June 18, 2013

fight club

Remember my peaceful lil hang out? Yahhhhhhh. Me too. 

Mama leaves town for less than 12 hours, peeps:

From sea of tranquility to fight club.

It's a good thing this fellow is such a doll.

And maybe, just maybe, I should send these boys out to the boxing ring when they can't stop bickering this summer...seriously the fighting people. Kill me<----.

Penalty box.

Welp, if you can't join 'em(which I certainly cannot, you realize)...

then you must beat 'em;)
Ohhh WHY me?

 LOL, sigh. 


  1. I try not to be the first to comment all the time but sorry- me again:) these pics crack my toes up! I see no black eyes so that's good.. The fighting rink of boys you have there seem quit fearse... Maybe that cute hair and tiny smirks is a bit of a giveaway that they aren't that mean but don't tell them that:)
    Being tough teaches them great things for life! -And to have FuN! So cute.

  2. haha the life of a momma of 4 boys. Looks like fun times (and lots of badaids) are in your future ;)

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! Oh No! You are never going to travel back down to my house again are you? Oy Vey....I can't believe your beautiful deck has been transformed into a boxing ring. Boys....

    1. Yup, this all happened while I was at the twinsies party, haha. Totally worth it and I will travel again in a heart beat to see those precious little babies!

  4. Oh. My. Gracious.

    First of all, your deck is AMAZING!!!! And second of all, I never would have seen such a transformation coming, but then again, I grew up as one of 4 sisters, so brother things are so not on my radar :-p

    Happy summer! :)

  5. I can't concentrate on anything you wrote because GIRL, these pictures are so dreamy and uh-mazing!!! Do you have a personal perfect light machine?! The light is always so fantastic in your photos!! xo

  6. hahahahaha..oh gosh..how funny!

  7. Hahaha they look so tough! I love it. I left for a week and I don't think the dishes were done once... boys.

  8. yup i agree if you can't beat them then join them especially in their fun and hoping that no one gets hurt!

  9. I love how in the first group picture, your hubby and Finn look like they're ready to knock somebody out. And the other three look like they're staring at a Unicorn singing a lullaby. They've got some work to do on their intimidating glare. ;)

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