February 6, 2013

me? in a faux leather jacket?

I did not think it possible that I ever should wear a faux leather jacket.


Whenever I watched the show "What Not To Wear", I always groaned when Stacy and Clinton would ensemble an outfit with a leather jacket.

The outfit always looked so stern and serious. So formal and grown up.

I could not like it.

I went shopping at Target yesterday looking for a fun jacket or thick sweater to wear with my brown shoes. I only have a black jacket. And black jackets don't go with brown shoes, right?

I had been wearing my trusty cream hoodie sweatshirt with my brown shoes and I just felt like I needed something one step up for church and going out. Like I ever go out, but whatevs.

I searched through the racks of Target for some thick sweaters. And all those cute jackets I saw 2 months ago were gone.

Then I stumbled upon an entire rack of faux leather jackets. I kinda scorned them and moved on. Because remember? I don't do jackets like that.

Still no thick sweaters to be found.

"Fine", I told myself, "I will just grab some faux leather jackets and try them on. At this point, I just need something warm that matches my brown shoes. I don't care what it looks like".

I tried on 3 jackets and kind of fell in love. With all of them. Oh dear. What to do...what to do... They were all different and served a different purpose. And they were very affordable($39.99).

I brought some home and tried them on with different outfits.  I may or may not have gone to Target 3 or 4 times trying to figure things out.

Here are my top 2 picks.

1. This brown one. Because of the ruffle on back, obvi.

And because of the eyelet shoulders and sleeves--makes it more girly and romantic and less stern, in my opinion.

I don't even know who I am in this faux leather jacket! Does this mean I am hip now? Please don't answer that question. Just by asking if I am hip clearly means I am NOT.

And yes the pink target tag is still attached. When Finn took these photos, I was still undecided.

2. Distressed mauve faux leather jacket. Forgive these awkward pics. Clearly I am not a model and Finn is not a photographer.

This mauve jacket is not as interesting as the brown one, but I like it because it looks fine with the zipper open and matches my favorite brown belt...which is super crucial...because I wear this belt allll the time.

In sum. These jackets:
are warm.
go with my brown shoes/boots.
are relatively cheap.
make me feel more pulled together when I wear them.

So. What do you think of faux leather jackets in general?


  1. I'm a big fan of faux leather jackets! You wear them well! Both! I can't decide, I really love both! I own one in brown and love it!
    (and you definitely look hip. Just in case you wanted to know ;)

  2. I happen to really like them. I feel put together when I wear them. So which one did you keep?

  3. i sorta have to agree with you.
    i always felt that way about leather (non or real) jackets too!
    or maybe i just thought i wasn't cool enough to wear them.
    but looking at how cute and chic and put together you look... i may have to change my tune too!
    and at a $40 price point?!
    i'm hitting up target this weekend on my way to kansas! yippee!
    i think i'll have to scour those racks... and think of you when i do! ;)

  4. Ohh that's a tough choice. I like the second one the best, but maybe because it's the safest option? The first looks good though!

  5. i'm kinda like how you described yourself - always thought i wasn't cool enough or that i wasn't sure of any style that would look good on me.

    are you still choosing between the two? i like the second one on you. it seems to match your style more. not that i know you :) but from pictures here at least!

  6. I love faux leather jackets. I have a very basic black one that is my fav. I like both very much. And I love your boots!

  7. Love em! I love the light colored one. I might have to check Target out for myself ;)

  8. I couldn't agree with your hard choice more, I am the SAME way! Especially sense my man isn't a fan of it... makes it harder on me because sometimes I just love them. You look fabulously feminine!! Perfect choices, you look beautiful!

  9. I like the 2nd one the best for sure. It looks rockin' on you.

  10. You ARE TOO hip. I like the eyelets on the first one, but the color of the second. and i totally support you keeping both jackets, in case you need convincing :)

  11. the first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the ruffle is screaming "keep me! wear me! dance in me!"
    i love that you have finn take your photos, that in and of itself is a sweet little memory :)

    hearing about your slim jacket choices is making me cringe about the 5-6 oldies i have stuffed in our coat closet, "in case i'll ever need them"

    that's it! i must purge tomorrow!

    you're cute :)

  12. I'm not with the majority. I LOVE the first one. The ruffles are great!

  13. Your fun to read Davi,
    Though I don't have an opinion on the faux leather, I really enjoyed the blog post. I have enjoyed the more serious ones lately, too. Thank you for encouraging me in ways you can't imagine. Love, Amber

  14. I like the first one, you look fab!

  15. I really like the mauve jacket! I'm not a huge fan of leather jackets either but husband loves me in them! So see which one John likes the best and go with that one :) Oh and p.s. you are totes hip!

  16. i felt the same you did, but you might have changed my mind /// love the ruffles. love/

  17. i don't own one but they sure look cute on you! keep em both!

  18. I've never given much thought to faux leather jackets... but I have always thought the same as you about WNTW's advice. But I LOVE the brown one with the ruffle! Super cute!

  19. I really like the first one! It just seems like you. =). I have a faux black leather jacket, and when I do wear it, I feel tougher. And I am not tough at all! It gives me extra confidence, like I am invincible. But sometimes I want to humble myself and not feel so touch and daring. People say they are warmer than any other jacket they own, including thick coats. It hasn't exactly been cold in Florida these past few weeks, so I have not been able to wear it yet this winter, but as soon as it cools off, I love grabbing it for dinner or just throwing it on with whatever outfit I had on earlier in the day.

    1. they are super warm huh?

      when i click on your name it says "profile not available". :(

  20. oOoOoooh, I love them both! The first one is definitely feminine and I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiink I'm going to have to go on a hunt for it now. So thanks for that!

    I bought a leather jacket from Target last year and it was SO not my thing at the time. I'm kind of ashamed to admit this, but I was inspired to buy one after seeing Emma Stone wear something similar in Zombieland, HA! I just loved her little badass look and I'm borderline obsessed with her in general, sooo yeah. I usually dress up mine with flowy hair, really girly makeup and some sort of cute necklace so it's not so man-ish though. Because let's be real... I'm just not a badass.

  21. Do you have to choose? They are both perfect and look fab! :)

  22. i, too, am not so sure about the leather jacket craze right now :) buuuut, they are super cute on YOU! seriously. i wouldn't lie. i vote for the first one too! although the second one makes you look tougher. if we were in a dark alley, i would surely RUN. :P

  23. Ooh, I love them both! And now I want to go get the first one with the ruffle back!! I had a black faux leather jacket that I basically worn out...it made me feel a bit "edgy" and cool, which I am not! ;)

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