June 27, 2013

not sure who had more fun...

Our family doesn't go to amusement parks much because they are so stinkin pricey.

There was that one AWESOME trip to Disneyland...but nothing since then.

So when my neighbor/dear friend Patty mentioned a trip to Legoland(LL), I got all giddy. I know many people have been before and it's not THAT big of a deal. But when it happens to YOU and YOUR offspring, all of a sudden it's like the most exciting thing on the planet. We don't get out much, obviously.

I took my 2 older boys and drove down with Patty and her 2 boys. A hotel made of legos? At $400 a night, a girl can only dream...

While Disneyland has all the sweet nostalgia, Legoland gets points for the cool factor. Modern. Hip. Creative designs. Interactive. Kind of like how Ikea would build an amusement park, if they had one.

I was blown away by Miniland. Tiny lego replicas of almost every major US landmark. It really was something else.

I think this is San Fransisco but I'm not 100% sure...I have issues with geography.

I tried to take a selfie in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, but people were standing in the way. Rude.

They even built a mini RV park, haha. Maybe I can sleep here...

Who needs NY when I can go to LL?

Star Wars galore. Why hello Han.

I have a serious lego crush.

The rides and roller coasters were perfect for my boys' ages.

Not too scary, but enough to give them a thrill. Well, Calvin was terrified and refused more than one coaster.

My personal favorite was a coaster called Technic. It was scary guys.

There was a cool race track but they wouldn't let adults ride. I was bitter. The kids were all running to grab a car and poor Calvin was the last one to find an empty car. It was the Hunger Games up in there.

Finn loved a ride called the Claw. Seriously that ride is like a troll is picking you up and shaking you to oblivion. Fuuuuun--if you like getting your back misaligned and your skull shaken.

I said "No" to a lady who cut in line with a multitude of kids. She yelled at me. And flashed a special pass. Whoops. Should I have kept my mouth shut? Probably. I later asked God to forgive me of my wicked ways.

I was simultaneously horrified and fascinated with the Lego girls. They were pretty much picture perfect in every way. Dads walking by were drooling while they were performing. I kid you not. Ick.

My 5-year-old self was enamored by their wigs, outfits and dance routines.
The sarcastic Juno in me was mocking and rolling her eyes.

But as you can see, the 5-year-old won out and I got in line with all the other kids to take a picture with them. Don't judge. It was not an easy task.

My iPhone died an early death that day, hence ending this post. LL had a lot to offer and I was duly impressed.


  1. My younger brother walked in while I was reading and made me scroll back to the top so he could look at all the lego. ;) Looks like you guys had an awesome time - the mini's are seriously way cool.

  2. How fun! Definitely a place to take the boys!

  3. Legoland is such fun! I went to the one in England for my 16th birthday!

  4. I love how, with the exception of getting to touch R2D2, your boys look as though you are torturing them in ever picture while you're as giddy as ever! LOL!! (I KNOW they were having fun and just felt too cool to relent and show it! ;-)

    OMG I LOOOOOOVVEEEEEEEE the mini RV park!!!! And your selfies in NY - priceless!

    1. hahaha yes. my boys are too cool for my camera. besides, finn has his own iPod and didn't want me to interrupt his picture-taking. but they did have a blast and can't stop talking about it:)

  5. ohhh fun!!! we have a mini lego lad here ... not nearly as cool as this!! i love the lego NYC!
    glad you had fun!

  6. So much fun!!! I wish they let all adults on all the rides...hello, supervision???

    Your inner Juno...lol :) I think our inner Junos would get along ;)

  7. this is soooo cool! loved the pics. Deft need to take my little one here. :)

  8. I was wondering... where these cool lego pics on insta were from... and now. I KNOW!:)
    This looks like so much fun- memories of a life time for the boyz that is for sure! Love the selfie's in front of NY- Made me smile :)
    I love how you brought up the Juno verses 5 year old... I try to be so cool at my old age but sometimes it just doesn't work.
    an dI' not just saying this- I love your outfit/look much better then those silly lego girls!

  9. AH I love the Star Wars pieces! Han is perfect. <3 also that lego hotel looks awesome... the whole things looks awesome. If we ever make it that far West, we'll definitely have to hit it up.

  10. So fun! Glad you guys (especially you it seems :) ) had success! Great memories for Finn and Calvin. Also, I need to know how the iced coffee came out and how you did it!

  11. How fun! I confess I struggle with the lego girls because they're not the traditional mini figs. Looooove legos!

  12. Yep, that looks like San Francisco... I see the Transamerica building and Coit Tower. :-) Ahh, home sweet home. We'll have to venture down to Legoland someday!

  13. HAHA! The troll shaking ride sounds no bueno. I love this post because I'm pretty sure i would have been equally excited about lego land. Legos actually annoy me beyond belief, mainly because my little brothers were obsessed and I tried to help them build castle boat dragons but I could not follow those instructions and the tiny pieces made me nauseous. That being said- I love to look at how cool the finished products of those lego kits are, and have the utmost respect for people patient enough to complete them. I think mini lego cities would put me in awe.

  14. I was going to say yes, that looks like SF with the Transamerica building, but she's got you covered up there. :) What a darling post. You're all darling. I had no idea about the Lego Girls. Killing me.... Love your blog,


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