February 28, 2013

A few changes to the casa.

My new couches arrived a few weeks ago!

I was stoked.

So were the kitties.

All 3 of them took turns arching their backs, baring their claws and just ripping into the new soft fabric with delight.

I was horrified.

And proceeded to do something very nerdy. I covered my couches with old blankets for like 2 weeks, until we could figure out what to do with these naughty kitties.

The new couches were just too irresistible for them. They didn't want to claw the old furniture. Just the new couches. Thankfully I was able to repair the couches. And we spray the kitties with water if they start to scratch the couches. Which works some of the time.

Needless to say, kitties have been spending a little more time outdoors, getting their daily dose of vitamin D. And they sleep in the garage at night. At first it was horrible. It made them whine and cry for the boys...who then whined and cried for kitties. Which made me feel horribly guilty and unsure of my decisions. Pathetic, I know.

Goodness. I had no idea how hard this animal thing could be. I love the kitties too much to make them exclusively outdoor pets... At the same time, I cannot allow them to be destructive indoors. So for now we compromise and they are indoor/outdoor kitties.

And thankfully, the kitties have been behaving better and I no longer cover the couches with dorky blankets...but I will not be surprised if I find them clawing the couches{again} in the days to come. For the meanwhile, things have settled down.

Moving on.

One of my favorite features of the new couches are their metal legs. And I'm very happy with the fabric color.

The boys love the new couches. Tweeds hanging out.

These couches turned out way more comfy than anticipated. They are so soft.

Another new item in my house is this vintage industrial steam punk lamp. I think it's my favorite lamp I have ever laid eyes on.

It clamps onto the edge of the piano. How I love a good clamp.

Next order of business was to order a print from society 6. I stink at picking prints. But I found a compass that I kinda liked.

And here is where I nerd out folks.

I measured and cut a sheet of paper to see what size print I wanted to order. And taped it to the wall for inspection.

Then, in true geek fashion, I photoshopped an image of the compass print onto a digital photo of the above wall^ to see how it would look. Keep in mind, this is all digital at this point:

I also photoshopped this "waves" print to see which print I liked better. Remember,  this is all an illusion. At this point, there are no actual prints at my house.

I debated back and forth and ended up ordering the compass print from Society 6.

A little while later(ahem, less than 24 hours), I regretted my decision and wished I ordered something with more color. But it was too late. With Society 6, it's all done by individual artists, so no refunds or exchanged allowed.

I was STUCK with my compass print.

Which actually is just fine. Not everything in my house has to be perfect. I get tired of being too picky and just want to be thankful for what I have. In the end, it's all just stuff.

So here it is.
The compass print was very plain.  So I added some globes for a little color.

However, in conjunction with all the other stuff on this wall, I feel the globes are too busy...But that's how it is for now. Until I come up with a better plan.

And overall I'm completely content with my little nest:)


  1. love the couch and the super cute kid on it :) oh and the lamp! job well done!

  2. you're so funny. I'm the same way. I place something and then have to stare and stare and stare. I never thought of photoshopping! I'm definitely liking this idea.

  3. I like the little piano tableau! =) One of my favorite processes is the way a room transforms after you've lived in it for a while. My living room is totally different than it was 4 years ago when I moved in!

  4. I'm kinda CRAZY about your house! The couch!! The lamp!! The print!! The kitchen table!! The painted door!! It's all so deliciously beautiful.

  5. Love the couches! I place small scratching posts near my couch. Seems to work!

    1. we have a small scratching post by the couch and it does help some. my kitties just need to learn:)

  6. I love how you don't have a TV in the living room but a piano!

  7. I think the globes look great! I love the style of your house, it's just so cute.

  8. What about framing the compas in a yellow Or teal frame? Metal frame with thin colored mat inside? Just thoughts.... Your boys sure are handsome!

  9. It looks great! You are a better girl than me, I'd have those kitties outside all the time. :)

  10. Oh Davi... You are the nicest kitty mama!!
    I would have been furious at those felines!!
    Those couches are gorg!!
    I love them.
    And your flooring!!!
    How did I not notice how awesome it was before.
    What is it?

