June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Here are a few of our favorite things...about daddy of course!

1. Fom the moment daddy comes home from work to the moment we go to bed, daddy is playing with us. He alway takes us outside to play ball, go on walks and go to the park. Even if it means staying up to 1:00am doing lesson plans and grading.

2. We love it when daddy plays his guitar and the piano for us while we play our drums. Daddy is our #1 supporter and is always scouting out good deals for our music repertoire.

3. Daddy reads to us a lot. Before he puts us to bed, he reads us stories and he often takes us to the library to check out books. He is constantly teaching us about everything.

4. Daddy is very kind and rarely loses his temper. He never yells or raises his voice and is very patient with everyone, including our mommy. He is very nice to mommy even when the rest of us boys find her very unreasonable.

5. We LOVE pancake saturdays. Every saturday morning, daddy lets us help him make pancakes.

And special Father's Day wishes to Grandpa Billy and Grandpa Ron.

Grandpa Billy--He is one of the hardest workers we know. He is also very funny and likes to get a rise out of people. You never know what is going to come out of his mouth. Like when I(Davi) got in trouble in junior high and he asked "did you get a fair trial?"

Grandpa Ron--He is also one of the hardest workers around--He has been known to mow his neighbor's lawn when the grass gets too shaggy. He also loves to help everyone find a great bargain, especially on cars. He is always trying to fix little things. Like when our toilet wouldn't flush properly, he left a message on our phone saying "I've been thinking about your toilet..."

We love you thiiiiiiiis much!


  1. Oh wow, what a sweet, powerful testament to the amazing father your husband is! Your boys are truly blessed and just think what awesome husbands and fathers they will make someday thanks to their own Daddy's example!

  2. Looks like your 40D takes Awesome Pictures!!!! Oh Wait... You take Awesome Pictures!

  3. Wow, the pictures look amazing! I love the one with Finn's arm around John. Very cute. Hee hee, "I've been thinking about your toilet..."

  4. Great pictures of Daddy and his boys. WOW! You must be loving that camera. :)

  5. What a great hubby you have!

    Love your pictures...I'm assuming you took with your new camera...YAY!

  6. You've got yourself a good man there, Davi! :)

    Love the pics!

  7. such a sweet, sweet post. Your boys and their daddy are just too cute together. Those fathers-- what would we do without them! It was neat learning a bit about your husband in this way.

    And, also-- your pictures?? Amazing!! Look at you go, Davi. :)