October 22, 2012


the world's smallest felt bow...

for the world's sweetest kitty.

And, I'd like you too officially meet our newest family members:

Moo is our big boy and Lucy Blue is our lil princess. Funny. I always wanted to adopt a boy-girl sibling set.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess what some of you are thinking: "Davi has gone mad! Making itty bitty felt bows and taking pictures of kitties! She needs a baby!"

And while I do not have baby fever, I will gladly accept any baby delivered to my doorstep, or under my deck. Same diff.

Moo was so excited about Blue's bow, that he chewed it off! Thanks Moo. After all that effort to attach the silly bow in the first place. I had quite the initiation into the world of bows. You should have seen me googling how to attach the bow to hair.

And um...no lie, but I initially tried to attach the bow to kitty with KY because that is what all the websites said to do for babies...but I learned that does not work on a wild kitty, mkay? I glued it on with elmers. Hahaha.

At first I made a standard sized hair bow. Compared to Blue's tiny bow.

The bows only took a few minutes to make last night. It was just supposed to be a joke to make a small bow for Blue, but then she looked so cute in it...I'm literally giving away the top yellow felt bow because it's too large for my cat-child. It's a true story. If you want it, just mention it in the comments below.

And here goes the birth story of Moo and Blue. Just kidding. But here is how it all went down.
After discovering the 4 kitties under our deck, they became our constant source of outdoor entertainment. The boys lived for these "kitty sightings" when the kitties would tentatively emerge from under the deck and come prancing and rolling out onto the deck.

They were very playful with each other, but were very shy and skittish when we tried to touch them.

All except for the one "Si-ma-mese", as the 2 youngers called her. She let the kids hold her.

Then one morning I awoke to find that Ollie and Twain had smuggled the "Si-ma-mese" into the house. Yup, as I was blinking the sleep from my eyes, I saw the two boys toting kitty around under their arms like she was a purse.

And I was uh-mazed at how tolerant this kitty was of my little boys!

Not too mention she sat very still and lady-like every time I tried to take her picture.

Seriously, I just placed her here and said "smile and say cheeeeeeese".

I really should send her to model in Hollywood to raise money to get her stray mama spayed...

All day long, little kitty patiently complys with every whim of her lil captors.

Snuggling up with Ollie for a cat nap.

He is in kitty heaven.

I just could NOT believe she fell asleep on him.

"Please sleep here kitty", I said. And of course, she did.

Ok, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret here. Don't judge. Buuuuuut, Ollie has recently become a hoarder.  His clutter pains my eyes.

Later in the day, I was looking around trying to find the Siamese kitty and I couldn't find her anywhere.

"Ollie. What did you do with the kitty?".

And lo and behold, I pulled back his pillow...And to my shock, I discovered that he tried to stash her with all of his hoarded possessions.

And she just sat there. Fast asleep.


No kitty on earth. No way did Peach ever tolerate this. Never.

We HAD TO keep this kitty.

Besides, by the end of the day, the boys had grown hopelessly in love with her. The thought of parting with this kitty was becoming very painful.

By the next day, the boys were so head over heels for this kitty, that I felt like we needed to make a decision about the other kitties, and fast.

My neighbors wanted a Siamese too, and I felt guilty hogging the nice kitty, but my neighbor GRACIOUSLY offered to take the other Siamese kitty, along with the black kitty to help socialize and make the transition easier. Praises.
Next day: Operation catch the kitties. Because there were still 3 {scared}kitties left hiding under the deck.

This job....easier said than done.

For the first hour, Libby and I flopped and floundered, as little kitties clawed, hissed and scratched their way out of our clutches.

We tried every plan and contraption we could think of--big box set up with food inside, to coax them, but to no avail. Brother Tate came over to help us.

I even heated some tuna to try to entice them, and it exploded all over my microwave.

After a long while, we finally caught the black kitty...and then the other Siamese. One by one, we threw them in the big bike trailer and carted them off to Libby's house...laughing hysterically the whole time.

I think I might have turned into a giddy 10-year-old that evening. Wish I had a picture.

Last. But not least. We had to catch Moo. We didn't want to leave the poor thing outside by itself, all alone.

This kitty. OhMyWord. Never seen anything like it. So fasssssst, it took forever to catch him. Poor thing was FREAKED OUT.

We finally caught Moo and threw him inside our house. He was so panicked, that he starting running into my furniture and walls like a wild mashugana. He was so determined to escape, that he was literally crashing into the glass french door to get out. Seriously, he was a maniac, freak of nature.

He hid behind my green leather chair and would not stop crying.

All while his sister lay there, stretched out on the floor like a persian princess.

I brought her over to console her distraught brother, and if you could believe it, she HISSED at him. Little stinker! She had been in my house ONE day and she thought she owned the place.