  11. oh dear, i just love it all. can i come over and hang out? perhaps we could have a little chat on your new ADODRABLE sofas?
    i'm also gaa-gaa over those metal legs.
    and yikes, kitties. how DO you do it?
    i love when you do home update posts :)
    i've been eyeing the ektorp sofas at ikea, for the mere fact that they have washable slip covers, i'm scared to commit to a sofa that needs spot cleaning. and oh, they are cheap.
    ok, i gotta go, roman is having a meltdown while trying to build a gas station with his legos (he's really into gas stations these days....)

  12. so cute! i love it all...including the compass print! you are a great decorator! i may need you to come over and help a girl out!

  13. Looks fabulous! I love how your house has a "look!"

  14. Your how is just gorgeous! You could try framing the compass print in a fun teal or red frame or even just a colorful matte around it? I think the globes are an excellent way to offset the compass. Maybe you could switch the lamp and compass to the opposite sides of the piano? Also, I'd love to know what kind of floor you have?

    1. hm, i might try switching the lamps and globes. that could help with the business factor...we shall see...thanks for the suggestion.

      my floor is a laminate flooring by Shaw. The style is Timberline and the color is Corduroy Rd Hckry.

      they also have other similar ones but this is one I saw in person and like because it's very medium. not dark, not light. hides all dirt.

    2. "hides all dirt" is KEY! We have DARK wood floors and I could go crazy every single day with my OCD on how much shows :( Thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh, also, when I had a kitty I used softpaws. They are awesome! A little weird and hard to get used to, but something to think about:

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE the couches and your house! I am envious of how much natural light you have! and I like the compass print...and your metal shelves and and and everything! :)
    btw, everytime I see arrows, I think of you and it just makes me smile.

  17. I'm going to echo what Terri said. We had two kitties that weren't declawed and we used Soft Paws on both of them. One of them I had since she was 5 weeks old and was used to them but we adopted the other when she was older and it took her a while to get used to them. Also, our kitties were exclusively indoor kitties so that's why we went with Soft Paws. The only downside to Soft Paws is they are like fake acrylic nails, when their real nails go the Soft Paws grow with them and eventually fall off. So you'll have to replace them when you notice them gone. They have tons of fun colors and I always liked buying colorful ones so I could tell when my kitties needed a new "manicure". :) Something to think about while you are training them not to scratch indoors.

    P.S. Love the print, maybe if you put it in a colorful frame or with a color mat?

  18. Those couches are gorgeous. I've wanted a grey couch for so long, but don't want to buy one until I own my own home and know I'll be there for awhile (even though I've been renting the same place for nearly 5 years). Plus...I can't handle that big of an expense right now.
    If it helps, while I agree the colours are nice in the 'waves' print, I think the 'compass' print looks more at home there. Just my amateur decorator opinion.
    Also, I have the same pillow that's on your couch. Picked it up at Target last summer when I was visiting a friend in the states. I can't WAIT until Target comes to Canada...this spriiiiing, so excited!!

  19. Really loving the couches. I'm super into grays. period. The kitties *gasp* I woulda have fainted :0!

  20. have you tried filling a can with pennies and shaking it at the cats? I read it a cat book somewhere and it worked SO MUCH better than water for me! They HATE the noise it makes!

  21. Man, I always miss your posts in my feed. I'm loving your couches. I am a plain jane kind of girl, and they are so clean and neat. I really like the compass print, too! I could see you with a fan like this one (http://img2.etsystatic.com/000/0/5823157/il_570xN.131075826.jpg) on the other side of the piano. But listen, if you hate it, forget I even said it. I know NOT a dang thing about decorating! ha I like everything you've done as it is. :)

  22. Awesome room! I love it!


  23. I just made up a word for your home... Darlincredifect!!!! (it's darling, incredible and perfect and you have to say it with the "incred' louder then the rest.) Seriously you have done a fabulous job!

  24. Soo cute!! We look EVERYWHERE for couches with studs in the cushions but they just never seemed the exact right fit, out new couch arives this Thursday so now I'm even more excited seeing yours:) SO cute, I do have slight stud envy tho;)

  25. i'm not a decorator by any means, but i do think the globes bring in the perfect amount of color.
    your couches are amazing.

  26. it's SO perfect. i love it SO SO MUCH!!!! eeeeee!!!

  27. ps. sorry for the comment-bombs. just catching up! hahaaaa! i love me some bandofbrothers :P

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