June 7, 2008

The Farm

I had a little surprise party for Finn's 5th birthday at the farm. And by surprise, I mean it was a surprise for most of the people attending. My friend Barbie organized a trip to the farm, and little did she know, she was organizing Finn's birthday bash for me. So thanks again Barbie, for unknowingly throwing Finn a party! Is this what party-planning comes to when you have multiple kids??

First things first, we need our sunnies:

And is it just me, or does Finn look like 5 going on 15 in the picture above??!!

I couldn't figure out why I was the only one excited about these ADORABLE colored tiles and sinks. They had blue, green, yellow and pink sinks. I want some in my house!

We also went on the most relaxing hayride. It practically lulled me to sleep, no joke. The hayride was the highlight of the trip for everyone, exept poor Lorie, who locked her keys in her car and had to deal with the locksmith.

Calvin got Finn a watch for his birthday present, so Finn has officially become the town crier--"It's 10 o'clock and all is we-ell". Except instead of updating by the hour, he gives us play by plays of every single minute: "mommy it's 10:12 ...mommy it's 10:13...mommy it's 10:14". I even caught him staring at his watch just so he could update us as soon as it hit 10:15. Eeshk!! How I love my Finn boy. I will try to post his family party soon, as well as his "pictures through the years"( somehow combined with his MEME tag).


  1. seriously, i haven't met a more adorable triad of kids than your boys.

    congratulations, finn!
    (i wish i could tell you this in person!)

  2. i love those sinks too! i think i liked them more than the animals. =)

  3. YEA FOR 5 YEAR OLD BOYS!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Finny!!!!! Can't wait to see you guys in 13teen days.....

  4. aww im so sad i didnt get to go to his makeshift party. i love putting the lifesavers on the cupcakes, so simple and cute!

  5. It was my pleasure. Thanks for letting us be a part of Finn's birthday and coming to the functions :) . I just wish we couldn've known so we could have gotten him a little something :)

    Love the pictures of Finn and Calvin with their shades on...and he does look like a teenager in that one picture. Must be the legs because the other boys have theirs up.

  6. Happy birthday, Finn! What a cutie!

    We love Murray Farms, too. And how funny that I recognized one of your friends -- I love Sara's sling!

  7. I'm so sad Gracie and I missed it. This was going to be our first summer fun outing now that I'm off work. Poor Gracie had her 1 yr. old shots the day before and was feeling out of sorts. :(

    Happy Birthday Finn! 5 is such a big age...starting school!

  8. is your big 5 year old starting school in august? my daughter is. she just turned 5 and is so excited.

  9. My favorite thing about this post is your easy-going nature. I love it! Finn's got a winner of a Mommy.

  10. the farm looks super fun. What a perfect party for a five-year old.
    Happy birthday to your sweet little Finn!

    love them all in their "sunnies" :)