June 21, 2013

My worst texting blunder to date.

The other day, my dear friend Barbie sent a cute picture of herself by text saying "I realized today I have caterpillar eyebrows and I need both of your professional eyebrow shaping help".

Just the night before I had been lamenting to myself the state of my own eyebrows. They were just very uneven. I tried plucking and snipping them into proper form, but let's face it: I have NO clue what proper eyebrows are supposed to look like. One time I completely snipped off the end of one of my brows, by accident. I needed professional help, ha.

So when Barbie texted that SHE needed professional eyebrow help too, I understood her woes and instantly tried to reassure her that my eyebrows looked like a wreck and that I needed professional help too!

So I quickly typed my message to her in list form, along with a few other things we were discussing...blah blah blah.

And then clicked SEND.

And then I re-read the message, after I had already sent it. Do any of you do that? Quickly send a message THEN read it? 

Well, I got a little shock to my system.

What I MEANT to write:

1. Barbie. My eyebrows are a wreck right now. I eventually need a pro to reshape them!
2. blah blah blah

What I ACTUALLY wrote(I'm convinced my phone is possessed).
1. Barbie's eyebrows are a wreck right now. I eventually need a pro to reshape them!
2. blah blah blah.

I have NO clue how my phone autocorrected that horrific response. I was completely appalled. Can you imagine if someone told you that your eyebrows were a wreck and needed a pro to reshape them? I die.

And the worse part is that I went on cluelessly typing the rest of my list to her like it was NO BIG DEAL...like..."Oh btw your eyebrows suck and yay I love bowling!" GAH!

I panicked and called Barbie IMMEDIATELY to correct my accidental text  and to profusely apologize. Thankfully she picked her phone right up and she just laughed about the whole thing. Omygoodness, she is SUCH a good sport.

But I was SO STRESSED. Because I sent the text to dear friend Megan too and I didn't want her to think I was the rudest person on the planet. Megan was running errands at the time and I could not get ahold of her and I had to wait the whole morning to resolve the whole issue. A part of me died a little more each time I read my guffaw.

But I have learned one extremely valuable lesson: PROOFREAD.

I mean, what if something happened like this on a business text or something and you never caught it?

Yes. Now I read what I write before I click send. Well, I TRY.

The next day I was commenting on my friend's pic on insta and meant to write:
Oh hello!
But what came out was: Oh hell!
Crikey. Strike 2.

And who is this davirebecca? It's ME. On instagram. My middle name is Rebecca, hence davirebecca. I'm pretty stoked that I have a girlie middle name.

In other news. I got my very first manicure ever. I know it's pretty commonplace, but it was kind of a big deal over here and required much discussing. I was on the phone with my oldest sister and said:

"I'm getting a pedicure! Wee! I've always dreamed of getting french tip on my toes!!!"

She replies, "Oh Davi, those are SO out of style. All my message boards say so.

Wot wot wot went the sad trombone. I was completely outta style and had no clue. Bah!

"Well alrighty then! What IS in style", I asked.

To which she replied: "short fingernails, bright colors, ombre, wild prints like you used to do as a kid..."

Apparenty I used to paint my nails a lot as a kid. I have no recollection of my childhood.

**edited per my sister, lol: No! Davi Rebecca, French tips on TOES are out of style! French tips on fingernails are classic and can't go out of stye, so say the ladies on the message board. ANd since it's on the internet, it has to be true!**

When I entered the nail salon, it took me FOREVER to pick the proper shade of coral. This shouldn't be that tricky folks. But apparently I am high maintenance (ME?!) and was annoying the heck out of the workers(ME?!). Not to mention, coral is a very nondescript color. What is coral to one, is red to another, is orange to another, and is pink to another. I digress.

The owner did my nails and convinced me to do gels, so they last longer. When I came home, I felt so fancy. My boys couldn't stop staring. And touching them.

I awoke in the middle of the night with a complete panic attack(no lie) that I would get some horrid nail fungus, or disease from the manicure tools jabbing me.

