July 21, 2008

catch me if you can!

Have you ever seen the movie "Catch Me If You Can", starring Leonardo DeCaprio? In this flick, Leo's character, Frank Abagnale Jr., is a major con-artist and pretends to be a pilot, lawyer and even a doctor. And everyone believes him, because he acts with such confidence.

On Saturday, I got to act the part as Loriloo's assistant photographer.

The day before, I searched the mall endlessly for some comfy black flats--but alas, they only came in sizes 6 or 8, nothing in beween. So I had to settle for some black converse sneakers. My sister Lindsay thought I looked like Johnny Knoxville, so we fancied them up with some satin ribbon.

Before I left for the wedding, I had a little case of the jitters, mainly because I had NO idea what to expect--like the first day of a new job. I told myself to act confidently, just like Frank Abagnale. These people had no idea it was my first wedding. And sure enough, it wasn't long before members of the wedding party were grabbing my arm, requesting this picture or that. "Sure", I smiled. Click. Click. Tee hee. They so think I'm pro:)

When I first arrived at the church though, things were a little crazy because the bride was stressed over her dress tearing, and the fact that some stranger just crashed a car into her parent's house. The bride needed hot coffee and fast. In a 100 degree weather? I was not going to argue with the bride. So my first task was Starbucks duty.

I can handle that. Right up my ally.

My second task was to get some shots of their fabulous feather-clad flowers. Can you believe those roses were real? Drool.

Before long, we were driving to an off-site location for photos. I scurried back and forth, grabbing lenses from the car, and attempting to help Lorie in whatever way I could. She was absolutely amazing to watch in action. This was a kind of wild crowd...a tattoo branded, skull lovin' bunch...

And Lorie whipped them into shape with her pinky finger. She was 100% in charge. She could have handled them with one eye tied behind her back;)

My favorite task of the day was hiding in the elevator, holding the door open, while Lorie took some fast shots of the couple smooching as the doors were closing. "Don't mind me", I snickered to the couple,"I'm not even here!". It was quite hilarious. I felt like Buster from Arrested Development.

And when Lorie didn't need me in the elevator, I snapped a few shots of my own.

On our down time, Lorie and I horsed around with our cameras, shamelessly snapping goofy shots of ourselves, as is our custom.

Or I stalked one of my favorite bridesmaids. She had quite the "stamp" collection:)

The actual ceremony was held in an old church and the lighting...oh my...was dismal at best. And gharish at worst. Afterwards, Lorie whisked the couple off to a playground for some fun casual shots. A breath of fresh air, I tell you!

I took a few other playground shots I wish I could show you, but they are at Lorie's house.

The reception was also pretty entertaining. We got to wear some party-favor tattoos. Here is a picture that Mr. superfun DJ(who also happens to be a drummer) took of us.

Thanks so much Lorie, for letting me be your sidekick!!! It was such an incredible experience!


  1. Adorable shoes! Must get myself a pair.

    Looks like you two had such an awesome time. Makes me really wish I had a girlfriend down in San Diego to shoot with. Great pics too!

  2. How fun! And great pictures! So glad you guys got to enjoy this together!

  3. SO fun Davi! Glad you had such a good time! AND CUTE SHOES by the way! I may need to get compfy pair of sneakers for teaching this year... the dirty running Nikes from the gym days are in DESPERATE need of being thrown in the garbage.

    Must have a sewing date soon!!!

  4. Great pictures Davi!!!! Your pictures are really wow!

    Looks like you had a ton of fun.

  5. oh davi, it was my honor to have you there. we had far too much fun for that to have qualified as a job.=)

    love you babe

  6. Chica!! Glad you two had a blast!! I'm glad that your first shoot was with sis. She makes it looks sooo easy doesn't she?? Shots look great!!
    We should all go shoot sometime!! A DLD, or DDL, or LDD, photo shoot!!

  7. I love the shoes! It looks like you had a great time, you pro photographer! =)

  8. don't leave me out david..... I haven't fallen off the face of the planet - davi, I've always believed in you, you are going to make a wonderfully awesome photographer (even if you just stick to pictures of your boys) :)

  9. how fun was this post?? Wow, it sounds like such a blast that I almost want to take up photography just so I can come too. But, knowing that is not where my talents lie, instead I shall content myself with reading yours and Lorie's so-cute accounts of it all. :)
    She really is amazing, but so are you! Your pictures are getting more pro-looking all the time, I am quite impressed. Love your shoes too.
    I thought it was so funny how you compared yourself to Frank Abagnale Jr. :) We love that movie!!

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  11. Yes, I love that movie! It was so weird to think it was a true story! Good job on your first job! Isn't it so fun and addicting? I wish I had the time to go professional.....I'd love to take classes and all.

    Hey, remember Carrie W.? She's one of the top pro photographers in San Diego. Have you seen her website? She's AMAZING! She and her husband have their own business and they are both great photographers. I just drool over her website.

  12. Okay, I LOVE the Converse with the ribbon laces!!

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I may need to find out your fees when we need to do our next round of pictures - seriously!

  13. Hey D! Glad you had a great time! I was thinkin' about you on Saturday! The shoes came together well and the ribbon looks so cute (and not too short;)

  14. P.S.-- I love the Buster pic-- that cracked me up.

  15. im so proud of you and your first shoot like that, good job making yourself be confident, thats so awesome!
    i love the pictures you took and am also very proud of the buster reference complete with picture!