May 13, 2013

annual mother's day pics

All holidays, especially Mother's Day, can be bittersweet for some.

Before I had kids...and when I really wanted was kind of a sad little reminder of what I wanted but didn't quite have yet. So if that is how you are feeling, I totally get you. And for those who have suffered losses of babies or heart is full of compassion for you.

I do not take one second of this day for granted. Regardless of how many tushies I have to wipe.

The following picture is what I most wanted this year. Sometimes my sisters run for the hills when I get out my camera. But I wasn't gonna let them get away with it. Thanks sisters for putting up with this annoying paparazzi.

Love these three so much I cannot even explain. I realized today while cleaning the floor, that God placed me in this family for a reason. They are SO grounded in the Lord and have all the common sense I lack. They are so down-to-earth and genuine...everyone who knows them simply adores them. My family kinda gives me "a look" if I'm acting too ridiculous or lame. They keep me in line.

My amazing incredible mama and her "twerps"! She is one of the highlights of our life.

We all love swinging on the porch swing together.

With sister Jessica's "little women".

Mom takes over with Lindsay's twinsies. Yup, these are mom's babies. You should hear her talk to them.

In fact, we all smother these delicious scrumptious babies to death. They are just too yummy. We can't get enough of them.

Every year my one request is to have pictures with my boys. It's our annual thing. It doesn't matter where we are or what we look like. Just want to document. This time we took them out back, way behind my parent's house.

Sometimes we spontaneously just drop our drawers. nbd(no big deal).

I love these wild boys.

Each one is so special to me.

Twain and Ollie were interviewed by our church nursery. It's always enlightening to see what they really think.

Twain claims I like to "sew every stuff" and thinks "the best thing I cook is mushrooms". Thanks Tweeds, thanks(I just give him uncooked mushrooms). I guess that's as good as it gets 'round here.

Ollie thinks I'm 20(bless his heart) and that I like to put make -up on. What does he think I do? Sit around applying make-up all day??!!!

Ollie certainly appreciates my "red toe stuff". He always did have a thing for my fancy girlfriends.

My sweet-heart Calvin randomly comes up to me every day and gives me a hug when I least expect it.

My little knucklehead, Finny.

We like to hang.

Sunshine Twain.

Not sure how I would mange my unruly crew without this guy. I think I would be locked up in my bathroom, applying make-up all day;)

Lately, John has been tutoring students at night. So my sanity has been stretched to the max and there have been times(ahem last week) I have summoned him via cell with "GET HOME NOW!!". Click.

He got home and sent me to McD's for ice cream. I watched the Voice instead. And it was heavenly.

Thank you honey, for being such a good sport. 

If I could summarize this year of mothering with one word it would be: LOUD

Thank you Jesus for this noisy home that I prayed for, BEFORE I had kids.

What is your one word?


  1. Growth. Between still grieving a miscarriage and watching my own little wild boy become three it's been a whole lotta growth. In every sense of the word. :)

  2. humbling... raising 3 (almost 18, 16 & 12), have humbled me because every method I ever used got totally thrown out the window and I start from square one. Teens are a totally different beast than toddlers! (But beasts they are at times :)))

    Keep soaking up each lovable, squeezable, snuggle able moment!

  3. I looooove your photos so much! What a fun family. Happy (late) Mother's Day!

  4. Crazy. But not any different from anyone else's crazy. I like your mommy boy heart. I've got a friend like you and she's the best mother to sons I know. The photos in this post were perfect.

  5. I never seem to get mother's day photos...maybe I should make this a demand too! ;) This year...TWO. The terrible two's have been a rough phase, but as a mama should, I couldn't love him any less.

  6. Love these pictures. Love your heart :)


    But such a good lesson in learning to depend more on God for strength. "My strength is made perfect in your weakness". My new mantra.

    Love those pictures of you and the boys! Just gorgeous. And that scenery in the background?? Dying. So beautiful. Its nice to live in Iowa....we don't take a single mountain (or hill for that matter) for granted!

  8. I love the idea of documenting a photo with myself and my boys every Mother's Day. I'm already two-years behind now I guess, but it's never too late to start a fun tradition.

    Oh, and I have 19-month-old twin boys, so my one word right now is: Overwhelmed.

    1. I just started this annual mother's day pic thing 4 years ago, I think! So there were many years undocumented! and oh wow, 19 month old twin boys! congratulations! overwhelmed indeed:)

  9. Happy Mother's Day! I love your photos. Always. And my one word? Tired.

  10. busy. my oldest started kindergarten and i had my third. this year has been busy.

    but i would trade busy for anything :)

    love all your photos and what your sweet boys said about you! the red stuff on your toes cracked me up.

    as always thanks for making smile with your blog!

  11. i completely forgot to take a picture this year. makes me kind of sad...but i guess it's not to late.

  12. this was so beautiful! its so good to know what our little ones are thinking about when you interview them lol.
    love your idea of a mothers day pic every year. :)

  13. hah! i like you & your twerps.
    i'm gonna hafta think on my word ;)

    love the pics. and the words.
    you twenty year old, mushroom cooker, you. lol.

  14. love this! My word would be joy. Our baby girl has brought us so much joy this year and it's perfect because that's what her middle name means: Jubilee :)

  15. Beautiful boys and photos! You can see the different relationship you have with each of them in the photos. Love them!