June 1, 2008

25 hours

5:00 pm: John leaves for men's retreat friday night and is scheduled to return 25 hours later.

Ellie's husband Eddie was going on the retreat as well, so Ellie would be home alone too. Unless, she came over here to spend the night. Ellie and I are both afraid to sleep by ourselves.

7:30 pm: No Ellie yet. Boys are going wild and I'm starting to regret John's mini-trip.

7:45 pm: Ellie calls and is stuck sitting at her computer til wedding pictures finish "filing". I tell her that the boys are I are going crazy without her and that we are ALL fighting.

7:46 pm: I take the boys for a walk to kill time.

8:30 pm: Ellie arrives. Hallelujah! We attempt to put the boys to bed, but they are too wild to sleep. As soon as Ollie falls asleep he is awakened by the boys' racket.

9:00 pm: I set Ellie up at the laptop to find hazard ratings on her cosmetics while I put Ollie to bed, AGAIN(I had to give her something to do).

9:45 pm: Ollie is finally down. This is the longest it has taken to put Ollie down EVER in the history of his existence.

10:00 pm: Time for our late-night snack. We consider popcorn and cupcakes, but veer from our standard junkfood menu in favor of a killer salad instead. And we had sourdough toast too. And a bazillion boston beans. All of this food was consumed while watching 5 episodes of Arrested Development Season 1 Disk 1. And I think we looked at cameras too. And I'm officially sick from all the boston beans.

12:07 am: We go to bed. Probably the latest ever for Ellie. For once, I was actually yawning before her.

8:30 am: We rise and shine, sort of. The boys are fed. Ellie gives the boys blanky rides and colors with them.

10:00 am: Ellie and I eat a breakfast of fruit, eggs and muffins. Ellie and I then ooh and ahh over bedding and curtains on the laptop for 1.5 hours.

12 noon: Gretchen arrives(Mike is on retreat too so Gretch comes to hang out). Ellie and I are still in pjs. Lunch served. Pizza + salad. Ellie exits to finish wedding photos.

1-4:00 pm: Gretchen and I watch 5 more episodes of Arrested Development while kids nap.I am officially hooked on the show.

5:00 pm: Ellie reappears to collect make-up bag but must exit soon thereafter.

5:01 pm: This is when it all goes down hill and the boys completely lose it. They are completely wild and disobedient(Finn and Calvin, that is) despite all punishment measures.

5:02 pm: Desperate moms put babies on the pool table for entertainment.

5:05 pm: Desperate moms banish all kids outside to play.

5:30-5:45 pm: Moms lose it and call husbands 100x's, but to no avail.

6:00 pm: Moms decide husbands can never leave again.

6:07 pm: John comes home and Gretch leaves to pick up Mike from church.

We were MORE than ready for our husbands to be back home. Sorry for the long post. It was a long 25 hours.


  1. however wild, it sounds really funny to an outsider! :)
    good job anyway :) the kids must have had fun.

  2. Dang the long, long, LONG day but hoorah, you made it! Did your hubby have a great retreat?

  3. So thankful our husbands were changed from that weekend. So thankful that they made it home safely. So thankful that God is using the weekend to change lives even now. Praying for the family who is grieving but knowing that our God is our God NO MATTER WHAT.

  4. thanks for letting us come over. even if the boys were crazy i know i did better since lijah had your boys to distract him. as tiring and crazy as it was i am so glad to have done it with a friend! thanks for posting the picts!

  5. Thanks Coco. I missed church yesterday so I'm not sure of much.

    Near the end of the retreat, a motorcycle crash happened to a teenage boy named Nick who went on the retreat. Initially they thought he was stable. I just heard late last night that he died. There is so much sadness and heartbreak right now for so many people. This earth is NOT our home. Please keep this family in your prayers.

  6. wow, what an adventure. I like how you broke it down for us all. :) I'm glad you husband is home again, and that you survived after all. It is so challenging when Daddy is not there-- I know!

    And oh, how very sad about the boy. I am so, so sorry to hear that. I can't even imgaine. Definitely praying.

  7. Sounds like you guys had a blast! Maybe you were just tired from the big girl slumber party the night before!

    I wasn't in service on Sunday because I was in nursery, but I heard abou the crash. I was CRUSHED. I didn't know the young man either, but can only imagine the heartbreak his family is feeling.

    I was reading Sally's blog (I linked off of Sara's) and it had the lyrics to Blessed Be Your Day...how true that God can :"give and take away"! Praise God that he is with Him.