That was a looooong night. Moo hid under our oven and cried all.night.long. "meow, meow, MEOW"

He kept us up almost the whole night and I had a headache the next morning. I know what some of you are thinking...Serves me right, huh.

Day by day, Moo started to slowly come out of his shell.
Started to play with his sissy.
Wouldn't let us touch him, but would come out from under the oven or the bed, or whatever hiding place.

One night, as I was giving Ollie and Twain a bath, Moo started to cry from the doorway of the boys' room. He would not stop crying til I came to see him. He ran under the bed but was very happy that I came to sit by him.

Whenever, I left the room, he would cry for me to come back. As tiring as his little game was, I was charmed.

The next day, Ollie walked into my room carrying Moo in his arms.

Moo just lay in Ollie's arms, super chill. I was surprised that Moo let Ollie hold him. They developed this sweet little bond.

Every day, Twain would walk around carrying the Si-ma-mese, and Ollie would hold Moo.

The two kitties kept my little boys entertained all day long. It was basically purrrfect.

But there was this one little problem: my husband. The supposed kitty lover. Whatevs to that.

John only wants ONE cat and ONE dog. I mean, he could have mentioned this in premarital counseling.

Well, he married me. And nothing is ever that simple with me.

I wanted ZERO cats and ZERO dogs--it took John 16 years to convince me to get Peach.

And now we had 3 kitties. Made perfect sense to me.

But John was not on board. That night at dinner, he said we could only keep one new kitty. And I thought of how much my boys LOVED Moo AND Si-ma-mese. And I was so miserable I just sat there and cried. No joke. Big crocodile tears were streaming from my eyes.

And I kinda had a thing for this crazy-faced kitty. Uh, my face looks kinda crazy here too.

Moo loves to hang out on our gigantic kitty tower. When he's up there, he's king of the world and does all kind of snuggling action--he nuzzles his head into you.

He has become so affectionate. Much more so than Si-ma-mese.

After a few days of agonizing, and begging daddy, he finally said "YES". We could keep them both!

There were a few conditions:
1. no more kitties allowed. I mean, obviously.
2. get rid of mama kitty(she's going to my mom's house)
3. John wanted to make sure he was still allowed to get a dog.

We shook on it. I literally forced John to shake on our deal.

And I kid you not, the next day he offered Moo to our dear friend up the street.

"JOHNNNNNNN! We shook on it!" I practically shouted.

Not to worry. Moo is still at our house. Along with Si-ma-mese, who I named Lucy Blue. But we call her Blue. I really wanted to name her Peeta, but my boys shouted with a resounding "NOOOOOO!"

So Moo and Blue it is. And we could not be happier!

And for reals, if you want this {bigger}bow, just write "want bow" in the comments section and I'll randomly pick someone Friday. It has never touched the kitty. World's smallest giveaway. Not so much a giveaway as a takemyleftovers. But hey, it could look cute on headband, hairclip, on a baby boy onesie or as a little boy bow tie.


  1. Sweetest kitties ever! I'd love the bow! We have 3 girls 4 and under. It would get lots of use here.


  2. How wonderful - two new kitties!! You had me grinning throughout the whole story.

  3. Love this post! These are the stinking cutest kitties ever! Your boys are pretty darn cute too! Our 5 year old beloved kitty hasn't come home for 4 weeks now. We are all broken hearted. He was truly awesome. This makes me very excited to get another kitty!

  4. Love this post! These are the stinking cutest kitties ever! Your boys are pretty darn cute too! Our 5 year old beloved kitty hasn't come home for 4 weeks now. We are all broken hearted. He was truly awesome. This makes me very excited to get another kitty!

    1. aw, that is the saddest news ever:(:(:( so sorry.

  5. Oh, I love your stories!! And those pictures almost convince me to get a kitten...which my husband would love, and I am opposed to ;). Hmm, I wonder what kind of dog you'll end up with...! I can't wait for the day when we can have our own dog!
    Have a great week :)

  6. Love Moo and Blue! And I have a cute 2 year old, a baby on the way, and a little puppy that would love to share that fabulous bow! :)

  7. NO pets was definitely discussed before my hubs & I got married. He tells people that he wanted to write it into our vows! Haha!

    I just love your boys with these kitties though!

    1. that is hilarious that you discussed this beforehand. very very smart.

  8. Oh. My. Goodness.
    I love your kitties. Love love love love love!!
    I don't think they get any cuter than that. And those names? Oh, those names are perfect. And your pictures are just SO outstanding these days. I mean, I always love them, but lately, they are making me SWOON! Anything special that you're doing that I should know about?! haha. I just want my pictures to be just this amazing!
    I WANT THAT BOW!! (But i live in canada, so.....that may not work. But if Canada is ok, then I want that bow!) :)

    1. um, your pics always blow me away, so keep doing your thing! and yes, of course i will ship to canada. it just might taken a little longer to get there due to customs.