If I am ever brave enough to go again(or do them myself with my own tools), I think these designs are sorta cute. Not the x'd out one. And the colors of the left photo are yucky.

So in short, I make horrid texting blunders and am clueless with eyebrow and nail style trends. Oh and let's not forget, I'm kinda annoying in a nail salon. Am a germophobe and have midnight panic attacks. Amen.

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  1. Well, apparently painting one nail different is in style as I see you are currently sporting one! I have noticed others doing the same thing! See, you are with it after all! Hee! Hee!

  2. Look at us becoming friends all over cyber space!
    Those nails are so fun! I can never bring myself to spend time on my nails but despratetly need to! Oooh I love the black and white style! So cute! I think I want a pillow of the one left to the Xed one!:)
    The texting is getting out of hand over in my world- I've gotten to the point where I read everyone to my husband haha! I've seen much worse then yours! Your not in this alone Davi!:) (my auto correct ALWAYS changes your name to David.. ggsssh)

  3. oh, goodness. I laughed loud and long during the texting bit. you're too funny :D

  4. Thanks for the giggle!
    PS. RAD nails- seriously....

  5. I love how you can write about nothing, but everything AND MAKE IT SO INTERESTING (plus humorous).

    1. Exactly. :P I haven't been following Band of Brothers for very long, but it's already one of my favourites.

    2. why thank you so much! will have to check out your blogs! thanks for popping by.

  6. And now I must creepily stalk you on Insta because I just can't get enough of your amazing photos, hilarious anecdotes, and super cute boys. Also, I had no idea french tips were out of style. Oh my. Great job on the party nail...I have yet to succumb to that trend...only because my type A personality just won't allow for it. And, finally. PLEASE be brave and do the black and white designs. I. AM. IN. LOVE.

    1. lol you are sweet. and i had no idea it was called a party nail! i feel adequately educated on nails now.

  7. Seriously hilarious! Me and my catepillar eyebrows are still laughing!

    1. you are perfectly cute and do not have caterpillar eyebrows!!!

  8. love, love, love this (as usual). thanks for linking up. you are just hilarious. xoxo.

  9. your so fun :)

  10. Lol! Why do we always do our best proof reading AFTER pressing send? :) And I'm with you: clueless nail and eyebrow girl. That's why I have a little sister to copy and ask questions. She knows it all and tells me the truth! Those are the best kind of friends.

  11. No! Davi Rebecca, French tips on TOES are out of style! French tips on fingernails are classic and can't go out of stye, so say the ladies on the message board. ANd since it's on the internet, it has to be true!

  12. I completely understand - I'm too cheap and paranoid to go get my nails done at the salon. A couple years ago, I heard about drying drops (was using OPI by Sephora, but recently discovered Orly has some for 1/2 the price @ CVS!) that have changed my manacuring ways forever. (Orly bonder works great too!) I now enjoy doing my own nails and own WAY too many nail polishes, but who's counting! Your nails look adorable and I'm sure you'll likely be fungus/infection free! ;-)

    P.S. Autocorrect is sometimes the most annoying thing on the planet!! :)

  13. i type with out reading all the time...sooo i see you are on ig ...i'm off to find you lol :) follow me back k? :) mines on private cause i post lots of pics of my kiddos and i have to beware of all the crazies out there . lol.

  14. I laughed out loud at this! You're so funny. I love getting pedicures, but I'm always nervous about clean equipment too! I've found two places I trust and generally don't deviate. Only pedicures for me, though--my fingernails never stay nice for long! Yours look great!

  15. woah ok first of all I love the nails on the left at the end !!! And I also love your gold nail ! Very on trend girl! And I have made the most inappropriate texting blunders ever, which I wont repeat because for some reason my autocorrect is obscene and when I try to write a very normal message to a very normal person I end up sending really perverted sounding messages that make no sense. Life is too short to always proof read though, and it gives me and the person receiving it quite a laugh sometimes. For business, however, I ALWAYS proof read!

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