July 3, 2008

black-eyed susans

I woke up this morning to Lorie's sweet little chirping on the phone, saying "I'm bringing you a surprise. Don't get ready or anything, I'm in my grubbies"(paraphrased, I was totally groggy).

Ooohh! A surprise? For me? Maybe it's an egg Mc Muffin? Remember, I just woke up.

But this surprise was waaaay better than an egg McMuffin. Lorie decided to surprise me with flowers to plant in the front of my deck! So fun! And she even brought Starbucks. And Ellie to help plant the flowers. It was so incredibly sweet of them. They are sooo busy this week, that it was so special that they took time out to do this.

They planted lots of yellow, the signature color of friendship. And they also planted this cute fluffy flower that reminds me of Clio on Clifford the Big Red Dog. Isn't it just precious?

Here is Ellie's pick, the black-eyed susan(Speaking of eyes, doesn't the above picture look like it has an alien eye?).
It was the sweetest gesture ever and totally brightened my day. Thanks so much Lorie. You are such a doll! And thanks for helping Ellie, you black-eyed susan you. I love them. My very first flowers in the back yard. They will always be very special to me.


  1. what good friends! they are so sweet and you deserve to have people bring you flowers to be planted. cant wait to come sit back there and admire them in the spring.
    .miss you.

  2. I like how Henry is sitting all by himself in that first picture=)

    And these pictures are Awesome (well except for the lack of showering for me and the Egirl) you'll be giving Ellie and I a run for our money in no time=)

    love you friend

  3. That was awesomely sweet of the girls to do that. I'll be over later to see and enjoy them.

  4. How sweet!!! :) Beautiful flowers!

  5. Awwww!!! :**) Friends make life so sweet!!

  6. Such sweet girls. The flowers look lovely.

  7. oh now that is just too sweet. What an amazing idea! They are lovely flowers, and lovely girls, and you must have felt very loved indeed. <3 I'm glad!!