October 2, 2012

adventures of tabby and tux

Last Easter, my sister Jessica convinced me to buy Ollie and Twain some tiny stuffed animals from Only Hearts Club.

Each pet costs $2.99 each. Best money ever spent. They are part of the family--Tabby and Tux.

The shenanigans these two kitties pull...I tell you.

I was working in childcare at church on Sunday. Those mornings are always a little rough. I'm always scrambling to get out the door on time. Always a few minutes late, no matter what. I eat my bagel in the car. I apply my lip gloss in the church parking lot. And then I run across the wet grass to check in on time. Poor John is left scrambling at home to get 4 boys to church on time.

Ollie walked into my classroom, happily chirping to all the children about Tux, with his tiny black kitty clutched firmly in his hand. I kinda groaned and said "Ollie. Put Tux away". Tux would get tucked into Ollie's pocket. Only to emerge a few minutes later.

Our class merges with Twain's class for story time. Little brothers always find each other and before I knew it, Tabby and Tux were having a little reunion in children's church as well. "Twain! Put Tabby away!"

During song time, I noticed Tabby rappelling down my outfit, firmly attached to my drawstring. It was becoming a problem.

These 2 tiny kitties were being very naughty and disruptive.

"John! I can't believe you let the boys bring Tabby and Tux into church!" I said.

"Sorry...Ollie started flipping out when I tried to keep Tux in the van and I didn't have time to deal with it", John said. "Next week kitties will not be allowed in", he assured me.

These kitties are extremely adventurous at home as well.

Pilot Tux.

I made Ollie a paper airplane. Before I knew it, Ollie had Tux in the plane, tucked inside a plastic cockpit.

Not to be outdone, Twain constructed his very own airplane for Tabby.

"Where are the wings on your airplane?", I asked Twain.

"It has no win'd's(wings)", Twain replied, unphased.
Remember I told you a little while ago that Twain makes swords out of tinker toys? And that he tucks these swords into his shorts all the time?

Well. Twain made a teeny tiny tinker toy sword for Tabby as well.

I was humored.

Tabby as a swashbuckling rogue, richest man...err cat...alive.

And these two can rock climb like nobody's business.

Tabby is practically camouflaged against my chair.

I wonder if Ollie and Twain will remember Tabby and Tux when they are all grown up. Perhaps they will stumble upon their mama's blog and relive their childhood memories.

I enjoy little sneak peeks into my little boys' brains, as seen through the adventures of Tabby and Tux.

When I was a kid I remember playing with those little smurf figures. I even had Gargamel and his little orange cat, Azrael. Do you even know who I am talking about? We would build them elaborate houses out of Lincoln Logs. I remember drawing on a dove soap box to make a stove. Too bad my mom didn't have a blog, ha. Can you imagine?

Even though this post seems kinda trivial, I'm sure these are the ones we are going to treasure in the years to come.


  1. Okay, of all the posts to comment on.... I so had those Smurfs. Like the whole clan. And vividly remember setting up their elaborate pillow house where Papa Smurf accidiently peed his pants. Yes, I remember making up that scenario. Nice. They will definitely remember Tux and Tabby!

    1. hahahaha jen. you crack me up.

      i miss you.

      and love you.

  2. smurfs were the best. and i even have my kids hooked onto it too.... only the old school stuff. not the new movie. your boys are so cute with their kitties!!
    and oh my that sword tucked into his pants is so darling.

  3. this was so sweet! and it got me really (even more) excited that we are having a boy :) i love reading your stories and i'm sure your boys (and their wives... :) will appreciate it very much one day.

  4. Love this post. The boys will surely look back on these memories fondly (or at least their wives will enjoy reading about their kitty adventures). :)

  5. these are the tiniest cutest kitties ever. and you know i love kitties.

    swee'pea wants to take his animals everywhere too. and if he is spending the night somewhere, he will take one animal and ask me to sleep with the others so they won't get lonely. :) love our boys and their pets.

  6. this has to be the cutest thing ever. i love the sword you made for the little kitty! maybe i'll stop by the store and grab my girl one :)

  7. STOP IT! Those sweet kitties and boys are just too much, I have passed your blog on to some of my favorite boy mamas and they agree, you are a joy.

    1. aw, you are so sweet! do you have a blog? when i click on your name it leads me to a page but i can't see a blog:)

  8. I can't even stand the cuteness!! It's too much.

    Keep on writing these bits, mama. You'll all be so thankful you did!