  9. Ok, I don't like cats. At all. But after your posts...oh my word, adorable.

    p.s. I love the pretty lacy blue pillow in one of the pics!

  10. Aubrey said all she wants for Christmas is a kitten, and your posts almost have me convinced. Do you have a litter box? That's the only thing holding me back. If a kitten would use Poppy's doggy door, I'm all for it! Love the names. I want to come meet the new family members. :) So cute!

    1. OH Barbie. The ONE thing I CANNOT stand is the litter box. Peach roams outside all day and probably wouldn't need one if i had a doggie door! But my 2little kitties aren't allowed outside yet. Hopefully when they are all older I won't have to use one anymore. That is SO cool that you have a doggy door! I want one! Please come bring Aubrey over!!!!

  11. So cute! Ollie is the cat whisperer, LoL!

  12. those kitties are to DIE for!!!!
    i think i may need to move in... with my three girls.
    and my hubby.
    we are all kitty lovers!
    (not that i want one in my house though!!!! how did you change?!?!?)

    this was my fav line:
    I really should send her to model in Hollywood to raise money to get her stray mama spayed...

    you are a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

  13. i LOVE this! i am so not a cat person (i think it would take 16 years to convince me too ;), but those kittens are beyond adorable. what a lovely story!

  14. My parents got a kitten for the house when my younger siblings were about 10 and 7, she had kittens and they kept one. My little brother was exactly like your boys with the cats, now he's 16 and he always has either Granny cat or Muffy in his arms.. Boys and their cats haha:) Love these pics, had a siamese cat when I was a kid and he was one of the friendliest cats we ever had, I'm sure Blue will be the same:) You're post made me all kitty broody:)

  15. Oh man, you make me laugh. If your husband gives that cat away there's going to be a whole buncha angry blog followers out for him. Ha!

    PS - Your photos are lovely

  16. i really don't know what to say about this post since i'm a strong cat hater....but i still love you lots...your pics are wonderful...your boys are precious and i do love the bow.

  17. Those kitties are SO adorable! And so are the stories that go with! I currently have one lil chihuahua dog and a kitty. I came THIS close to getting another kitty a few weeks ago but just couldn't bring myself to do it. Your post makes me wish that I had! Another thing, my kitty is an inside kitty but desperately wants to be an outside kitty but the very thought terrifies me!

  18. This is all just hilarious- you made a bow for your kitten? Who are you?! :) I like this new Davi! Love this post and loved meeting my newest neice and nephew!

  19. blue is so cute. both of my grandmothers had siamese cats. they are adorable.

    we got a kitty once and we learned fairly quickly that my son is allergic. which for me was fabulous i was anti kitty. in the two days we had him in side he peed on my walls, knocked over my christmas tree twice (i think he was pretending to be a flying squirrel) tried to sink his claws into my brand new leather couch and did sink his claws into my sons back from top to bottom. i put him outside and he ran away. it was decided then that i am not a cat person. it was a much better thought than reality for me.

    i'm glad it's working out so perfectly for you.

  20. I'd say "want bow," but I live in Canada, and I'll spare you the postage :)
    I don't like cats, but I love your kitties. I will never own one because they make me sneeze, so I'll live vicariously through you :)

  21. oh my gosh those bows on the kitties are absolutely adorable!! so very cute and i am not even a fan of cats but i love bows on cats.

  22. oh my goodness. i don't know what is cuter. your kiddos saying "si-ma-mese", bows on kittens, baby kittens in general, or picturing you chasing babies kittens. i am so glad you get to keep them. i would love that bow!

  23. So I have to ask, what does Peach think of the new intruders, er, I mean, family members? ;-)

    1. peach is very chill in general as a cat. she was a bit curious at first and tried to stalk them like prey. she was kind of in that position with her head down ready to pounce...she's s very serious hunter, mind you me...but now she's used to them and sometimes plays with moo:)

  24. i love your kitties!!! and your boys seem so tender. cutest post!!

  25. awwwww looks like a keeper. that bow is ridiculously sweet!

  26. I don't even *like* kitties, but this post has me falling.in.love with them. Cute overload.

    your Ollie + my Josiah = hoarding buddies

  27. oh my goodnes, sooo cute!! i'd love the bow, too! i would slip it on to my kitty, Puffy's collar..he would look so handsome :)

  28. you are a cat lady, officially.

    and i'm disgusted.

    1. hahahahaaaaaaaa. it's so true. what can i say? love won out. either that, or i've reverted back to my 10 year old self.