February 19, 2013

on bright pink shoes

There is something you should know.

Since last week, I have been wearing bright salmon-pink sneakers every single day.

I feel positively wild.

Remember my silver sneakers? Well, they are dead to me.

Don't you think they look like old lady sneakers compared to my pink ones?

"What happened?", you might be wondering.

I really did try with these silver sneakers. I wore them faithfully for an entire month. At first they felt ok. But by the end of the month,  the sides of my legs felt strained. Making my knees hurt.

I  complained to Dr . W(my osteopathic doctor) and she said "let's have a look at your shoes". She examined them and said, "walk across the room for me". Which I did. She said "You pronate normally. These shoes are meant for someone who over pronates(turns or rotates). These are all wrong for you. See how thick this heel is is compared to the other? It is forcing your weight to shift to this one side, causing the leg/knee strain".

What a smart lady she is.

"Well humph!" I thought. I went to a special store and they sold me the wrong shoes. Dr. W. suggested I try to exchange them.

I brought them back and explained the rum situation. They were more than gracious and said I could exchange them. Eeep!

The girl brought out 2 pairs to try.

When she unveiled the pink shoes, my eyes lit up. Here was my chance to get some fun sneakers this time around!!!! Recall, last time I was a big dull dud and picked the neutral silver shoes. And I regretted that decision when I saw the workers zipping by in their fancy pants wild sneaks.

My older sister informed me that all the young folks are wearing wild bright sneakers and that they are all the rage. 

So I picked the wild pink ones and have been pleased as punch. Because they look yummy like punch. Never mind the fact that I usually hate the color pink. But these ones stole my heart and I'm a changed person.
I texted my older sister a pic of my new shoes and she put on her wild raspberry pink sneakers to celebrate.

Because that's what sisters do. They celebrate your new pink sneakers even if nobody else cares.

But I have learned my lesson not to get my hopes up too soon. We will have to see how my knees feel after wearing them for a month.

In the meanwhile, I will parade them around proudly.

If you ever get the chance to upgrade to a new sneaker, I highly recommend the bright wild pair. They will add extra pep to your step. 


  1. So exciting! I wish I had wild sneakers too so I could be part of the celebration. *Sigh* Mine are blue and grey. :( Lame.

    1. well if you ever get some new ones, i'll celebrate with you!

  2. Those are cute! And I don't even own sneakers.

  3. fun! I love a good bright shoe myself. It helps me get active.

  4. i am shopping for new running shoes right now and am loving all the wild colors. i can see myself running faster in bright shoes!

  5. Hah! That is what sisters are for! Makes me want to text my sister something! I feel like I need a Dr. W to tell me what kind of sneakers to get next time around!

  6. i can't wait to get a new pair of shoes after baby gets here! and seriously, bright shoes are the best. and these pink ones are adorable.

    FYI. I put my Super Feet inserts in my boots. I plan on trying them out tomorrow!

  7. oooh i want bright pink shoes! adorable!

  8. This cracked me up:) those shoes are pure awesome!