November 8, 2012

from the desk of

yours truly.

this is where i sit to write all of my letters and cards. it's one of my favorite places to park my bum.

especially since i have some new fancy pants cards, designed just for me, by the amazing miss katygirl!

she knows i love feathers and indian stuff, so she personalized it for me.

it even has a cute little feather on its tush back! so cute!

i absolutely love these cards and get so excited when i get to mail one off.

these cards makes the perfect birthday gift or christmas gift, or 'hey i'm thinking about you' gift.

i guarantee that your recipient will love getting a pack of personalized notecards and feel so special upon getting them. it's really the best gift idea and i can't believe i didn't think of it myself;) ha.

so thank you thank you, katygirl, for going out of your way to make my birthday EXTRA special. it really meant so much to me!

i got the BEST letter the other day from my namesake, paige davi. she's 9 and was born within a week of finn. LOVE this girl.

she writes, "i have been bored a long time. but now i can talk to you". LOL. and i got a big laugh when she wrote how "cursive" is great...yet prints that word out. kids are the best.

paige has 3 brothers and no sisters.  so i kinda cracked up upon reading the following.

she writes, "you might be bored with all boys? well i am. GAMES GAMES GAMES. ALL day long". hahahaha. she's killin me.

and now, if you'll excuse me, i have an extremely important letter to write to little miss Paige Davi.


  1. those cards are so cute! and i love that kid letter. i recently went through a box of pen pal letters from when I was little, and i was cracking up. one friend and i apparently traded tips on places that we saw beanie babies and which ones they had.

  2. I really love your home design. The desk and paper holders are so cool. Lovely paper!

  3. I have a serious crush on your house, for real so cute!! exactly how I imagine my first big house, except maybe in a forest in Asia;) Hey and I think four of my own cute little kiddos (hahahah nope no ways my husband will go for 4- :( ) hehe.. Love those cards, and I love LOVE this idea, add to my cool gift ideas:)

  4. i love all of katygirl's designs but those cards have got to me my favorite! and that letter is killing me!

  5. I love your desk! I'm a big nerd so your neat, clean desk speaks to my heart! The letter from your cute name sake is completely adorable! That is such a great age! Glad you have a pen pal to write letters to from your lovely desk on your super pretty cards!

  6. i just love your house/style...i really want to be more minimalist, but it seems like for every item that leaves my house, 10 more find their way in! and i don't even have kids!!

  7. Such cute cards-- Love them! I was quite charmed when I got one :) Super sweet gift from your friend!

  8. ok, i've been thinking about that adorable note since i first saw this post!
    kids are THE best.

    your desk is lovely, like you.



    and i love those cards.

  10. cutest letter ever. those cards are sweet! and i mean sweet as in 'awesome dude' but sweet as in cute works too, because they are. i hate that internet lacks inflection.