May 16, 2013


I wake up at 7:10.
I do various activities during the day at specified times.
And go to bed between 11 and 11:30.

My whole day revolves around time.
Most likely, yours does too.

In eternity...there is no such thing as time.
If you think about that long enough, it will boggle your mind.

We went to John's grandma's funeral today in Kingsburg. It was a wonderful celebration of Grandma and her amazing life. She lived to be 90! Wow!

Uncle Marv gave a lil talk and brought a clock to illustrate how our very lives revolve around time. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Kinda reminded me of the 2nd Hunger Games book;)

Our lives tick-tock away until we die and then we are no longer bound by the restrictions of time.

Kinda cool. I will no longer have to rush to and fro. Or go to bed on time. There will be no such thing as age or wrinkles. Everyone will be timeless.

If you know that you are going to heaven, then this is a rather comforting thought.

Do you know for certain where you are going when you die?

I do.

I mean, occasionally I have a fleeting doubt because I had a rotten day and think I'm too sinful to go to heaven. But that's the cool part. I actually am too sinful and deserve hell.

But Jesus loved me SO much that He stepped out of eternity and into TIME on earth for the sole purpose of dying on the cross to save me from my sinful self.

And all I have to do is believe in Jesus and follow Him. It's a free gift. There is nothing I can do to earn or deserve it. It is not based on my goodness AT ALL.  So it doesn't matter how rotten{or good} I have been on any particular day.

Some of my boys were behaving particularly rotten in the pews during the funeral service. SO fidgety.

At times poking each other.

At other times with their feet way on the pew in front of us, dangerously close to some lady's hair.

During all this, Grandpa Ron was up front telling a funny story about how he was misbehaving in church and got the paddle from grandma...and never misbehaved in church again.

All this as Twain is writhing on the floor.
I was kinda dying at what people were thinking of us.

But I love these boys. As their mother, you cannot MEASURE how much I love them.

My love for them has no limits. No constraints. This love is a little bit of heaven on earth, independent of the constriction of time. And this is how much Jesus loves you.

So if you think that you are too "bad" to enter a church building...think again. I'm rotten at times and Jesus still loves me.

Or you might be thinking, "Davi, I'm pretty good. But those Christians? They are such hypocrites! I don't want to be around them!"

And I would say, "You are right. We can seem hypocritical at times. We pretend to be perfect. We act like we have our act together. And sometimes we are too prideful to admit our faults...even when we have hurt you".

And I'm truly sorry on behalf of us. I hate when I do that.

But like our Pastor Eric says of our church, "We are just a bunch of messed up people trying our best to glorify God". I love that.

Church is for people who are messed up...sick...a hospital, if you will.

We are not perfect. Sometimes we fail miserably. We are real people, who strive to be more like Jesus.  So if that's what you want, find a church like this!!

John's grandma was truly amazing and was always busy trying to make everyone's life better. She was SO big on food and was always stuffing our faces and sending us home with goodies. And more goodies. And more...

I want to be more like her. Sometimes I forget to offer my guests water. {{{sorry!}}}

The other day, I found these empty containers that John washed and saved.
For the life of me, I will never truly understand this. But Grandma lived through the depression and knew hard times and saved everything. And made tupperware out of cool whip containers. And this is where John gets it from. And even though Grandma is no longer here, she lives on through my husband John. 


  1. What a great post. So thankful that God can love someone as rotten as me, too! "...that saved a wretch like me...." Isn't that what it is truly all about?

    Thankful that you had a good celebration of John's grandma's life.

  2. The way you so boldly share the gospel with the world is inspiring. It is definitely how the Lord wants us to be. You have challenged me today to be better about being bold with those in 'my world'. Thank you!

    1. aw thanks so much for the sweet words of encouragement!

  3. Wow, needed to hear that about time! I get so caught up in accomplishing things, but in the end does any of it matter? It's all fleeting. God isn't going to ask me all that I got done on Earth when I die.

  4. this post really made me think. I love what your pastor says and If christians (including me) spent more time being honest and less time trying to put on a happy face and making my life look perfect, then more people would get to see the love of Christ. I also love your reflection about how our lives revolve around time, I know mine does. I think about what time it is all the time! and then I feel like I am running out. Sometimes I need to just stop worrying about the time and enjoy the moment.

  5. Awe! My Grandmas used to do that too. I think of her when I see Cool Whip :)

  6. Great was to put it! Easy for anyone to understand. I am so thankful Jesus died for me and that we will all be able to celebrate in Heaven together FOREVER. I heard on the radio the other day that Heaven is a party, and although we might feel left out/not included/uninvited to things on earth, we are ALL invited to the eternal party with Jesus in heaven. So comforting to know. I can't wait to celebrate with everyone to the party where we are all invited. You just have to accept. =)

  7. (hi! I found out about your blog through Kelli at "She Learns as She Goes.")

    I LOVE that you spoke to those who see Christians as hypocrites... because it's true; we CAN act hypocritical, and it makes me sad. I really like what you said about it. :)

    also, I have to add that I am sixteen years old and I kind of have a crush on your sons. ;)

    have a super nice day :)

    1. you are completely adorable. thanks for popping by!

  8. this is such a great post! so thankful for gods love...

  9. Davi, I love that quote about us messed up people - ahh so true. Your boys seem like a handful of joy:) love the crystal clear eyes in the pics on the hard wood benches... The picture of all the boys makes me thing of when Jesus called the children to him- he knew they weren't going to sit still... But He loved them anyways!! Your Grandma sounds like an wonderful lady!! Beautiful post!