July 7, 2008


While the boys were busy with fireworks last week, I was busy sewing up a storm of blankets for a friend. The plan was to make an assortment of 9-square blankets and maybe a few smaller/different ones on the side. Here are blankets #1,#2 and #3.

The mushrooms and anchor were my first drawing attempts, to embroider. Simple, but that's ok by me.

By blanket #3, I was feeling a little *yawn* toward 9-square quilts. For blanket #4, I originally thought I'd make a 9-square electric guitar/rock blanket. It was gonna be fun and I really did want to make it. But, I would have to draw an electric guitar from scratch and sort through my 7000 commercial fonts for the appropriate old english tattoo font for the "Rock" part. And I just had a day or 2 left to finish. Not to mention, I still wanted to squeak out of few smaller blankets, for fun.

And the more I thought about the smaller blankets, the more excited I became. Driving home from Lorie's house, I was inspired by her 4-square quilts. And then I had a little debate with myself, which is always fun.

"Stick with your original plan and force yourself to do your bigger "Rock" blanket first".

"Um, no, I don't want to. I 'd rather make smaller 4-square quilts".

"But you always stick to your guns".

In the end, I realized that sewing was supposed to be fun, and if I felt excited about something, I should take advantage and just run with it. And it really did not matter what I made, since nothing was ever set in stone. So, I went with my gut and made some simpler 4-square blankets. It was so much fun and I think....I actually like them even better than 9-square quilts! Especially as gifts--they would be great accessories to some fun shirts.

Normally by the end of a big project, I'm feeling a tad burnt out and the sight of my sewing corner makes me want to run for the hills.

Not this time! I can't wait to jump back in for more 4-square(or rectangle) fun!

****sorry for the overload of blankets. I need to make a different site for these eventually.


  1. wow!! i have found your blog from a friend. i love your blankets!! how much do you charge for the 9square and the 4square???


    thanks Denise

  2. They came out GREAT!!!!! I love, love, LOVE them!

  3. They came out so cute!! Love the popeye/ anchor one.

  4. Hello again :) These are really great! I love the idea of the lil 4 square! Where do you get all of those great pockets?

  5. Amazing, as always!! =)

    Check out my blog for a little shout out to you...

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  7. These are sooooooo cute!! When are you opening up an Etsy shop? Because you know you would do SO WELL!!

  8. i'd love to be able to do something like this.. but i tend to knit and embroider more than sew..my mom can sew well though. oh well. ;)

    great job!
    great choice of fabrics!

  9. You are amazing. I couldn't even sew a patch on without wanting to throw the machine across the room. How do you find the time??? The blankets are really cute.

  10. You crack me up... The horse was very gentle - Gabe and I love ridding horses so i am not to worried.

    Wonderful blankets!!!!

    So wanting to be you when i grow up!=D

  11. okay seriously, you need to be selling these.

    I'll take 20, please.

    seriously, though.

    no, seriously.

  12. Ohh! Smurfs! So cute! I love the Popeye one too. Very well done as always!

  13. eeek! I'm so excited you went with your gut and did some 4-square-they've become my new favorite too!

  14. lovely, lovely, and oh so very cute!! They are all fantabulous. Seriously, girl-- you do an amazing job. I'm so glad I came here and saw these... I have a brand new nephew I've been meaning to make a blankie for, and now I am quite inspired. :)

  15. This comment is for Denise. I emailed you twice on July 8th and I just now got the first email sent back to me saying they were unable to deliver my message. Sorry about that! If you email me at daviandjessica@yahoo.com, then I can reply back to you.

  16. Oh my gosh, they're ALL so cute! I love your reuse of materials!