June 14, 2013

we might be...

We might not be football players
or basketball players
or even soccer players.

But we might just be....


Calvin came home from school with a free kids' bowling pass for the entire summer. We just have to pay for rental shoes...or buy our OWN rental shoes.

Well, I've always dreamed of having bowling shoes, so it was a done deal. Bought these puppies online. Looks like I have my own bowling league.

I think I was more excited about the shoes than the actual bowling.

Getting geared up. I dug around for our old Knucklehead clothing. Twain was giddy with excitement over having a lil bowling outfit.

Before any of my boys stepped foot in the bowling alley, Grandpa Ron had them come over to practice proper form and the correct way to approach the pins with the ball. Grandpa is in a league and wins trophies and stuff. 

Finally, at the bowling alley. Tiny bowling shoes. Squee!

Do not cross the foul line, mkay Ollie?

Ollie took the game seriously but did not get overly upset if he missed a pin or 2 or 3...


YES! And score. In all of his twerpy glory.

My older boys are competitive to the point of tears. It's scary.

Grandpa Ron came by before his game to supervise his lil proteges. Twain got to use this special ramp.

Here is one thing about Grandpa Ron that I cherish: He's a helper and fixer and pays close attention to the small things in life. He took Twain's game soooo seriously. And made sure Twain's baby ramp was positioned 'just so'. Who does that??? Nobody! It's precious.

Man. This ramp is serious business.

Twain was kicking the ball with his foot half the time. I'm pretty sure daddy threatened to leave him at home more than once.

But Twainy upped his game and is still on the team.

What to do with this kid??

Seriously I don't know.
But one thing I DO KNOW is that bowling is the most awesome lazy mom's summer spectating sport EVER in the history of mankind: The boys can do everything on their own. Finn helps with Twain's ramp.

No sitting and sweating in the sun worrying about whether or not my boys will drown in a pool.

I just kick back and relax while the boys play 2 games. This is the life I tell ya!

John loves taking them too. We go all the time. So that's my lil summer secret! Do you have any lazy secret tricks?


  1. I love this SO much!
    The pool is my summer secret. Eventually, my son gets tired of swimming and then goes looking for bugs. I get to read without having to watch my water. Because he knows the rule that he has to tell me before he wants to get back in the water...

  2. your special ramps are way cuter then ours.
    your boys KILL ME in those outfits.
    what is better than tiny bowling shoes?
    also, we might be a rollerblading family? NERD ALERT.
    i'm okay with it.

    1. omygosh! i love to roller blade too! we can geek out together.

  3. haha..oh my goodness, they are all so precious!

  4. Whaaaaaaaat. Those shoes! And the boys can pass them DOWN to each other. Yep, this bowling business was a goooood call. So dang cute!

  5. Oh my goodness gracoiuse!!! Those shoes could NOT be any cuter... How do you even make bowling cute? Some kind of Wonder Woman I guess.
    In all seriousness I want to buy all your children's clothes from you someday! k maybe that's a bad idea seeing as I don't have kids yet... :)
    My favorite pic is twain 1234!! I laughed out loud in Panera and my husband told me to hush... Whoops!
    Loving your summer time secret!

  6. too cute! And grandpa seems like a gem :)

  7. we have never taken our kiddos bowling! and i signed up for a program where kids bowl for free in the summer...i have no excuses!

    cute kids and cute photos :)

  8. hi davi!!!!! oh bowling is so much fun. and tell me your bowling alley has CHEESY FRIES??!!!
    they're pretty much a staple if i go bowling. cheers to you momma, you SCORED! no sunscreen needed, no bugspray needed, no rush to find the nasty outdoor bathrooms at the ball field, and you get the AC!
    and of course, you have the cutest dressed bowlers i ever did see.
    bravo momma!!!

  9. They make ramps for the littlest kiddos?! I've been wanting to take my boy-toddler but I figured he'd never lift the ball. Sweet! I'm checking out my local bowling place for ramps (I think they do free kid's bowling here, too in the summer!)

  10. SO CUTE! I love the ramp! That is adorable! What cute little guys!


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