June 10, 2008

Finn's family b-day

In keeping with tradition, Finn made his own birthday cake this year: chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, dyed blue:
I bought some balloons to make our humble home party a bit more festive. The boys went wild over them!

John's parents and Finn's cousins came over to help Finn eat his cake.
At dusk, the kids had fun playing baseball in the backyard. The weather was so lovely. When John brought out Finn's presents, Finn's laser eyes did a quick scan and quickly determined there were no cymbals, because there was no square-shaped box to hold one. Little did he know...

The long skinny rectangular box contained a boom stand. John told Finn to check our closet for something and Finn scurried off to fetch his surprise. He triumphantly emerged with a 14" crash cymbal. Score! Finn was thrilled. He also got some cool drum brushes--so quiet they were an instant favorite amongst the adults. He also got a nifty drum stick bag that attaches to the high-hat stand. Now Finn can whip out whatever drumstick he needs without all the fumbling. And have I mentioned that Finn has started twirling his drum sticks during some of his grooves?

We ended the night with Finn playing some grooves for his guests. John even accompanied him on the piano(or pwano, as Finn calls it) and guitar.

The next morning, before anyone was up, Finn was as quiet as a mouse re-wrapping his boom stand. He also put the crash cymbal back in our closet. I think he had so much fun the night before, he just wanted a rerun.


  1. Happy Birthday to Finn! Davi, I can't believe it has been five years! I don't think we have seen you since before his first birthday! It doesn't seem like it has been that long though. Thank goodness for blogs!

  2. Davi- How sad we had to miss our boy's party. I'm glad he wasn't disappointed with his presents. I can't wait to come up:)

  3. Fun! I love it, I love it! Wow, does he start kindergarten in the fall? The sprinkles on that cake are enough to make me want to jump off my "no sugar" bandwagon. LOL. He did an AWESOME job on his birthday cake. Loving the balloons, too.

  4. So so cute that he rewrapped his presents. Love it.

  5. Finn's birthday cake is really cute! I love that he wanted a rerun of opening his presents- awesome. I am also very happy to have some good company in the whole "make your own cake" club! :)

  6. Wow! I am so impressed with Finn's birthday cake!

  7. his cake with the sprinkles is so cute!

    I love how it takes so little to excite and please children. A few sprinkles, some balloons, and they think it's the best party ever!

    Glad he had a good birthday. :)

  8. That cake looks so yummy! I love gege's green shorts, and cracking up about finny do-over birthday celebration!