mouse Club House). That is his favorite show this week.

I think I need to get out my fairy costume a good pair of boots. It's been a while.