October 17, 2012

{not so} wordless wednesday

i tried to be wordless, i really did try. but the silence would just not come to me.

in fact, every time i see my new purse, i want to sing the hallelujah chorus.

the first time i laid eyes on this baby, i was walking through target. and was like whoa. look at you hot stuff. i kinda felt a little unfaithful toward my faithful old yellow purse.

the yellow purse i got 3 years ago for my birthday. as a present to myself, of course.
the yellow purse i bought at target for $22 and expected to last forever.
the yellow purse that was completely unraveling and falling apart at the seams. and still got compliments everywhere i went.
i was convinced i'd never find a purse that cute again.

until i saw the new purse. i admired her every time i walked through target. which is like two times a day, i kid you not.  did you see they were hiring seasonal employees? i should really apply. i live there anyway. "follow me ma'am, to the party aisle".... i could totes pull off the red shirt and tan pants.

however, i never bought the new purse, because i'm kinda cheap like that. besides. i'm saving for a couch.

so you can imagine my glee when one of my dearies, alisha, surprised me with this purse for my birthday last month!

apparently, she could not stand watching me carry my dilapidated purse everywhere. she's kind of fancy like that. she's also my fashion advisor because she's so young and hip.

as soon as i got my new purse, i chucked my old yellow purse in the trash without even a 'how do you do". not even a picture of her. may she rest in peace.

i pretty much love how this new purse goes with everything in my wardrobe and house, lol.

dresser + purse is one of the first sights i wake up to every morning.

this purse almost hopped on my little sister during her christmas card photo shoot because it looked so cute with her outfit ensemble. did you know it's that time of year? christmas card picture time? for reasons beyond my comprehension i think it's so entertaining and interesting listening to people's wardrobe selections for picture time. fun stuff. tell me what you are wearing. now. haha.

ollie's flannel with mama's green sweater. our layering uniforms during this wishy washy weather.

i love this flannel-clad boy so much.

we've been listening to dumbo lately, fyi. am i being random today? i can't really tell. twain is crying loud so i can't think.

another little goodie is this clutch from Lorieloo. isn't it just darling?

made by the little green thread. it likes to hang out with my new purse above and can often be found snuggling inside her.

getting a new purse and clutch is kind of a big deal around here.

ok, time to get ready for awana and small group!


  1. I love that purse & have NOT seen it at Target... I may have to search for it online. It's quite lovely.

  2. Presh! Love the purse and I have NOT seen it at my Target either???? I'm excited about Christmas card pictures... not sure about the outfits yet but ordered my girl's Christmas dress today! Excitement abounds!

  3. 2 new purses? what the what!
    both just as cute as the next.

    let's work at target when we're old-er.
    i think it'd be fun.

    i'm still sleeping with my arrow tongs.
    i still can't believer they're mine.
    i want to kiss you all over.

    that's a song.
    don't be dirty.


    1. you are a goose! i love you!

      and guess what. i put my arrow servers in a jar on my counter, so i can look at them whilst cooking. they don't exactly 'pop' enough with the color of my back splash, so i was tempted to paint the back splash. ya know. to go with my arrow servers.

  4. Man I love your new bag!! and While we're at it, I LOVE your house! so so cute!!

  5. My trusty old favorite Target purse just died in a nail polish bottle explosion. I've yet to find a new one that is fit to replace it. I haven't seen that one at our store...so so cute!

  6. Your first sentence about silence totally made me bust out laughing. Silence doesn't come to me very often either...phaha.
    Loooove your new bag and that turntable is SO cool. I think I need one of those. :)

  7. i really like the purse with the flannel. like, love.
    i also need the arrow tongs.

  8. I love bags..love love love them!

    I wanted to tell you I have been trying to read your blog for like a week! The link won't work... :) and If I responded to you via email it doesn't work lol! But I found you...all is good!

    1. hey thanks for telling me. i just enabled my link! i guess i'm technologically challenged this week. whoops!

  9. you have lovely photos here~


  10. Right now I'm wearing... haha kidding. Today is a boring outfit kind of day up in here :)
    Love the bags and the randomness and the nostalgia of the records :)

  11. Someone told me they found me through your blog, so I had to come & take a peek. So glad I did! It's really cute here :) Also, it makes me happy to see my clutch hanging out up there in this post. Hope you love it!

  12. you are like the cutest thing ever and I love you. this blog made me smile!

  13. That purse! I NEED it in my life. Swoon.