July 12, 2012

a pillow

Do you want to see the new pillow that I bought at target?

I like it.

Every time I passed it in the aisles, it caught my eye.

And then it was out of stock. I was a little disappointed.

And then it was back in stock so I grabbed it. $14.99

And it resides happily on the couch.

One by one, each of my boys came up to me said "your new pillow is beautiful" or "I really like your new pillow".

It's kind of a big deal, getting a new pillow and all;)

My boys always notice if I bring something new into the house.

They always ask a bunch of questions about it, especially Ollie.

"Mommy is that new? Why did you buy it? Is it cute? Does it make our house new?"

Daddy doesn't really notice anything new. So it's fun having my little sidekicks enjoy sprucing the place up a little here and there.

In other news. Nobody fell out of a tree today. Or split their face open. 

I have been very busy helping plan a baby shower for Lindsay's twinsies. I am absolutely overjoyed to celebrate the occasion this weekend.